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1Alban Toussaint  Empty Alban Toussaint on Mon Nov 06, 2017 4:59 pm




Alban Toussaint  Balmung_6

Name: Alban Toussaint
Alias/Epithet: White Wing
Race: Winged
Gender: Male
Age: 28

Occupation: Weapon Specialist
Affiliation: Paradise Pirate
Use: Combat
Tier: 5
Tools Of War
Haki:  Busoshoku  
Haki Perks:

Intangible to Tangible - This Perk simply allows the user to strike a Logia user or anyone that is intangible, as if they were physical. But more so than that, it disrupts Logia intangibility as well, so even if the target is in their elemental form, the Busoshoku enhanced limb/item renders them out of the form to be hit. This also effects Devil Fruits like the Gomu Gomu no Mi rendering them vulnerable to blunt force attacks.

Augmentation of Busoshoku - This allows the user to apply Busoshoku Haki to items instead of for themselves, giving the item the perks and properties of Busoshoku Haki that the user has already obtained. The amount of items that can be coated are equivalent to how many mediums can be coated through the Gift of Arms perk. Must be taken after Gift of Arms Perk.

Attribute Priority: Strength
General Appearance:
Winged Overall Shot :

Alban Toussaint  Balmung-dot-hack-980771_469_600

Alban, warrior at heart, is generally always seen in his suit of armour. The only time he's seen in regular attire are concealed areas like his room, where he's sure not to be disturbed. In these cases, he'll wear a loose fitting green shirt and long green trousers, as green is a favourite colour. He's a very well built man, whose body has been hardened by years of combat. Underneath his armour, his flesh features several scars from near death combat situations of past. He stands at over 8'7 ft and weighs roughly 320 lbs, most of which is in muscle mass as he has a low percentile of fat in his build. His snow white hair features silver highlights, which he's been born with since a child.

Height: 8'7 ft.
Weight: 320lbs
Alban isn't much of talker, even less than Siegfried, who can be a bit chatty in the right conditions. This quiet giant enjoys taking in the finer things about nature and life, letting his simple joys come from his love of observation. In combat, he's not as Hot Headed or pumped as Siegfried, he's more calm and stoic, not necessary calculating persay, just, his movements have little wasted effort. When need be, Alban is a master Shogi Player, and has an impeccable memory when it comes to learning or remembering things in the first go. He's kind, fierce and diplomatic, not always taking his allies side when he can see fault in their actions but loyal, following through with actions that might even contradict his moral code. In the Dragon Fist Pirates, he's ranked as one of Siegfried's Chosen Seven, and his tenacity for following his Captain's orders is absolute.


Banished from neighbouring Sky Islands as a child for murder, Alban has been a drifter for most of his life. He's always felt like a misfit, or left out of feeling accepted, not having a family as a child. Being a Half/Half, as the Sky Dwellers call him, his Mother, a notable Knight had fell in love with a Blue Dweller, giving birth to Alban into less than favourable conditions. As a child, many a mercenary tried to kill him, fearing the species of mixing 'Heaven's Genes' with that of mortals. Managing to let Alban survive by moving him from Island to Island, by the age of thirteen, his parents had been at their wits end, and abandoned the child, of hopes of him leading a normal setup.

Years Later, Alban had hardened his skills as a Knight on Skypiea. Known for his famous White Flames, his skill with a sword and a glaive was top tier. His Famed Black Armour was a gift to him from God, and he'd been even offered an opportunity to become an aid to God's Court. However, Alban grew bored of this existence, seeking to learn the truth behind the hatred for his other half, he'd descended from Skypiea to Earth and it was then where Alban met Siegfried on an island known as Thonis. It was during Siegfried's annihilation of Oceanus Commanders, that Alban, gained notoriety, as he'd helped Siegfried in killing the Commanders due to mutual interest in the Thonis Crown's Reward. It was from there Siegfried explained the concept of the Bullet Club and the Crew he was looking to form, and since then, Alban has found a strange chemistry between him and the Dragonfist Pirates, a since of home.  

Alban Toussaint  UIrxeeW
All the Power in the World Means Nothing If You Can't AbUse it.

2Alban Toussaint  Empty Re: Alban Toussaint on Sun Nov 19, 2017 10:04 pm


Free Agents
Free Agents



[20:00:50] Hiroko Young : i feel like they are retard

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