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1What I Could've Done [What If? Arc] Empty What I Could've Done [What If? Arc] on Sun Nov 29, 2015 4:28 am

Isaac Taylor


Isaac Taylor

Task Name: The Initial Assault #2
Tier: 1
Location: Skypiea
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description: When Icarus was still young, growing up on Skypiea in a small village away from everything else, his entire world was changed when The Grundy pirates invaded and killed everyone, including his family. He sacrificed himself as a prisoner so that they would not harm any other villages as he had his own, but there was more that he could've done. A lot more...
Enemy Details: 10 T0 grunts
Boss: No

"That's what happened. Everything that occured in bringing me to this place, that's how it all went down, but there was more I could have done. Protecting my family, stopping the invasion, everything could've been done differently if I had just thought. Now, let's see what I could change about my story." Deep in thought, Isaac delved back into his past, this time looking to see what could have been altered, how it could've gone had he known now what he did then, having played it all out once in his head. Firstly, he looked to the good things that he had accomplished the first time around, things he would try and repeat. For one, he had managed to take out seven of the guards without so much as a scratch on him using only what he could find around him, but that was about all the good he had managed. But what could he change? The clear one was obviously to stop the deaths of both of his parents. Then, the first time the events had occured, it had been the catalyst for Isaac's, for Icarus', anger taking hold and giving him the adrenaline rush to kill those seven, but it would not be necessary this time. This time he would be more than capable of taking out the pirates without any needless death to begin. Which meant that, right back at the very start, when he had first heard the explosions in the direction of his house, Icarus would not blindly head in the direction of the explosions, only to find the house empty as he did before. No, this time he would head to where he knew his parents were going to be, and put an end to the carnage before it could get too bad.

Another thing he would change would be what happened after the seven had died. Before, he had murdered the seven pirates only to be knocked unconscious from behind by another random pirate as he saw a pirate desecrating the corpses that were once his parents. This time, however, his parents were not going to be dead, so no looting was going to take place surely, which meant the pirate and the officer would not be where they were, they would perhaops be someplace else, but that was just a kink that Icarus would have to iron out while he worked on changing his fate. It would obviously make no difference to where he was now, as what had happened in the past was already set in stone, with no way to change it, but that was not what this was about. Isaac was not reliving the most horrible and life-changing moment in his short life to torment himself, nor was it to make himself feel worse by goign over what he could have done to change it all. This was purely Isaac understanding what he was truly capable of. He had not been a fighter then, but if he had had some knowledge of combat, real combat, what would he have changed. He was not trying to redeem himself to the Gods, he just wanted to find peace in his past, which was exactly what he intended on doing.



2What I Could've Done [What If? Arc] Empty Re: What I Could've Done [What If? Arc] on Mon Nov 30, 2015 5:00 am

Isaac Taylor


Isaac Taylor
And so, delving back into his memories, hoping to change what was written, Isaac returned to being Icarus, returning to his past, heading back up into Skypiea, going back to the beginning. As he opened his eyes, he was once more looking back at the face of his rival, and then as if on cue he heard the explosion that signified that the attack had begun. And so, after getting up from sitting down next to his friend, Icarus began the journey back to where he had been, but this time he did not go towards his home as he knew to only expect emptiness there. His house was empty, his family were not there, and so he used the extra time he had to go towards where he knew his family were going to be, using his wings to fly up onto the rooftops of one of the nearby buildings that had yet to be destroyed. He watched from the top as the pirates began to circle his parents, and waited. He waited because he knew his father was able to take out three of them as he had before, but this time Icarus did not wait for his father to be murdered before his eyes before jumping on the offensive, this time he flew straight down from where he was to where his father's killer was to be, a pirate holding a blade who was charging, and so Icarus landed his flight on top of the man, disarming him and using the force of his fall to break the man's neck, before gesturing for his father to stay away, lest he be killed. Last time, he had managed to get the drop on his enemies as they had turned the other way, this time they were all facing Icarus from the start, so he had to change his plan around a little.

As he had before, he drew the sword that the deceased pirate had wielded, before waiting for the first pirate to charge. Once he did, Icarus lunged forwards, lodging the sword in the pirate's neck, blood spilling from his wound as he fell to the ground, instantly dead. The next five were there, and they were angry, but the bleeding out pirate on the floor had had a gun holstered, which Isaac then drew. He might have been cheating at this point, but he decided to use some of his own knowledge of weaponry to choose the gun to be one of his, Tweedledee: his flintlock dual-shot pistol. And since he had two of them, he decided to give himself two, and so he instantly dropped four of the remaining five pirates, allowing the fifth to run while Icarus quickly reloaded. However, the man was only able to get a few feet before he too fell, dead, to the ground. Icarus then faced his parents, watching their faces, before using his last shot to fire at the man standing right behind him, having noticed by their faces how close he was. Now he had killed right pirates, all that was left was to make it onto the ship and kill the rest before making his way to Orange Town. Even without the pirates knocking him out and dragging him down themselves, Grundy was still down there in East Blue, and on that ship was the Fishman that Icarus had not been able to kill before personally. Killing someone with a rifle was not fun if you wanted them to suffer and even if Icarus had not been able to kill the Fishman last time in the way he wanted to. This time he was going to fulfil his fantasy. After all, this was all in his memory, so he could do whatever he wanted to that asshole Fishman. He was going to die, and Icarus could not wait.



Tier 1 Skill Name: Quick Reload
Tier 1 Skill Type: Marksmanship
Tier 1 Skill Range: Self
Tier 1 Skill Cooldown&Duration: 3 | Instant
Tier 1 Skill Description: Isaac can occasionally move his body in perfect function, allowing him to reload his weapons without requiring any time to do so. Can only be done on one weapon per use, but allows a weapon to be fired twice in one post.


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