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1Reddick T. Rocket (Pirate)  Empty Reddick T. Rocket (Pirate) on Wed Nov 22, 2017 4:17 am

Reddick T. Rocket

Reddick T. Rocket
Name: Reddick T. Rocket.
Alias/Epithet: "The Vigilante".
Race: Human.
Tier: T4.
Gender: Male.
Age: Twenty. (20)
Mode: Hard.

Occupation: Martial Artist.
Affiliation: Pirate.
World Position: Titan.

General Appearance:
Standing in at 5’10”, Rocket resides on the smaller side of the scale when it comes to height in the world of One Piece. Among most normal people, he could be considered a normal height, however his appearance is made much more “brutish” in nature due to his broad shoulders and thick neck. He possesses a large mop of bright blond hair that sits atop his head, creating a wild jungle of golden tendrils and waves of beautiful locks. His ears are of a relatively normal size, and his jawline is straight yet sharp, rounding off into a chiseled point. His eyes are golden and maintain a round shape.

His wider-than-average neck leads down to a set of expansive and rounded shoulders, giving Rocket a larger appearance on first glance than what he actually is up close and personal. Like most martial artists and individuals who engage in constant physical activity, Rocket’s body has been tempered and hardened throughout his years as a fighter. Along his journey across the many seas the world has to offer, Rocket has encountered a number of foes that have caused his body to be pushed beyond its limits, resulting in a vascular fram fit for his line of work. He is by no means a body builder, however most would consider him lean and chiseled. Smooth pectoral muscles and iron board-like abdominals are just a few telltale signs of Rocket’s occupation. The fruits of his labor show across his impressive physique.

As for clothing, Rocket’s attire is rather basic, even for a martial artist. Around his cranium sits a tightly wound elastic black band that acts as a sort of eyemask, typical of your generic “super hero” in fictional works. It fits snug around his face with two holes cut perfectly from the band to allow for pristine vision. He drapes a basic orange-colored hooded long-sleeved sweatshirt across his upper half, generally keeping it unzipped to expose the majority of his torso. He wears nothing underneath, leaving his front half bear and open to the world. He clads his hands in white gloves with four small metal plates for each of his knuckles. His lower half is garbed in simple black sweatpants-like trousers that allow for an incredible range of movement. The pants are black and color all the way around save for a thin white line that runs down the outer sides of his thighs which seem to be there for decorative purposes only.

His shoes/boots and knee pads are about the only intricate pieces to his wardrobe, comprised of two knee pads that connect seamlessly with his boots. Both are white in color and both are made of a semi-flexible and semi-durable material, allowing for both protection and smooth motion. The knee pads are geared with four small circular protrusions for decorative purposes. The boots themselves rise up to Rocket’s calves and are fairly plain in terms of design save for the small pads atop his foot and the large zipper that runs along the front of the boots. His outfit is more fitting for that of some fictional superhero than a warrior traveling the sea, however it has proven instrumental to Rocket’s image.

Height: 178 cm (5'10")
Weight: 77kg (170lbs)
Crew Tattoo Placement: Left pectoral.

Lighthearted - Rocket often maintains a lighthearted and sometimes blithe outlook on life. While he isn’t obnoxiously positive or overzealous, he very much enjoys the smaller things in life. A confident smile never falls far behind his general demeanor, and the young Pirate is always looking to crack a joke or two to lighten the mood. He doesn’t adore gloomy or otherwise unsettling situations, preferring to keep spirits high rather than let them sink low. However, this does not mean that Rocket cannot maintain a somber attitude when the situation calls for it. Long story short, Rocket is a man with a kind heart, opting to bring a little bit of sugar to any salty situation.

Gallant - With the bravery of a bull,  Rocket charges into (almost) any situation head first. Some call him naive or bullheaded, while others tie it down to being full of courage. He will courageously confront any obstacle in front of him with his fists raised and a smile on his face. In fact, he thrives off of the adrenaline that courses through his body when faced with overwhelming odds or an opposing force. It is more so about the challenge rather than actually making himself look brave to any bystanders, but to the majority of individuals it has the complete opposite effect. Despite his initial desire to fearlessly stand in the way of danger, he is willing to use this hardheaded curse on behalf of others.

Honorable - Rocket holds a high sense of honor which corresponds with his own moral code. Despite being a pirate, he doesn’t follow your stereotypical line. He doesn’t believe in pillaging villages, he doesn’t believe in destroying other pirate crews. One of the sole reasons he sailed out to sea in the first place was because of the overwhelming freedom that came with the craft. That said, he uses that freedom to his advantage. As part of his code, he doesn’t attack children, he rarely attacks women, he will not assault an opponent if their back is turned, and he will not continue fighting if his opponent cannot do so themselves. It’s his own code along the surface of the sea, and he strongly believes in following it until the day he dies. This is not to say he would never pillage a settlement or attack another crew of goons should his very own captain order him to, he just prefers to take a more honorable route.

Loyal - Above all else, once you’re Rocket’s buddy, he’s got your back. While it may initially be a difficult task to obtain this level of camaraderie with him, it is well worth it. A worthy ally, Rocket will go above and beyond his limits to try and help out a comrade. Be it going against powerful and notorious pirates, confronting the World Government, or hell, even trying to get your laundry done, Rocket will stand by your side and assist in any way that he can. His trust in those he calls friend or family does not waiver. If you’re his pal, be ready for Rocket to be one of the first if not the very first person to come to your aid whether it be with his defiant lips or hardened fists.

Compassionate - Namely a trait expressed towards those he cares most about, Rocket does show signs of sympathy and concern for others. He doesn’t like it when there is one bad apple in the bunch, especially among his small group of friends. Even towards most strangers he will try and brighten up their day, granted the strangers in question aren’t power-hungry pirate warlords trying to kill him or a brigade of marines gunning him down. A sense of compassion is also an obvious characteristic given his persona as “The Vigilante”. He always tries his best to understand the rain clouds that loom overhead of his comrades or in rare cases some strangers. In the eyes of some, it may be considered a false sense of nobility, but others would call this compassion.

Driven - Rocket employs and almost unfathomable amount of devotion and dedicated towards pursuing and accomplishing his goals in life. Martial arts, fighting and competing have taken over, and Rocket ushers out what some would call a blind sense of passion towards the craft. He will break his mind and body down ten times over during training just to gain that extra inch in his next competition or battle. His eyes are always set on his prize and very few things will deter his vision.

Repentant - A feeling of remorse and regret haunts Rocket’s everyday life. On the outside, he tries his best to portray a laid back, passionate and helpful demeanor, keen on using it to assist those around him in their own lives. However beneath the surface Rocket is a broken soul. A blazing pit filled with grief and contrition regarding the events of his past. He beats himself up physically and emotionally day in and day out just to help feed the guilt that tugs at his heart. Although he may try his best to hide it from the public and those around him, some wounds don’t stay in the dark forever. The mask helps, but it doesn’t cover every scar.

Blunt/Crude - Oftentimes Rocket is way too blunt for his own good. On numerous occasions he has been asked by women if the outfit they were currently wearing made them look ‘fat’ or ‘big’, and he spoke his mind.. Yes. It’s another reason people generally do not like to speak with Rocket, as most individuals do not like hearing truth, or at least they do not like hearing it in such a rigid manner as Rocket would put it. He speaks his mind, and that’s pretty much that. He has no regard for anyone that’s around, be it a powerful pirate, a high-ranking marine, the elderly, women, children; Rocket lets his tongue fly in response to whatever comes across his brain. Some people actually value his.. ‘Honesty’, and praising him for it is a good way to earn his respect and bring a smile to his face.

Forgetful - Rocket is also quite the forgetful person. When it comes to names, be them the names of people, organizations, or even foods and beverages, Rocket can never seem to recall the specifics. Some individuals take it as him acting high and mighty, so pristine that he doesn’t even bother to remember their names when in reality he actually doesn’t. To compensate, Rocket will often create nicknames for people or places. These nicknames are usually based around his fondest memory with said place/person, and more often than not are more silly than they are offensive or degrading. This forgetfulness does not transfer over to his fighting skills, and is purely conversational.

Brutal - Now, just because he carries some honor and compassion with him does not mean Rocket is all sunflowers and daisies. He isn’t always going to wear that nobility on his sleeve and attempt to be the goody-two-shoes hero that consistently saves the day. When angered or confronted with a situation in which he needs to protect himself or his friends, he is like a cornered tiger. He will brutally lash out with every ounce of strength that he has and mercilessly attack whoever is in his way until either himself or the individual(s) on the receiving end of his assault cannot fight on. He doesn’t always act like a rabid animal and almost always prefers to keep even his fists fights somewhat civil, but get under his skin or back him into a corner and his devil will emerge. Yet another trait Rocket very much enjoys to indulge in as a way of expressing his inner regret and fury, however he’d never openly admit it.

Shortsighted - At times, Rocket can be very shortsighted. As a man who prefers to deal with the here and now as opposed to the ‘what ifs’, it’s very hard for him to focus on things that could happen or that will happen in the distant future. He doesn’t like wasting his time focusing on something that he can put time and effort into later on down the road if it isn’t anything related to his martial arts training. He likes focusing on what is happening right in front of him, as he believes those are the things that require the most attention. He feels as if dealing with breakfast right now is far more important than worrying about what is for dinner in several hours.

Vindictive - The driving attribute that was the initial cause for Rocket going out to sea in the first place, he is very vengeful. If you somehow cross him or someone he holds close, the pirate will hold a grudge against you until the end of time and will act on it, creating an unhealthy and burning desire for revenge that can rarely be quelled. This trait is so powerful in fact that it caused Rocket to change the entire course of his life just to spite the man that ruined it. While there are other driving forces behind his end goal that he likes to hide behind, this spiteful nature always makes its way to the forefront. Somewhere deep down, the young pirate even finds a tinge of enjoyment out of spiting those who have wronged him, creating a shadowy figure of himself that he tries to subdue every day.

Likes: Fighting || Crackers || Milk || Big cats (i.e. tigers, lions) || Fireworks || His mask || Salty foods || Comic Strips
Dislikes: Sour foods || House cats (Allergies) || Cold weather || Marines || Striped shirts || Yarn (It's a texture thing) || Reading || Losing


It all began in the South Blue. Karate Island, to be exact. There, a young boy by the name of Reddick T. Rocket was born into the world. A married couple going by the names of Reddick T. Gilligan and Cynthia Redway made their home on Karate Island. Rocket’s parents weren’t around for very much of his life, his father passing due to natural causes at the age of three and his mother, stricken with grief, returning to life at sea and leaving a young Rocket with an old family friend: Apollo. An older gentleman known on the island and across the South Blue for his impressive skills as a shipwright, Rocket’s mother had met him during her previous missions and escapades as a marine across the Four Blues. In a way, Apollo acted as a sort of grandfather to Rocket.

With both of his parents out of the picture, Rocket was left to Apollo. Rocket’s interest in building and repairing ships stems directly from Apollo’s tutelage and influence. He spent many days and nights learning under Apollo. At one point, he’d even mustered up the strength to pull an all-nighter and craft his very own little ship. Of course, it wasn’t fit for sailing the open seas or even a small pond, but it was a decent for a first attempt. However, the career of a shipwright was long and strenuous, and as a younger lad, Rocket wasn’t known for being able to take pain very well. In fact, he could not take it at all. It was because of his lack of endurance and physical toughness that Apollo sent him straight to one of the dojos on Karate Island.

Here, Rocket met a young girl that changed the course of the rest of his life. Bella, a smaller brunette around half a year older than he, was in the dojo training. She was littered with bandages and bruises, garbed in a white gi with a yellow belt tied around her waist. The same could be said for everyone else training in the dojo, however something about Bella caught her eye. The way she moved and the skills she employed during her training drew Rocket in like a moth to a fame. Not to mention the fact that she was around Rocket’s age and he was a bit more comfortable speaking with her than he was any of the grizzled men that huffed and puffed about the mats.

Their friendship was almost instantaneous. Even at a young age, as soon as the two began talking with one another (As much as they could as five year olds), and a spark soon formed between the two. Over the course of a few months, the two youngins became like two peas in a pod. Coming from an unsupportive and sometimes abusive family in Bella and Rocket having virtually no family, it came as no surprise that the two bonded. The two formed a duo that would soon become known across the island. Rocket took up the supportive, cheerleader-esque role as Bella became both their brains and their brawn, participating in various tournaments set up for the younger martial artists and bringing home as much gold (In the form of tiny plastic trophies) as possible.

With their increasing bond, it didn’t take long for Rocket to encounter Bella’s father. A very large, scruffy former-marine with a heart of steel and fists even harder. He was known around the island for having competed and won in the New World Central Fighting Tournament, a popular competition for extremely powerful fighters located in the second half of the Grand Line. Upon meeting him, it didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that Bella’s inspiration was drawn from him. Hell, he was even a bit inspiring to Rocket, a non-fighter.

While an initial glance would leave anyone in awe and shock at his presence, looking a little deeper into Bella’s family life lead Rocket down a dark path. Her dreams and desires were to train and eventually do what her father did by winning the same tournament and bringing home the gold. However, her parents had other plans, especially her father. He was unwilling to allow her to pursue such a path because he believed that a female could never reach such a plateau in strength. He believed that she take up something more feminine, something akin to her mother’s profession as a clothing tailor.

This bigotry was something a young Rocket obviously didn’t like, as it ended up discouraging and hurting Bella, causing him to occasionally but heads with the former-champion. Due to their friendship, he was able to convince Bella to continue on with her training and throw everything her father said out of the door, which is exactly what she did. She continued to sneak out when her parents were not around and train, periodically helping Rocket out with his own training here and there.

This blooming friendship continued on for several more years, and as the two grew older together, they began to develop something a little more than just a friendship. They trained together, journeyed Karate Island together, read all of the superhero comic strips together and even worked on developing their own with Bella writing the story and Rocket drawing up sketches (Albeit both of them doing very poor jobs), and in general enjoyed life together. Bella was able to teach Rocket a thing or two about taking a punch, meanwhile Rocket crafted copious devices and contraptions to help progress Bella’s training. This developing relationship began to flourish into something new until one day the devil came a knockin’ on heaven's door.
The fateful day for Bella’s father to finally catch her in the act of training, a practice both he and his wife had forbade her from doing with a young man deemed a useless delinquent no less, had arrived. As expected, he was furious. He fumed with the fury of a thousand beasts roaming the New World, and his anger had initially take the form of brutalizing Rocket. Once the young lad had been extinguished for the time being, the former Marine known as Stark had turned his attention to his daughter. Grabbing her by the scruff of her neck, her father dragged her off to the far side of Karate Island to a dilapidated and abandoned dock.

Without a moment's hesitation, he tossed his daughter into the water and proclaimed that if she wanted to be a fighter so badly than her training would begin with five laps around the island. Unfortunately, Bella was unable to swim, a flaw she was able to bond over with Rocket as he too could not swim. Stark watched as his daughter helplessly flailed at the end of the dock, unable to reach up and grab hold of the wooden planks due to the height difference.

Within the next few seconds, a battered, bruised and bleeding Rocket came to the rescue, running down the dock and throwing himself to his stomach. He reached his hand down in an attempt to grab Bella’s hand. Once he felt her wrist firmly in his grasp, the young man began to pull with all of his strength. Due to his previous beating, much of his strength had been sapped and he only managed to pull Bella out of the water long enough for her to grab a couple gulps of air before he felt a hand at the back of his neck, yanking him backwards and thus causing his grip on Bella’s wrist to slip, dropping her back down into the water.

Stark had interfered and mercilessly threw Rocket backwards, continuing to watch as his daughter struggled to remain afloat. As her struggles slowed and the girl began to slowly sink to the bottom of the ocean, Rocket made it just in time to see his best friend lifelessly fade into the depths. As bubbles began to surface, Stark nervously tapped his foot and bit down on the inside of his cheek, saying aloud that she would resurface soon because of her status as his daughter. Rocket helplessly called out to his friend, only to be met with complete silence.

Once Stark realized that his daughter was not going to come up on her own, he hurriedly jumped into the water and dove to the bottom, quickly retrieving her limp body and resurfacing. He performed CPR on Bella’s body with a sobbing yet hopeful Rocket watching for what seemed like hours upon hours before reality set in. Bella was dead. Quick to realize that he had just indirectly murdered his own daughter, a distraught Stark attempted to depart back to the main side of the island, only to be attacked by a hysterical Rocket.

Rocket punched, kicked, headbutt, elbowed, kneed, spit and even bit at the older man who seemed all but unaffected by any of Rocket’s attacks. Once Stark shook him off and left, Rocket was left with his best friend’s lifeless body. He too tried for hours, well into the night, to revive her. Breath after breath, pump after pump, and nothing came out of it. Rocket spent most of the rest of his evening with Bella, refusing to leave. Eventually, Apollo, looking for Rocket, stumbled upon them and found him with her dead body. Rocket had explained the story to him with Apollo informing the young lad that Stark had disappeared from the island the night before.

A large funeral was held for Bella. Her memory was commemorated around the island, namely in the dojo she regularly trained at. Because of this, Rocket frequented the gym afterwards, not necessarily to train himself, but to see her, or at the very least feel closer to her. He allowed himself to fall into a pit of grief and anger before one day finally taking it out on a punching bag. And that’s where Rocket’s career as a martial artist began. Realizing that fueling every strike with his pent up emotions was not only helping quell the bonfire, but it was what Bella was doing this entire time. She was just taking out her frustrations in regards to her family being abusive and unsupportive until Rocket had come along.

This marked the beginning of the man who would eventually become known across the world as “The Vigilante”.

For the coming months, Rocket allowed depression to settle in and take over his life. He began to spend longer and longer hours at the dojo training and sitting by the small picture that they had kept of Bella. It hadn’t taken long for Apollo to catch on to Rocket’s late night sessions with the bag while he poured every ounce of his emotions into his training. At that point, Rocket wasn’t fighting for anything else. He just kept going with blind strikes in hopes that it would make him feel better regarding the whole situation.

One day after finding the little comic strip both Rocket and Bella had created some years ago, Apollo brought it with him to the dojo where Rocket had been spending much of his time. He brought it hoping that it would somehow ease a little bit of the pain coursing through the young man’s body day in and day out. Showing Rocket the small booklet full of his drawings and the poorly written story by Bella brought Rocket to tears once more, though this time he was not alone.

Apollo spent the rest of the night with the kid he considered to be his own, reading over the comic strip and reminiscing on all of the old times they had with the recently passed girl. The talk actually had a pretty positive effect on Rocket, helping to drag his bruised knuckles away from the bag for a few hours. It also helped Apollo and Rocket bond that much more, creating somewhat of a deeper father-son relationship between the two. After hours of talking, the wise old Apollo had come to a conclusion that might be suitable for the young man. He informed Rocket of an opportunity that would change his life forever.

Seeing Rocket’s interest in becoming a Shipwright dwindle and his endless desire to be closer to Bella by training, Apollo told him that since Bella couldn’t follow her dream, if he’d really like to make things right within his heart, than he should carry out that dream for her instead. That moment was the moment that changed Rocket’s life forever. From a path that would have taken him down the career of a Shipwright for the rest of his life to becoming one of the most notorious combatants across world. The story of Reddick T. Rocket began that morning.

Over the next few years, instead of training alone at night, Rocket accompanied many of the martial artists of the dojo to their tournaments and training sessions, participating in any way that he could. He also began to develop his own outfit alongside Bella’s mother, who despite her initial adversity towards her daughter’s wishes, came to realize just how wrong she was after Bella’s death. His outfit and eventual persona stems directly from the main character of the comic strip both he and Bella had made many years before. He created a memorable and captivating persona that would not only gain him some traction during his adventures at sea but also as a fighter.

After years of training basic martial arts and honing his body, at the age of fifteen, Rocket set out to sea. He acquired various gadgets (Such as fireworks and the like) from Apollo, as well as his very own little dinghy that he could use to sail around the South Blue. While his long-term goal was to set out and eventually make it to the New World where he could compete in the Central Fighting Tournament, another desire burned within him, one that would send him over the edge of insanity in the eyes of many and brand him as a pirate. It was a title Rocket learned to accept as it would more than likely get under the skin of the man he had set out to find and pulverize: Stark.

Rocket’s first few weeks found him confronting a Marine Base few miles west of Karate Island. Smaller in size when compared to the normal size of most Marine Bases, it was posed the perfect opportunity for Rocket to not only make a name for himself but potentially acquire intel on the whereabouts of Stark. Not that these Marines in particular would know anything about him, it was worth a shot. Targeting current Marines to get info on a former wasn’t a half bad plan in Rocket’s mind.

Despite his newfound strength and years of training, a full on frontal assault would do him no good. He’d quicker be thrown in a cell awaiting execution than actually getting what he came for. With his pack of rigged fireworks and explosives given to him by Apollo and personally modified to fit this very agenda, Rocket went on the attack. Distractions of all shapes, sizes, colors and explosiveness were set off around the base, many of the bright attractions disorienting a lot of the lower ranked soldiers, giving Rocket the opportunity to swoop in and swiftly dispatch them. A few detonations here, a couple of explosions there, and he had caused widespread chaos across the small island base.

Most of the lower Marines knew not of what to do, save for the one or two Commanders stationed at the base. With the lot of their numbers slowly dwindling seemingly without sight of the perpetrator, even their confidence was winding down to a paper thin margin. It wasn’t until Rocket blew a hole right through their front door that they pulled their heads outta their asses and took up arms. This marked Rocket’s first major battle where the stakes were as high as life or death.

The battle itself had taken a good ten minutes with both men throwing everything but the kitchen sink at one another. It wasn’t the most climactic or destructive battle, just enough chaos to destroy most of the Commanding Officer’s office and leave him a bruised and beaten mess on the floor, surrounded by the remnants of his former skirmish. Towards the end of their scuffle, Rocket had managed to brutalize the Commander and question him for the valuable information that he sought out, however he came up short. While the Commander had heard of Stark and his heroic endeavors, he knew next to nothing about his current whereabouts or much about the man in general.

With no leads, Rocket ushered a dignified bonk to the Commander’s head, set off another one of his rigged fireworks, and departed. His attempts at keeping his identity veiled were futile as his battle with the Commander brought forth something bitter sweet. A wanted poster right along with his first issued bounty that he was both proud of and a little ashamed of at the same time. It wasn’t much, especially compared to some of the others he had seen around the South Blue, but 5 million Beri wasn’t half bad.

A few bases, couple of bandit groups and foolhardy pirates thinking they were hot shit later and Rocket had amounted to what he considered was a pretty hefty bounty of 30 million Beri. For one of the four Blues, he considered it impressive, and his name was starting to create chatter among the people of South Blue. Of course, it had taken him a few months of traveling and battling to reach such a height in notoriety which in turn only took away from his credit, however it did not diminish the weight that his bounty carried.

More and more Marines and bounty hunters began to take notice, notably in physical ways. After a plethora of battles at sea and varying means of escaping most of his encounters, Rocket was able to learn of a particular Marine Base located in the first half of the Grand Line known as Paradise. Through intel obtained previously through the Marines he assaulted and the documents he’d stolen from the majority of the smaller bases, Rocket learned of a man who had been a former comrade and soldier directly under Stark himself.

Knowing the consequences of traveling to the Grand Line himself in such a tiny boat and attempting to take a base of this caliber by himself with previous methods would be suicide, Rocket devised a plan to get himself captured near the Marine Base where his chances of being transported to it upon capture would be increased. So, that’s what the young Rocket did. Following various maps he’d acquired during his violent escapades to the assorted Marine Bases, Rocket made his voice heard on a small island near the Calm Belt. There, he wrecked as much havoc as possible to try and attract as much attention as possible. He didn’t necessarily attack civilians or anything, just their residences.

Fortunately for him, there was a squadron of Marines already stationed on the island preparing for departure. Following his plan, Rocket put up a fight just to further his chances of being deemed dangerous enough to go to the much more secure Marine Base. Once again luck had been on Rocket’s side as when he was captured and thrown aboard, he was tossed into the same cell as the captain of one of South Blue’s most infamous crews: The Silver Wave Pirates. After making small talk with the crew’s captain, Klaus Van Scrootin, otherwise known as Bootin’ Scrootin for his enormous boots and powerful kicks.

Small talk between the two led to Rocket finding out that not only was Klaus captured on board, but the entirety of the Silver Wave crew had been captured after a failed attempt at plundering the small town on their current island and a successful ambush set up by the Marines. He then went on to explain that they were being transported to a Marine Base somewhere in the Grand Line known as the 48th Branch.

Across their smelly, bumpy and rickety journey locked together in the cell of a Marine ship, Rocket had learned quite a bit through his conversations with Klaus, specifically about the Silver Wave crew itself. While initially apprehensive to even speaking with the man due to the rumors spread about how they mercilessly pillaged villages and attacked civilians, he had come to learn that while the former was true, most of which was spread had been lies set up by the higher ranking Marines to fit their bill of “Absolute Justice”.

The Silver Wave Pirates did indeed plunder villages, however it was not for the sake of having more money. The Silver Wave Pirates weren’t just some vagabond group of ragtag misfits looking to cause havoc. In actuality, they were a small group of individuals coming from a community on an island somewhere in the southern parts of the South Blue. Much of the island's inhabitants had been inflicted with some sort of disease, and after countless pleas with the local Marines for some assistance, they were supplied with limited medical supplies in order to keep their families and friends afloat. The supply of cash eventually ran out. So, these men and women took matters into their own hands.

They created a crew of individuals all with a singular goal in mind: Obtain enough money to keep their island alive. Unlike the majority of pirate crews around the Blues, instead of ravaging towns and taking what they wanted, they rolled in and politely demanded a small amount of cash from each island they ventured to. Of course, the local Marines weren’t having it, and rightfully so. Just as Rocket had been doing over the past year and a half, the Silver Wave Pirates had their own skirmishes with the men and women in blue, raising their threat levels and blowing their motives out of proportion.

The long journey to the 48th Branch in the Grand Line led Rocket and Klaus to bond more, even if only as cell mates. Upon reaching the island, Rocket and Klaus were yet again stuffed into the same cell along with five or six other Silver Wave buccaneers. Set to be sent to Impel Down, only awaiting the arrival of transport ship, Rocket proposed an idea. Upon entry, he saw no signs of the man he was looking for nor did he hear any whispers from any of the grunts, leading him to believe that Stark was not actually here, however that did not mean his “informant” wasn’t.

Seeing as they were to wait another day for the transport ship to arrive, Rocket struck a deal with Klaus. Him and the rest of his crew assist Rocket in busting out and in turn, Rocket would do what he could to get the Silver Wave Pirates as much Beri as possible, opting to even join the crew for a short period of time if that’s what it would take. Weighing their options, the vagabond crew agreed to Rocket’s terms. Late at night, they put their plan into action. The Silver Wave Pirates began to attack Rocket, eliciting loud noises and banging on the bars. This attracted the attention of several Marines who in turn pointed their guns inside the cage and demanded silence.

A few more punches and kicks to Rocket’s head saw the Marines opening the cage door and attempting to forcefully stop the assault themselves, but not before signaling in some backup. Once inside, the imprisoned pirates quite literally jumped the Marines, using their numbers to try and subdue them before the reinforcements arrived. Once they had the Marines incapacitated, they stole their guns for themselves and proceeded to a hellacious firefight with the reinforcements. While the few Silver Wave Pirates held their ground, Rocket broke off from the group in order to find the keys to more cells as the base was holding more than just the Silver Wave Pirates.

Dispatching a Marine here and a grunt there, Rocket finally stumbled upon one of the commanders, and it just so happened to be the man he was looking for. The man who potentially had info on Stark’s whereabouts. The two engaged in combat with Rocket able to hold his own for the first half of the quarrel. However he was soon overpowered by the much stronger Marine, forcing Rocket to his knees at gunpoint. Rocket closed his eyes and hoped for the best, softly murmuring Bella’s name before a gunshot rang throughout the hallway they had been battling in, followed by several more.

Klaus had arrived with a small group of his own men just in time to save Rocket from his impending demise. During his scuffle with the Marine, Klaus and the rest of his crew had managed to free not only the rest of his crew, but other inmates who happened to be held captive within the base’s walls. A small-scale war had been taking place the entire time during Rocket’s battle with the Marine Commander as the orange glow of raging fires filled the base’s gloomy hallways with light and the sounds of gunfire plundered the base in the symphony of war.

Unfortunately for Rocket, the Marine Commander had bled out shortly after being swiss-cheesed by Klaus and the rest of his crew, leaving Rocket with no answers and no other choice but to follow the Silver Wave Pirates out of the base. Klaus had informed Rocket that even with the help of the other inmates, it was only a matter of time before the Marines regained their advantage. They needed to run, and the Silver Wave Pirates were Rocket’s only ticket out.

Once outside, Klaus and his crew ran towards a familiar looking ship stationed towards the docked Marine ships most of which had been set ablaze. During their escape, Klaus revealed that he had been planning on escaping all along and that thanks to another ship he had with about 30 more crew members stationed near this island a few days beforehand, their jailbreak was made a tad easier. Boarding their getaway ship, Rocket, Klaus and a hefty portion of the Silver Wave Pirates vamoosed.

Because of his affiliation with the Silver Wave Pirates, Rocket was shortly branded a member by the World Government a few days later and had his bounty raised by a very large portion. He had went from a 30 million Beri bounty all the way to 80 million. Whether this large jump was because the World Government actually deemed Rocket’s actions worth such severity or influence from within was unknown to them at the time. Klaus’ bounty had also risen from 45 million to 70 million.

If Rocket wasn’t officially labeled a pirate then, he most certainly was now.

Believe it or not, Rocket’s tenure with the Silver Wave Pirates lasted a long while. Two and a half years of traveling together on the run from the Marines and various bounty hunters, drinking together, battling side-by-side together. After a few months, Rocket had actually found himself settling in with the crew. While initially believing this little partnership to last but a few months, Klaus and Rocket soon became steadfast buddies, sailing the open ocean with the rest of the crew like the free vagabonds they were. Rocket also kept good on his promise as well, making sure to help Klaus and his men rack up as much Beri as possible.

During their lengthy voyage, the majority of the men (Rocket included) had just.. Enjoyed themselves. They temporarily forgot about all of the loss and grief that surrounded their homes back in the South Blue, relishing in the freedom of the open sea. Rocket had even ushered in some new tactics for the crew. Instead of preying upon the innocents, they could turn their strength and determination towards raiding other pirate crews. While it was far from a noble cause, it was better than demanding half of some poor sap’s income.

Over the course of their voyage, the Silver Wave Pirate’s fame and reputation had risen throughout the first half of the Grand Line, spreading from each and every island they visited and every opposing crew they had met and defeated at sea. This accomplished several different things: Raising Rocket’s bounty, providing Rocket with various chances and experiences to hone his fighting skills and also amassing quite the booty for Klaus and the rest of his men. Everything was looking up.. For the time being.

It wasn’t until the Silver Wave pirates stumbled upon an ambush from the Marines did everything they had worked so hard for come crashing down around them. Refusing to surrender, the outnumbered pirates stood their ground, returning gun and cannon fire to the Marine ships surrounding them before falling to the open ocean. Fortunately, the Silver Wave pirates managed to set fire to at least two of the four ships that had them pinned down before ultimately succumbing to the numbers, resulting in the death of a large number of men while the rest were lost at sea.

Rocket had departed from the ship early on in the skirmish, boarding one of the Marine ships and doing the best he could to try and diminish their numbers. He dispatched most of the lower grunts and helped to turn some of the cannonfire to the other Marine ships while also damaging the ship itself. With the ship set aflame, Rocket began to make his exit and return to the (somehow) still-standing Silver Wave ship. That was until the Devil himself blocked his path.

An unpleasant blast from the past emerged from the fiery blaze that lit up the night sky. The very demon that haunted Rocket’s dreams: Stark. The decorated martial artist turned reinstated Marine had stomped his fairly large foot down in front of Rocket, blocking him from reuniting with his crew. One snarky grin was all it took for Rocket to let go of his emotions and blindly attack the man. He’d gotten stronger, much stronger than their last encounter on Karate Island, managing to surprise the older martial artist with incredibly powerful strikes and a rage that burned hotter than the ship they were currently brawling on.

The fight lasted a fraction of the time Rocket actually thought it did, but needless to say he got mollywhopped. He barely managed to leave a scratch on the older man, let alone come close to beating him. He was beaten, thrashed and ultimately demolished atop the smoldering deck of the vessel. He was beaten within an inch of his life before Stark finally revealed that he had been looking for Rocket this entire time. After leaving Karate Island and using his connections to try and quell what had happened to his daughter, he’d been searching for the young man as he was the only witness to the horror that occurred many years ago. He also revealed that he is the sole reason for Rocket’s bounty rising at an alarming rate.

With the rest of his crew seemingly dead and/or captured, Rocket attempted one last effort at taking Stark down with a final punch, only to have the Marine’s large boot smash into his face and knock him out cold for a few seconds. He awoke some moments later, looking down upon Stark as the Marine held him by his throat over the edge of the ship. With a final farewell, Stark dropped Rocket into the azure depths below before returning to his ship, believing the buccaneer known as Reddick T. Rocket to be dead.

He was sorely mistaken.

Rocket woke yet again, only this time on solid ground instead of floating in the air being choked nearly unconscious by a big brute of a man. He found himself atop a small man-made bed underneath what looked to be a small slanted shelter made from leaves and branches. He was in a forest, and a large fire raged nearby. Sitting near the fire was a man he knew all too well: Klaus. After regaining his bearings and questioning the former captain, Rocket learned that he and Klaus were the only two to escape during the battle and the others are either dead or worse. Klaus had been knocked into the ocean during the fight and watched as Rocket’s body splashed beside him.

Half a day's worth of swimming and Klaus found himself upon Trost where both he and Rocket had been for the past week. The next few weeks saw Rocket and Klaus surviving in the wilderness, recovering from their previous bouts with the Marines and really just trying to figure things out. The loss of the crew had affected them both, Klaus more so than Rocket as those men were virtually his family. Rocket had just blew what was in his mind the only opportunity he’d get for revenge because of his weakness. Both men saw their flaws both in being unable to enact retribution and failing to save their fellow crewmates.

The world had thought the two men dead and for the time being both came to accept that. With their flaws in mind, Klaus and Rocket vowed to get stronger together so that something like that would never happen again. The two of them spent the next year surviving and most importantly training together on Trost, being careful not to attract the attention of the island’s residents and more importantly, Marines. The environment and wildlife did not treat them kindly, however both of the men survived their own hardships and, in their own opinions, came out on top of their game.

The year went by quickly as both Rocket and Klaus came out stronger than ever before. Tempered by the elements and thriving from combat both endured together, Rocket and Klaus traveled towards the nearest settlement: A small town located on the southern edge of the island. There, the two eased their way into the community for the first few days. It was here that Rocket developed his current outfit, forgoing his old one due to him believing it had failed him during his first encounter with Stark. He, with the help of some local tailors, crafted attire that was a more refined version of the one described within his and Bella’s small comic strip.

Afterwards, the two men turned brothers had come to the conclusion that their ultimate goal was retribution, however with different means to each end. They decided that it was time to part ways for the foreseeable future as Klaus sought to return home while Rocket was intent on setting sail once more to continue his journey to find the man that had now not only killed his best friend, but humiliated him a year prior.

Due to his inner wrath, despite the hospitality shown to him by the town residents, Rocket still went ahead and stole a ship to depart during the night, leaving a final note and his old mask behind for Klaus when he awoke. The letter detailed Rocket’s deepest apologies and his self-hatred for not being strong enough to help Klaus like he had promised and wished him the best of luck on his journey home. The letter went on to say that once Rocket took Stark down and won the New World Central Fighting Tournament, he would meet with Klaus again.

His goodbyes in order, Rocket set off. The ship he’d stolen wasn’t anything special as it had barely gotten him from island to island along the treacherous seas the Grand Line had to offer. However, because of this trusty little vessel, Rocket was able to make his presence known again to the world. From the two or three islands Rocket visited, he made sure the residents knew of his arrival. Every island brought forth a new problem for him to fix for his dinghy. Striking various deals with any locals he met that could perform well in the carpentry business, Rocket exchanged his muscle for repairs. Be it menial things such as carrying large loads of wood for construction or using his skills from the year training with Klaus to scare off the ravaging pirates that happened upon them, Rocket once more amassed a following.

Only this time, in a positive light. Because of his actions, the small chain of islands he’d visited began to call him “The Hero”. From island to island, community to community, Rocket offered his services to whoever was willing to accept them. Luckily after his “death”, most of his wanted posters had been taken down and his identity as a whole had been abolished. Coupled with his new attire and hair cut and Rocket was a free man. The few weeks traveling and helping out the locals didn’t last long, though, as the deeper he got into the Grand Line, the stronger the presence of the Marines became.

He couldn’t stay hidden in the shadows forever.

With his rising status as “The Hero”, it wasn’t long before a unit of Marines had stumbled upon Rocket and almost immediately recognized him. An attempt at arrest led to Rocket’s resistance, and some of the local towns folk jumping to his defense as well. They claimed Rocket a hero, having done more for them in his first day of arriving on the island than the Marines ever did.

A small scale battle erupted with the citizens protecting Rocket from harm and the Marines withholding their assault on the wall of innocent people before them, giving Rocket a chance to escape.

This encounter not only led to a revival and increase to his bounty poster, but a brand new epithet to go right along with his own resurgence. In spite of recent events and because of his past deeds as a pirate, Rocket was coined as “The Vigilante”. He was painted as unlawful, volatile and obsessive criminal with a false sense of justice, shedding even more light on that fact that he was, in a way, taking justice into his own hands.

With a new bounty of 200 million Beri, his identity once again dragged out of the shadows and into the light and a new epithet following the name of Reddick T. Rocket, The Vigilante sailed his way towards an island known for its prestigious and gifted shipwrights: Water 7.

Face Claim: My Hero Academia | Fatgum (Skinny version)
RP Sample:


“Whooooo…” A steady flow of air danced along open lips, creating a warm whirlwind that splashed across the foggy mirror before the young man. He placed the palms of his hands against the corners of the sink, pressing his weight down upon the vanity in such a way that a loud crack emitted from his right hand. The echo caused the man’s facial features to crinkle in a way that portrayed the unnerving pop as an inconvenience rather than a sharp pain or anything otherwise. His eyes followed the sound trail down to his wrist, giving it a quick glance before returning to the mirror before him where he could barely make out a hazy silhouette of his own fram.

Lifting his left hand, Rocket grasped one end of the towel hanging loosely around his neck and pressed the cloth against glass surface, gently wiping away the misty veil so that the lower half of his face had been revealed from the nose down. His eyes however, had still been sheltered by the aftermath of his watery cleansing. His eyes flickered to the half-stagnant and half-frown that dressed his lips, causing each of his fingers to tightly grip the porcelain water bin below. Before his monstrous strength could shatter the sink, he once more lowered his eyes sunken eyes to the black mask that lay draped across the faucet before him. As soon as his gaze met the very item that made him whole, that tied his soul together, he loosened his grip.

|| Initiate flashback sequence ||

“Why would he wear a mask? Wouldn’t that make it harder for anyone to know who he is?”

A younger Reddick T. Rocket inquired, tapping the end of his pencil against the parchment paper that sat in his lap. Beside the wooden stump he had perched himself on rest a two-foot high pile of crumpled papers, all riddled with scribbles and terribly drawn character designs. Several stray pieces had ventured from the pack with various gusts of wind that flooded their small leafy getaway, littering the path they used to get in and out of their secret hideout.

Sitting across from him on a large log that had been crudely removed from Rocket’s chair was a short, adorable little brunette with a pair of hazelnut-colored eyes that could convince any single person on the planet to comply with her wishes. She fixed her stare upon Rocket, resting her hands upon her knees.

“Why do people have to know who he is? He’s a superhero, his identity is supposed to be hidden!” She exclaimed with a peppy tone.

Rocket pressed the issue further, now dragging the end of the pencil with the eraser across the paper in his lap. “If people don’t know who he is, he won’t get famous! That’s the whole point of being a superhero, isn’t it? So everyone will know who you are and you can make lots of money!”

Bella simply shook her head, exhaling an amalgamation of a sigh and a soft chuckle. The young girl was far superior to Rocket when it came to maturity, having been raised by one of the most sophisticated and well-mannered women on the blue and green globe. The fact of the matter was, she was taking an entirely different approach to the meaning behind a hero than what Rocket was.

“No, you doofus! THIS is his identity.” Taking her index finger, she pointed to the bright smile that painted her face in a beautiful light of courage. “The mask makes it so that people focus on his smile. If people see a hero like him smiling, it will make them smile too! That’s what being a hero is all about. Making people happy!”

Rocket sat, listening to his friend in a way that it looked like you had just dangled the world’s largest donut in front of his face. He was mesmerized by her reasoning and quickly went to jotting down the character again, only this time adding the mask Bella was so keen on implementing into his character. Needless to say, she had managed to convince him into creating what would come to encompass his current persona.

|| Conclude flashback sequence. ||

Sliding his fingers underneath the thing fabric of his mask, Rocket lifted it to his face and quickly tied the strings around the back of his head. He once again took his eyes to the lower half of face, only this time he had adopted a vibrant, confident grin that comprised the majority of his face. By now, the foggy blanket that covered his eyes had faded, revealing “The Vigilante’s” persona in all of its glory.

Spinning on his heels, Reddick T. Rocket turned towards the door leading out to the deck of his boat, ready for his journey across the island known around the world as Water 7. Only… he forgot to garb himself in a pair of pants.

Bonus: Log Pose.
Location: Water 7.

Fate Point Allocation: 0/6

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