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1Ohara Means Family -Travel- Empty Ohara Means Family -Travel- on Wed Dec 23, 2015 6:55 pm



530 words
a line of notes here

Snow began to gently drift from the skies, the weather shifting in to one more desirable for the female. Being the Yuki Yuki No Mi holder, the female adored the snow, and felt no discomfort from the gentle flakes as they touched her, she gave off a small smile as she looked upwards. Snow fell in to her eyes, yet it simply faded away. Leaning upon the deck of the ship, she had decorated it to give that christmas spirit. The day was only a sleep away of course. With the colder weather, Melissa had decided to give Leparo his gift early. Wrapped in a box beside her, was a simple yet expensive fur lined coat, similiar to the one he had always worn, yet this one was new, it had no battle damage and would protect him from the elements better than one that had been so badly beaten.

The eery ship was beautiful, and would easily get them to their destination, with the midnight sky, the ship could fly. A powerful ability especially in crossing the seas, one could avoid entire islands by drifting in to the air and not setting down. Alas she would just have to wait for her captain, she herself had no ship driving skills and did not have the knowledge needed to actually traverse the sea in such a fine vessel. So she would simply wait. Wait for the man whom she loved to come out so she could give him his gift, and finally, finally get out of the south blue. She wanted to go, she so desperately wanted to explore.

made by sei

2Ohara Means Family -Travel- Empty Re: Ohara Means Family -Travel- on Wed Dec 23, 2015 9:32 pm

Blanco Bean


Blanco Bean

Leparo Donquixote

Leparo was quite happy this night. His crew was due to set sail at this night and sadly Mura would not be joining. After looking for him the past month Leparo knew it was time to move on with his journey through the seas. Melissa, Dominick and Leparo had done a lot in the last month in terms of gathering new members. Their large ship was somewhat packed with their new additions. They all looked like a small army aboard the Flying Dutchman. As Leparo made his way towards the docks he looked at his right hand which had a box which contained a ring for Melissa. This was a step Leparo wasn't sure he was ready to persue. Once he stepped foot on the boat his men stopped arm wrestling and partying as they all threw up their cups "OI, CAPTAIN"  causing for Leparo to smile as his wounds showed on his arms around his wife beater shirt. A bottle of the good stuff was thrown from one of his crew members which Leparo caught.

Smiling as he held the bottle up and glanced at it for awhile. His memories of Melissa flashed through his mind along with his journey throw the South Blue. "Oi..." said Leparo as he lowered the bottle and began to look at his men. "Today we stand united as a band of brothers... And sisters against the marines who look to take our time at sea away from us.. And today I tell you... FUCK THE MARINES" screamed Leparo as he popped the bottle and held it up to the skies causing his crew to erupt in cheer as they resumed their drinking and partying on the deck.  This genuinely put a smile on Leparo's face as he began to chug down the good stuff before taking the wheel of the ship. "To Ohara" said Leparo to his men who were ready for the next phase of their journey.. As for Melissa, Leparo wasn't ready to face her yet.



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