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1Death to the King [Task] Empty Death to the King [Task] on Mon Dec 28, 2015 10:36 am

Rai Vertigo


Rai Vertigo
In the cold night of the bandit camp, Leon laid sleeping in his cage. Apparently when he had his memories he liked to sleep in a cage due to his sleep rampages he went on. At least that was what The Bandit King said, and Leon not remembering his past believed. So he laid their in the night asleep. Until he heard something, something right outside of his tent. He sprung up from his slumber and peered at the entrance. From there he saw no person, only a glow. That glow pierced through the roof of the tent and landed right next to Leon's cage.

It was an arrow, and it was covered in flames. The flames smothered Leon's tent baptizing it. If Leon didn't get out of there soon he would be baptized along with the tent. Using his fishman strength and the adrenaline that pumped through his veins, he bent the metal bars keeping him in. From there he quickly jumped out and ran out of the tent. Once outside he began looking around to see just what had attacked him. He was in a bandit camp, there must at least be a raid going on.

He didn't see anyone though, other than the other bandits around him. They encircled him and from the looks of it, they weren't too happy that Leon had escaped. "What's going on?" Leon asked looking at who he had believed to be his comrades.
"We're getting rid of a monster." One of them said as they raised their weapons. "You!"

WC: 265

2Death to the King [Task] Empty Re: Death to the King [Task] on Mon Dec 28, 2015 11:08 am

Rai Vertigo


Rai Vertigo
"What did I do?" Leon asked as he stared at who he thought were his comrades. Without answering the men ran at the fishman with their swords drawn. Leon knew at that moment there was nothing that could be solved by him flapping his gums. He was going to have to defend himself. Whether he liked it or not he was gonna have to fight off the enemies. Getting into his stance he prepared himself for a fight. His spikes began to poke from his body ready to impale anyone who got close. When the first bandit got in range, Leon through a straight punch directly at his chest.

The bandit didn't expect Leon's strength so he was was knocked back into another tent. The bandits looked at their comrade in shock. They didn't know Leon was this strong. Leon knew he was outnumbered and couldn't afford to get swamped so while the other guys were distracted he roundhouse kicked another bandit. The kick was aimed at the head and was so strong that the bandit's neck snapped at the strike before falling to the ground. The sound of  the neck snapping allowed the other bandits to regain their composure and attack once again.  Lifting their swords they swung them in Leon's direction. Leon attempted to dodge but couldn't help but get cuts and bruises in a few places. Though once they got close enough, Leon's body began to expand and the other 5 pirates got caught in Leon's spikey death techniques. Once he deflated 5 bandits fell to the floor dead.


Leon turned around to see the bandit king with a bounty of 1,000,000 , Bald D. Banit standing with his large hammer in hand. His face was twisted in a scowl filled with rage. " I should have known it was a mistake to take you in." With that he jumped at Leon with his hammer held high ready to crush the fishman.

WC: 335

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3Death to the King [Task] Empty Re: Death to the King [Task] on Mon Dec 28, 2015 3:51 pm

Rai Vertigo


Rai Vertigo
Leon jumped back as Baldy brought his hammer down. The ground cracked as the hammer collided with it. Leon looked at his former leader and tried to dispute the thought. "Sir, they attacked me I had to defend myself." Baldy slammed his foot into Leon's chest. "A likely story!" Baldy screamed. Leon groaned as he retreated back a few feet. Leon took a deep breath as Baldy once again attempted to bring his hammer down on the fishman. Leon fired his whirlwind at the King pushing him back into one of the standing tents. By the time Baldy got back up Leon would be standing in his fighting stance.

"I don't want to do this." Leon cried.

"Should have thought of that before you killed my men." Baldy growled picking up his hammer once again.

With those words, Leon knew there was no avoiding this. He was going to have to fight his boss. He had very little memory of before he woke up in the cage but something told him he was supposed to be indebt to the man. That didn't mean Leon was going to let himself be killed. Baldy rushed at Leon. In a moment Leon shot out a fist towards the Bandit King's face. The Bandit King merely ducked under before throwing a body shot at Leon. Leon grimaced and jumped back to retreat. Though Baldy wasn't going to let the fishman get away.

Holding the end of the hammer he swung it directly into Leon's left side. Leon face went pale as the  Bandit King's strength was more than enough to knock Leon off balance. Leon teetered holding his side away from the Bandit. Leon was shocked. Even with one hand Baldy had that much strength, and he was still faster than Leon. Leon cursed. His side was killing him, it hurt to take a step. With the wound Leon knew he wouldn't be going anywhere anytime soon.

WC: 331

4Death to the King [Task] Empty Re: Death to the King [Task] on Mon Dec 28, 2015 4:41 pm

Rai Vertigo


Rai Vertigo
Baldy wasn't done yet. With his rage he was far from done with torturing the pirate. Lifting his hammer he rushed at the fishman. Before Leon could react Baldy once again began to bash at the fishman. Baldy's moved so fast it looked like his hammer had multiplied and he was wielding 5 instead of one. All leon could do was lift his arms and protect his vulnerable parts. He maintained his guard for a solid minute under the barrage of Baldy before he noticed something. Baldy had dropped his guard while he was attacking. Leon guessed that he needed to drop his defenses in order to attack so ferociously. With his spikes protruding he struck Baldy in the chest with all of his strength.

Baldy eyes widened as he was sent back a couple of feet. His abdomin began to bleed as he was pierced by Leon's spike. "Damn." He said before rushing at Leon once more. Leon scowled. His entire body was sore from the hammer strikes. He could barely move, it hurt to breathe. Though he wasn't out of the fight yet. When the hammer came down at the fishman instead of retreating, Leon rushed forward. Leon decided that if he was going to win he was gonna have to get in the range that best suited him.

Taking in a pained deep breath, Leon swung at the Bandit King's chest. His spikes were fully out. Blood and flesh were pierced by the spikes on Leon's body as he struck Baldy. After striking him, Leon kicked the Bandit in the chest before falling to the ground, struggling to breathe.


5Death to the King [Task] Empty Re: Death to the King [Task] on Mon Dec 28, 2015 4:54 pm

Rai Vertigo


Rai Vertigo
Like a zombie Baldy rose once more with his comically large hammer in hand. "Kid, I admit I am impressed. Not many can hurt me to this extent." he wheezed. "A shame that you had to betray the family like this." Baldy slowly made his way up to Leon. Leon still struggling to catch his breath through all the pain, could only look as his former boss was approaching. Baldy began to let out a laugh, "Its kind of sad really... The guy you came to kill is going to smash your brains out all over the dirt.. hopefully some nice plants grow with your brain as nutrients." Leon was shocked. He had never heard Baldy say such things. With a pained grunt, Leon tried to get up... but couldn't find the strength.

"Oh well time to die." Baldy laughed now over Leon with the hammer raised. Leon closed his eyes waiting for the hammer to come down. But it didn't. "Why can't I move?" Baldy screamed slightly scared. Leon with the last of his strength tackled Baldy to the ground. Now in the mounted position, Leon used all of his strength and began punching The Bandit King in the face over and over again. Leon ignored the pain he was feeling, he ignored the fact that this man was his boss, he even ignored the sounds of the bushes moving behind him. This man had attempted to kill him and for that he was going to pay. With the spikes piercing through the man's skull Leon continued beating the Bandit King's face in over and over again. Leon didn't stop when he felt the life drain for the body he just continued releasing all of his anger at having being betrayed out. Until... he couldn't take the pain anymore and passed out.

Weeks later he woke up in a hospital. Looking around he saw a man sitting his bed side. The man smiled, "Good Job Leonidas your contribution helped the revolution! Now after you get checked up go talk to Babs about your month of uncollected commission."

WC: 357

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