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1Island Description  Empty Island Description on Tue Dec 15, 2015 6:10 pm


Boin Archipelago
Island Description  Boin_Archipelago_Infobox

Boin Archipelago was once an island with many great scholars and scientist, but after a tragic error with an experiment the island has quite literally come to life. With overgrown insects, man eating plants, and intense tropical heat and spontaneous rainfall, living on Boin Archipelago is only something the strong can handle. A few still live on the island trying to rebuild what they once had and trying to correct the mistake they made and return the island back to its former self, but they have had no success. The town they once lived in lies in ruin and is overrun with plant growth and these monstrous sized insects. Its common for these scientist to send out letters to people they hear about in the News Coo which they still receive to assist the in their endeavors.

Influence N/A
Species: Man-Eating Plants/Pop Greens T3-6, Predatory Overgrown Insects T3-6.
Log Pose Point Requirement: 23

Housing: Tier 1
Army: Tier 1
Weaponry: Tier 4
Population: Tier 1
Technology: No Tier
Miscellaneous: Pop Greens can only be obtained after an Arc of at least Tier 4 difficulty is completed on **Boin Archipelago** Once this Arc is done you can harvest them. To harvest them you must complete a Tier 1 Task for each separate species of Pop Green you intend to reap. All Pop Greens harvested must be registered as equipment and go through the approval process, but cost no Beli in exchange for the Tier 1 Task. The amount of Pop Green Seeds you get from your Tier 1 Task is determined during the registration process judging by how strong the Pop Green is. These are non-replenishing unless one of the seeds is taken and planted in a Pop Green Farm. A Pop Green Farm can be purchased at the **Story Point Shop**.

Then one can plant one of the seeds and after two weeks they gain a replenishing supply of that species that replenishes each topic. The ammo amount that replenishes is based on how many "Units Per Slots" you got approved with in the registration process. Some Pop Green Ammo takes up 1/2 an equipment slot depending on potency of the Pop Green.

  • Minimum Tier 4 Arc on Boin Archipelago.
  • Tier 1 Task per Pop Green Species.
  • Register Pop Green and get non-replenishing ammo.
  • Buy a Pop Green Farm.
  • Plant a Pop Green and wait two weeks for replenishing ammo.

Pop Greens can be obtained by, but not used by those who are not Marksman.

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