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1[TASK] Losing your mind Empty [TASK] Losing your mind on Sun Dec 27, 2015 5:12 am

Rai Vertigo


Rai Vertigo
Leonidas Von Clark was on a journey. He was on a search on a scoundrel. A guy that went by the name of the bandit King. He was known for his terrorizing of towns and islands. Though he had the epitaph of a Bandit, he was simply a pirate that loved destruction. Since the revolution needed more support of the people in order to function they sent Leon to eliminate this man. Leon had currently tracked down the man in question to a spot on this unnamed island. He set foot on the shores of the island and scanned the area.

There weren't any dangers that he could readily see so he continued to make his way towards the jungle. The Jungle had many blind spots, so Leon kept an eye out. According to the reports the Bandit King's men loved to ambush people when they least expected it. So Leo had to maintain his guard or he would become their prisoner. As he moved through the jungle he listened for movement and even stopped some times to see if anyone was following him. Though he was sure someone was following him when he noticed the rustling grass behind him.

Leon took a stance prepared to fight. Surely enough a bandit came flying out sword prepped to kill the fishman. Leon jumped toward his attacker. He then lifted his right arm into the man's swinging arm and struck out with his left. His fishman strength was more than enough to send the bandit flying. Turning around he looked over at the other bandits that appeared seemingly to help their friend. "Looks like this isn't going to be easy."


2[TASK] Losing your mind Empty Re: [TASK] Losing your mind on Sun Dec 27, 2015 7:10 am

Rai Vertigo


Rai Vertigo
Staring own the four other assailants, Leon retook his stance. He was sure this wasn't going to be fun. He needed to take them out before they would alert their group. Luckily it seemed taking out their friend didn't deter them in any way shape or form. Leon took in a deep breath as he released his blood lust. It was sad to say, but Leon wasn't going to let a single one of them leave this place alive. Kicking off he rushed at one of the bandits. With a single strike he aimed at the bandit's chest. The bandit didn't have time to react as the sounds of bones cracking could be heard from Leon making contact with the bandit's chest.

Without waiting he would spring over to the next bandit and strike him in the head with a kick. The same cracking noise could be heard as the two bandits fell over. One was dead while the other was in a lot of pain. Leon gathered air in his lungs as his body partially expanded and he released a gust of air at the other bandits. They were pushed back a couple of feet and were easily stunned by the attack. Leon wasted no time allowing his spikes to protrude and skewer the other two bandits on them. Leon looked down on the bandits that laid before him. According to his count one bandit was dead, two would bleed out, and two were horribly injured. Taking a deep breath he prepared to put the four out of their misery. Then everything suddenly went dark.


3[TASK] Losing your mind Empty Re: [TASK] Losing your mind on Sun Dec 27, 2015 7:24 am

Rai Vertigo


Rai Vertigo
When Leon woke up he found himself in a cage. His head was killing him but more importantly he had no idea where he was. Looking around he saw a man looking down on him. The man had a cheeky grin on his face and had around 7 men behind him. "Welcome friend do you know where you are?" Leon looked at the man quizzically. "Not really... Could you tell me? Along with who am I... I think my name is Leon but that's about it." The man looked at Leon with shock. "Your joking right." He scanned Leon's face and couldn't see an ounce of trickery in Leon's words. So either Leon was being sincere or Leon was a really good liar.

He laughed at the fishman while his crew looked at him with questioning gazes. "Ahh yes, you did take quite a spill... Well you are a member of our band of bandits... You were knocked out during a fight with a crazy fishman which you killed." The bandit king laughed. His men looked at the king in horror. Was he really trying to recruit a guy that had killed one and wounded 4 of their comrades. Leon scratched his head. "Yeah... I guess I remember something like that." The Bandit King smirked. "It was terrible, had to carry you on my back myself to the hideout." The man cried. Leon looked at him nodded. "You slept for days, but now your awake its we can get you back on the field as the... the... Tengu! But thats for later... go on and rest now" The man laughed as he walked out with the rest of his crew. When they asked him why he allowed the fishman to live he simply answered. "Why should I give up such a delicious henchman."

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