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1[TASK] The Tengu Empty [TASK] The Tengu on Sun Dec 27, 2015 2:43 pm

Rai Vertigo


Rai Vertigo
Leon sat in a caravan with his Tengu mask on. His mission was clear, it was time for him to take the town of Recon for the Bandit King. During Leon's time on the ship he was told through a den den mushi he would need to get in the Bandit Kings ranks in order to get the fruit. Leon sat in the slow moving cart as he mentally prepared himself for the assault on the town in the West Blue. His eyes were trained on the scenery as he contemplated his plan. The place he was going to was a small town in the middle of the Island. It was a relatively unknown town... to anyone who wasn't interested in the slaves it held. To those who knew it was a rat den filled with all kinds of nasty and despicable sh*t. Leon hated the idea of going to such a place, but found that he had no choice. With very low staff within the Bandit King's entourage, it was up to Leon to gain territory and show that not only the Bandit King were not ones to be taken lightly. Less he wanted to miss his chance at getting the fruit.

Leon knew it would have been faster if he simply rode the horses into town but found that it was much safer for him to simply ride in unnoticed. He wouldn't get there till nightfall. Leon wasn't worried about being spotted as a pirate due to the fact that at the moment he seemed no different from the average teenager. He wore casual clothing just for such an occasion. So once they got close to the town and the caravan driver looked back to check on Leon, all he could see were glowing grey eyes staring back at him and an immeasurable amount of blood lust behind it.


2[TASK] The Tengu Empty Re: [TASK] The Tengu on Sun Dec 27, 2015 2:47 pm

Rai Vertigo


Rai Vertigo
The driver was paralyzed in fear once he saw the grey eyes. Those eyes weren't human, far from human in fact. The driver couldn't even remember who he had let on the caravan in the first place. By the time Leon had stood up to leave the driver had already voided his bowels feeling the blood lust. Leon just moved passed the driver and paid him his fare before moving on towards the city.

At night the town seemed so peaceful. One would find it hard to believe that the town held people captive to be used as slaves. Yet once Leon walked into the town he found the idea quite easy to believe. Slaves were everywhere. They were being kept on leashes and being paraded through the town at night. Rage built up in Leon's body before rocks began to float from the ground. The the rocks attacked every human in the vicinity. In an hour the slaves that were walking the streets would be free, but Leon had much more to do. He couldn't simply just leave it as it is. He may not like the idea of having to kill all of these people but he wanted to take the sword from the hands of that greedy bastard.

Not only that it wasn't like the people were inherently good anyway. These people had no problem in enslaving others for their own gain. How could someone do something like that? Leon didn't know and he wasn't ever going to know. As far as he was concerned every single slave was going to be freed by the end of the night. Leon was going to destroy the town from the ground up. Now the only problem was how he was going to do it. His boss told him not to make it obvious that he did it so Leon needed to find some strange way to destroy the town so that the marines wouldn't investigate.

WC: 334

3[TASK] The Tengu Empty Re: [TASK] The Tengu on Sun Dec 27, 2015 2:58 pm

Rai Vertigo


Rai Vertigo
Looking towards one of the free slaves Leon asked where the actual selling took place. The slave responded that the selling took place deeper in the town. Leon nodded as he made his way deeper into the town. His blade began to carve through each and every slave master in his vicinity. As he walked through, word quickly spread that a rogue warrior was killing every man he came across with his blade. Most decided to flee the town itself while the big slave owners would attack Leon at every chance they got. They bared their blades as they would run at the boy.

Leon quickly dispatched all assailants as he passed through the town. Stealing a sword from on of the downed attackers Leon's blade jumped from person to person, piercing every piece of flesh it saw. Though Leon was using it more as a club than a sword. Leon couldn't care less though. He had no pity for those who sell others into slavery. If they wanted to have power to control people they should at least have the power to maintain said control. Besides he had more important things to deal with. Once he got to the place that the slave had pointed out he saw a large mechanical creature and a man sitting on top of it.


Leon glared. He wasn't listening, he was just planning how he was going to destroy the mechanical marvel.

The mechanical creature rushed at Leon. Leon lifting his blade slashed at the marvel. The blade didn't do much, the metal was impervious to the blade. Leon frowned as he took the robotic hand head on. Flying into a wall Leon cursed. The bandit hadn't met a creature like this. Apart of him couldn't wait to tear the creature a new one. He regained his stance as he stared at the beast. Where could this thing have come from?

4[TASK] The Tengu Empty Re: [TASK] The Tengu on Sun Dec 27, 2015 3:04 pm

Rai Vertigo


Rai Vertigo
Though a part of himself couldn't help but wonder how could such a thing exist in such a small town. The town had a lot of slaves maybe this was what they were used for. A plan slowly began to form in Leon's mind as he looked at the mechanical marvel. This could be it, he thought. This was the perfect way to destroy the town without any marine instigation. The machine that the people of the town painstakingly designed had run amok and killed everyone save for a few slaves in the process. That would be completely believable and no one would dare question it. It would also allow for the bandits to convert the town with none being the wiser. It would work very well for getting into the bandit king's inner circle.

So Leon sighed. This meant that if he wanted to make it work the way he wanted to he would have to forgo destroy the machine to soon. He would need to keep it usable just long enough so it could wreck the town before sacrificing it to the Bandit King in a red hot explosion that would definitely claim a few lives.

Lifting himself from the wall Leon's body slowly began to relax. His eyes sharpened. Leon began lifting stones into the air and threw them at the robot. Leon was ready for battle and had planned to deal with the robot quickly. Jumping high into the sky Leon prepared to slay the machine and it's creator.


5[TASK] The Tengu Empty Re: [TASK] The Tengu on Sun Dec 27, 2015 3:07 pm

Rai Vertigo


Rai Vertigo
Landing on top of the machine Leon forced his sword toward the operator cockpit. Before the sword could crush the operator, Leon fished him from the machine. His fingers wrapped around the operator as he pulled him out of the machine. Once the operator was out the mechanical marvel went lifeless and the sword changed directions and flew toward the operator killing him. Holding the man in his hands Leon threw him onto the ground. The man fell with a thud. Leon didn't waste any time as he jumped into the cockpit and began to mess with the controls.

The robot went insane. It crushed the body of its former operator and moved on to the innocent townsfolk crushing each and every person who dared to move into its path. The sound of the mechanical robot crushing the bodies of a person's body could be heard all the way from the cockpit. Much to Leon's dismay. While he was doing the slaughtering he felt as though this was a waste of human life. Yet it was a necessary one. If these people died today there would be less slave owners around tomorrow. With this thought in mind Leon continued to rampage. Pressing a button he fired the robots missiles at the buildings causing them to come crashing down.

The Buildings fell. The sight of the buildings falling would cause the residents hearts to sink. Yet to Leon there was still a job to be done. He wouldn't rest until the city was near uninhabitable. He pressed another button and flamethrowers would fire and baptize the town in a sea of flames. Each flame would purify the sins of the town and would leave the ashes after purifying the town. Leon couldn't help but feel slightly relieved at the sight of the town in flames. He felt confident that once it was done he would be receiving a new position at the left hand of the bandit king.

The mechanical monster began to freely move through the town destroying everything in sight and killing anyone unfortunate enough to get in its way. In the rampage Leon merely watched from the safety of the inside as the monster crushed everyone in its way. He watched until there was no one left in the town. From there he jumped out of the machine and from the top of it shouted. "THIS TOWN IS NOW UNDER THE CONTROL OF THE BANDIT KING!" he shouted loud enough so that any survivors would know. After this knowing that his mission was accomplished he planned to go back to the Bandit King to report the good news.

Yet first, he would go look at his work. He walked about the town, looking at the destruction that he caused. He felt sorry for the innocents caught up in all of it. Though what happened, had to happen. If he was going to accomplish the mission his master had given him.

WC: 498
[end task]

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