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1[Travel] A Southern Gal at Heart Empty [Travel] A Southern Gal at Heart on Sat Dec 26, 2015 3:04 pm


Revolutionary Captain
Revolutionary Captain


east to south

The current heaved in.

Below the waves crunched.

It was all at a rhythm.

Each move turned silence into sound, and back again, only to return. It was a cycle. The day was on its own cycle. The night was floating out, and the new noises of morning were humming in. Beyond sat purple and orange. Clouds screamed along the sky, and roared at anyone who dare stare so they’d be astounded. Two golden eyes grazed over, only to be fixed into the splendor, but she was on the move. A singular ship crashed in and out of the waves, its path determined. It was hard weaving through. She was like grandma’s needle in knitting, and she would soon be done. The sea at this time of the morning was relatively empty, except for one or two fishing boats here and there and so it made for a perfect time.

Few thoughts were allowed, she was focused. Yet, she did hold onto one notion: the objective. No one sailed the seas without reason, and hers was blatant. A pink sports tank, black tights and deck boots donned her body, and her brilliant hair dangled about her head, bouncing with each wave. A detective eye would believe she was gunning for something, but she wasn’t. No, Reinaka was less worried about what was in front of her, and more so about what she had just left behind in the East Blue... She was running from it all, all the stress, headaches, issues, marine incidents, and deaths. Yes, it had only been a few weeks since she left her family dwelling and joined a pirate crew; no, captained a pirate crew. But she had no idea what her efforts would result in.

She was no longer a pirate captain. She couldn't do it; she couldn't be a criminal, a murderer, a lost little girl struggling to reconcile her actions with some form of righteousness, integrity and justification. She found herself in somewhat of a ball of knots trying to deal with the needs of her crew and her own issues. Only a few short weeks after they'd formed, she jetted along with what little provisions they had, as well as her baby, The Killing Quill -- the brand spanking new vessel of the former Featherweight Pirates...

"Forgive me guys..."

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