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1[Bounty] No Swamp Humans on my Deck Empty [Bounty] No Swamp Humans on my Deck on Wed Dec 30, 2015 9:15 am


Revolutionary Captain
Revolutionary Captain


Everything in the World is my Enemy

The voyage commenced and the Featherweight Ferrying Co. seemed to be on top of the current, guided by the skillful and well-times maneuvering of the ship's captain, Reinaka Sciwalker. Kara had moved to begin serving that nights dinner portions. It wasn't a lavish meal by any stretches of the imagination but it was hearty and well prepared and rejoicing was upon them.

Rei-Rei found there was no better good luck charm than the singing and merrymaking of sailors, even would-be ones like the batch she had on board. As the night waned on, the Skypiean girl retired for the night to her captain's chamber to rest and be well prepared for the morning's continuing journey. She seemed to drift off to sleep as soon as she'd stretched out, only to be awoken in a suddenness that didn't suit her stomach.

"W-what the hell is it," she yelled out more so  startled than anything else. But either way, she rose up and off the bed, wiping her eyes and try to get a clear vision of Victoire, the ship's gunner, in her sights. He explained that one of the passengers was making quite the disturbance and it'd gotten too crucial to leave unattended by the ship's owner. Rei hurried to the top of the deck to see a man pushing at people and cackling.

"You fucking idiots. Stay outta my way... I like this ship. I think I'll keep it."

And with that, his arms exploded into fountains of thick, gooey brown sludge, pouring over the deck and the closest bodies to him, sucking people into the pool of reeking goo. What was happening? Who had she let onto her ship, or rather, what had she let on to her ship. The man cackled into the night, lifting his head up high and shouting his obscenities into the night's sky.

She sprung into action. This was not going to ruin her fucking voyage. She didn't think, she didn't speak, she just lunged. With the falling of her arm, Reinaka formed her palm into a dagger-like pose and swung down. But her palm wasn't the actual threat here -- it was her blade. The device activated and a long blade side out and sliced into the man with a splashing sound that should not come from a blade meeting human flesh. His arm separated into two, and he wheeled his eerie smile around to her, shifting before she could reposition her posture to move and out of the stub where his arm had been flowed sewage-like muck that pushed her back with the force of a fire hydrant, sticking itself to her and crushing her into the nearest mast.

A loud squeal stole from her gasping mouth as her head hit the tough wooden beam and bounced back forward, sending her head into a scramble for sensory information. Flashes appeared in his vision and for a few seconds she couldn't tell which direction was up or down, what he last name was or what she the feel of this thick, viscous mud was on her skin. At said point she should have slide down to the base of the pool but the mucus like material seemed to solidify itself instantly and she found herself hanging from the mast with the goo keeping her in place.

Bounty Info:

[Bounty] No Swamp Humans on my Deck YgxdGum
Location: South Blue | Torino Kingdom
Name: Zeero Tetsuya
Alias/Epithet: "Thats so Swampy"
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 25

Occupation: Martial Artist
Affiliation: Free Agent
Devil Fruit: Numa Numa no Mi
Tier: 3
Equipment: -
Haki Aura: Eagle Eye

General Appearance: You do not see any status within this boy. That is mainly due to his physical appearance. What you do see is quite the opposite, hence astounding many throughout his travels. His body resembles a stick; skinny, easily broken, weak. His arms and legs are twigs themselves, skinny as can be. He's never done any working out. You might even mistaken this boy for someone who's suffering from a bad case of anorexia. To sum it all up, Zeero's puny. The only thing that gives you the hint that he could be a destructive person that wreaks havoc among innocent citizens, is his height. Standing at six feet and two inches, he's not as tall as can be, but tall enough to allow him to give command to a ship. Although most underestimate Zeero, he's definitely a force to be reckoned with.
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 117 lbs
Personality: At first, Zeero Tetsuya seems very cold, uncaring, and selfish. This isn't too far from the truth, as he is cold and uncaring, but he is also loyal to his friends and anyone else close to him. Zeero isn't patient, does get angered rather easily, not to mention that he is also very cruel and cynical. He despises staying in one area for extended periods of time, instead preferring to stay on the move, half the reason he became a free agent. His dream as a child was to see all of the blues, the kingdom he called "home". To this day, that dream has not changed much, although he's not in as much of a rush to see the world as he is to learn more about the fruits that thrives within it. Zeero Tetsuya does not enjoy fighting, but believes a brawl is unavoidable. His affinity for travel has brought him across various ruins and merchants, each with different stories to tell or something to teach. Recently, Zeero has grown disgusted with the attitude of "World Government" and how they are revered, and has turned towards the pirating side of the world, in an attempt to find the answers he desires. Zeero can be selfish at times, as displayed by his actions of turning to the life of pirating simply because the government did not have the answers he desired. He'll never admit to being a pirate because of having no crew nor any friends of any sort.

Hand to Hand: 2
Marksmanship: -
Devil Fruit: 4
Melee Weaponry: 2


Bounty: 25,000,000
Crew: -

2[Bounty] No Swamp Humans on my Deck Empty Re: [Bounty] No Swamp Humans on my Deck on Wed Dec 30, 2015 2:46 pm

Rai Vertigo


Rai Vertigo

Im bored

"You know I never did understand why you were here?"

✥ ✥ ✥ ✥ ✥ ✥ ✥ ✥ ✥ ✥ ✥

On the ship, night came just as quickly as the day would. Seeing that it was time for him to take a rest, the hooded man made his way to his room. Due to the size of the ship some passengers had to share a room. Leon was one of these passengers. Observing the room, Leon sat on the bed. There was only one in the room. Which was weird considering their were two people assigned to the room. He shuddered at the thought of having to figure out who was going to sleep on the bed and who was going to be on the floor. His eyes peered toward the floor. It was disgusting, dirty, and hard. Just like the pirates that roamed the sea. Leon decided to instead of worrying about where he was going to sleep began to investigate the decor of the room. This was important if the ship's captain expected to have any reoccurring business. Though from the sounds of his mission... Leon wasn't going to be riding on this ship again anytime soon.

So he looked around. There was a window that simply peered out into the sea. The waves would calmly kiss the side of the ship as they rolled by. Leon tapped the window. It seemed sturdy enough. As long as nothing rammed into the side of the ship, they should be fine. Though Leon was quite sure he would be fine either way. He tapped the side of the wall, he wanted to be sure the place was sturdy. He was still quite weary of his knew boss, seeing as his last boss had attempted to kill him Leon was still very skeptical about the trip. He wanted to swim to the place himself, but his superior was afraid Leon would get lost at sea and forget about the revolution again. So Leon would continue moving about the room, his eyes would look for something that would catch his attention.

Then his roommate came in. He looked to be 6'2" and 117lbs, on enterance he looked at the masked man then at the bed and finally at the room number. From there he walked up to Leon and simply said, "This is my room. Get out." Leon looked at the man with a single eyebrow raised. If it was the Leon of the past he would have shoved the kid through the window into the adjuring sea. Unfortunately this wasn't Leon so he decided that tonight would be when he slept under the stars. With that he would stroll out of the room hoping to find a better place to sleep. He ended up finding it in the crow's nest on the mast of the ship.

Later that night Leon was awoken by some commotion. He looked down to see some of the sailors heading toward the lower levels only to get blasted back up. Leon eyebrow rose as he saw the same guy that kicked him out of his room walk out apparently shooting something at the sailors. Leon almost jumped into action... That was until he saw the captain appear. Leon held his appearance back in order to give her some time to make her move. Suffice to say Leon was quite disappointed in the display. In mere moment she was tied up and probably unconscious. Leon sighed as he jumped from the mass  landing 7 meters away from Zeero.

His landing caused the wood of the ship directly under him to bend slight but not break. Leon clutched his fist as he was already in his stance. Gathering his strength he shot his fist out at the attacker. When he did water vapor began to bounce at the pirate and on collision would create a shockwave strong enough to break any normal man's bones . Leon gritted his teeth as he sent his shockwave punch at the man. From an outside perspective it would look like Leon used  was crazy and had missed a punch. Though anyone who recognized fishman karate would know that Leon was going to strike this man without touching him. Due the use of water vapor the man would be unable to dodge with his df.
Tech used:

Tier 2 Skill Name: Rapids Fist
Tier 2 Skill Type: Hand to hand
Tier 2 Skill Range: Close to Mid Range (0-10 meters)
Tier 2 Skill Cooldown&Duration: 4 // Instant
Tier 2 Skill Description: Like the wave fist the attack revolves around creating shock waves using water vapors. Unlike the Wave Fist the user's attack moves in a straight line towards the enemy striking them with a powerful blow. Once this attacks collides with an object the force will dissipate. The force is enough to break bones.

Stamina 225/250

✥ ✥ ✥ ✥ ✥ ✥ ✥ ✥
TAG:      WORDS: 685
Temp by Melz @Caution 2.0, cyberlink, @adoxography and RPGD

3[Bounty] No Swamp Humans on my Deck Empty Re: [Bounty] No Swamp Humans on my Deck on Thu Dec 31, 2015 1:01 pm

Trill Sameal


Trill Sameal


It's gonna be a fight tonight!

What in the hell was going on? Why was it that he had to share a room with another person? Now Ryujii wouldn't reject the idea until his roommate looked like an escaped convict who's crime was serial rape. I mean, this guy had at least raped a few guy and gals. He just had the look of it in his eyes. Ryujii didn't look that strong so he would be an easy target right? The man was about as tall as Ryujii. Ryujii had enough when the man licked his lips. "Fuck that shit" Ryujii would stay bolting out of the room, dodging the mans swipe.

Ryujii saw it that he wouldn't go to sleep tonight. He would try tomorrow, maybe his luck would be better then. Walking around the steering wheel Ryujii would be called by two quite beautiful females. Ryujii had a nice looking face so it wasn't something he didn't experience before. They asked him if he wanted to go to their room. Which Ryujii declined. He wasn't going to trust anyone on the ship. Not even the ship itself. Walking away from the girl Ryujii would pull his cube up to his face, push in all of the buttons and quietly whisper "Where am I headed cube?" The black button that pointed straight was the only one that jolted out when Ryujii let the buttons go.  

So, the cube wanted Ryujii to keep going straight. Its not like he had any other choice. So Ryujii would relax and watch the waves hit the side of the ship. Looking at the stars. Untilllll that was interrupted by the sounds of a struggle and or fighting. Soon a man would appear pumping out some goo from his body. Looking on he would see the Captain run passed him and attack the man, which proved effortless as she was now hanging from the mass like a painting. A good looking on he might add.

Ryujii would jump onto the rail in front of the steering wheel and crouch down. Looking on he would call out to the man "OIIIIIIIIII, I come in peace" he would say with a smile and his hand doing that V thing aliens would do. Spinning his Bo staff Ryujii would call out again "Might I have the name of the man that just took down the captain? Your a Pirate I presume?"

Before the man could answer a man jumped down and went in for an attack. Would this attack land? Does it matter? What would happen to the captain? Is she dead? She better not be dead. Lets hope this guy, who looks like a fishmen can take this man on. Ryujii wasn't going to face this man by himself. Maybe while the fishmen distracts him he could sneak and try to break out the captain, therefore making her fall in love with him?    


[Bounty] No Swamp Humans on my Deck Tumblr_inline_mpjrx0qk3F1qz4rgp

4[Bounty] No Swamp Humans on my Deck Empty Re: [Bounty] No Swamp Humans on my Deck on Mon Jan 04, 2016 5:19 pm


Revolutionary Captain
Revolutionary Captain


Everything in the World is my Enemy

How lively everyone had become? Who knew all he had to do was cause a little ruckus for the entire ship to spring alive in fear and panic. Many of his victims were now to their necks in his gooey swamps, struggling and struggling yet only making it worse on themselves. The more you struggled in his bogs, the quicker you pulled yourself under. The girl seemed pinned sufficiently, but more and more little bugs seemed to pop up all over. He smiled turning his head to see the man that had challenged him next. Ooh, what was doing? He wanted to fight.... but from so far away? Hmm. Some kind of ranged assault?

Zeero's lips curled in a smile as wink sent his sludge flinging up between the two of them. The wall seemed to rock as something smashed into it. Oops, did he mess up some glorious plan with his swamp wall? Oh well, it couldn't be helped now could it. Zeero laughed as he spread his goo out further, filling the deck with its smelly thickness.


Reinaka blinked to life... Owwww. Her head ring like it was a church bell at noon. That son of a bitch! She looked on as her deck filled with the foul substance and a rage inside her grew. He was destroying her ship with the odorous, swampy water. The girl inhaled as much as possible before seemingly exhaling from every part of her body. It wasn't air and carbon dioxide she was spewing out, though: it was chi. The pressure ripped through the vicious sludge and she flew into the sky. He'd filled the deck with the sludge almost within a dozen foot radius around him and growing. Another foot, then another, on and on, while so many of the passengers were stuck in his trap, sinking into... well, she didn't know what they were sinking into.


"Kekekeke. Why so far awayyy, you guys... Come join the party? We're all having loads of fun!! Kekekekeeee!

With that, he launched held his hands and two swords seemed to appear from his body, leaking out of the his gooey flesh until the swords were gripped in either hand. He laughed and suddenly, dipped into the bottomless swamp he'd created on the ship, completely disappearing in his own bog. After a few seconds of eerie silence, the man jumped out of the edge of his own pool and launched himself at the boy who attacked him, flinging the sharp ends of his swords at the fighter.


Reinaka flung herself down towards the attacker, apparently having gone for the closest of them to him. She might not be able to get to the other man in time to do anything about the attack he was delivering but with the man distracted, it seemed like the perfect opening.


Her blades came out and she launched an "X" at the back of the man, the force of her strikes funneling down onto him from behind. Hopefully he couldn't have time to dodge or turn intangible with his attack fully underway!

Techniques Used:


Passive: Sludge Pool - Covers Floor in Bottomless Pit (-10 per post)
Uses Tier 3 Sludge Wall - Impedes two tier 3 and down.
Uses Tier 1: Weapon Recall - Pulls Swords from his endless swap
Uses Tier 2: Skinny Dip - Sinks into swamp cane resurface at full speed from anywhere else in the pool

Stamina: 350 - 45 - 25 - 15 - 2 Passive (20) = 245


Winged Passive Used: 1/3

Stamina: 350 - 25 - 10 = 315

Skill Tier 2
Skill Name: Second Act: Improvisation!
Skill Type: Defense
Skill Range: Contact
Skill Cooldown & Duration: 5 | 2
Skill Description: This technique requires serious momentum, however, as a Chi Blocker and a Skypiean, such momentum is easy to come by. The technique can incorporate any other style, skills or ability to make the performance a success. Rei-Rei jettisons towards the opponent, trialing their disguised blades on along the ground on either side of them as if their air cutting very earth during their strike. As Rei-Rei gets close enough she slices her arms in an "X" to deliver a decisive "slice" of pressure to the opponent. This "pressure" can be achieved in several ways: either through the use of some device that delivers a similar blow or, in Rei's case, through a burst of thin chi, capable of slicing a full 3m outward.

Skill Tier: 2
Skill Name: Reverse Aura
Skill Type: Evasion
Skill Range: 2m
Skill Cooldown & Duration: 3 | Instant
Skill Description: In a burst of chi, the user is able to create spiral of energy around them to push back any oncoming attack not strong enough to break through it. The rush of chi can block up to two tier 2 techniques or one tier 3 technique. As with most chi techniques, however, its use is very wearing and exhaustive. Multiple usage is not advised.

5[Bounty] No Swamp Humans on my Deck Empty Re: [Bounty] No Swamp Humans on my Deck on Tue Jan 05, 2016 1:22 pm

Rai Vertigo


Rai Vertigo
Leonidas Von Clark wrote:

Im bored

"You know I never did understand why you were here?"

✥ ✥ ✥ ✥ ✥ ✥ ✥ ✥ ✥ ✥ ✥

The water vapor smashed against the air as it made its way toward Zeero. Unfortunately he made a wall of what looked to be mud in order to block Leon's attack. That wasn't all Leon had though, he regained his stance as his eyes focused on the devil fruit user. He watched as the deck began to be covered with what looked to be a murky fluid. Leon sucked his teeth. The guy was gonna turn this ship into his own personal swamp. Leon had a feeling that it wouldn't be good to be stuck in the guy's muck so he began to look for another platform to stand on. His eyes caught a crate that one of the deck hands forgot to move due to the commotion. Leon made a leap for the box. One Leon had landed the swamp had finished covering the deck.

It was then the guy began to summon two swords from his body. Leon sighed, just his luck that he would have to fight a weapon user as well. Though Leon's body was as hard as the metals that made up the sword, something told him he still would be cut easily. When the man lunged at him, Leon smiled. Lifting one of his hands, he would begin to secret water from his skin. Leon had one advantage though, he wasn't the one on the approach. He didn't notice that the female attacking the pirate from above, but that didn't matter. With a flick of his finger the droplet of water would be fired at an amazing speed at the pirate. Leon's target was the man's left arm. He expected the man to transform his body in order to avoid the attack.

From there he would widen his stance before pushing off towards the man. Since he was able to block the attack from the 7 meters Leon was going to need to get closer to hit him. At this point he noticed that the female was attacking the man with an X. Leon decided that he wasn't even going to give the man an opportunity to transform and dodge. He would need to be tangible to use his sword, So Leon held lifted his left arm. Once he would lift his sword to swing, Leon would send another water vapor shock wave directly at the devil fruit user's chest. The water vapors would smash as it left Leon's hand and into the pirates chest. Though unlike his last attack, this wasn't a piercing attack but rather a fanned out blow but due to the pirate being within close proximity he wasn't capable of avoiding this one.

Leon knew that his attack wouldn't be possible to dodge via devil fruit. Even if he did have a way to dodge it, Leon was sure that it would give him an opening to retreat. He hoped that it would be enough to cause the man to take the other person's attack as well. After the attack Leon would quickly retreat back away from the man. He had a bad feeling about fighting this guy up close and personal. With that he would reassume his stance and prepare to continue fighting if need be.

Techniques used:

Tier 2 Skill Name: Wave Strike
Tier 2 Skill Type: Hand-to-Hand
Tier 2 Skill Range: Close to Mid Range ( 0- 10 meters)
Tier 2 Skill Cooldown&Duration: 2 // Instant
Tier 2 Skill Description: The fishman throws out a straight punch a distance away from the opponent. The water vapor in the direction of the users strike begin to snap out causing shock waves when the vapors come into contact with an enemy. The attack spreads out in a wave and gets weaker the more objects it collides with. The force is enough to dislocate bones.

Tier 2 Skill Name: Uchimizu
Tier 2 Skill Type: Hand-to-Hand
Tier 2 Skill Range: 20 meters
Tier 2 Skill Cooldown&Duration: 3 // Instant
Tier 2 Skill Description: The user hurls a simple droplet of water at his opponent, which can become a deadly bullet with the kinetic force created by his immense fishman strength. These shots of water are strong enough to pierce through stone and bone.

Stamina: 175/250

✥ ✥ ✥ ✥ ✥ ✥ ✥ ✥
TAG:      WORDS: 685
Temp by Melz @Caution 2.0, cyberlink, @adoxography and RPGD

6[Bounty] No Swamp Humans on my Deck Empty Re: [Bounty] No Swamp Humans on my Deck on Sun Jan 10, 2016 8:51 am

Rai Vertigo


Rai Vertigo
((You know what... im done... Leon is out.. its been more than 96 hours with no one telling me whats going on.. Leon is out.))

Leon's bullet landed in the pirate's arm but Zero had expected this and allowed his body to transform into mud to avoid it. Due to this Zeero took minimal damage from Leon's attack. Unfortunately he was unable to swing his blade at Leon because of it. When Leon backed up he decided that this wasn't going to be a battle he could win. With that he quickly jumped overboard and began to swim for the west blue, like he should have from the beginning.


7[Bounty] No Swamp Humans on my Deck Empty Re: [Bounty] No Swamp Humans on my Deck on Tue Jan 12, 2016 12:31 pm


Revolutionary Captain
Revolutionary Captain


Everything in the World is my Enemy

The water vapor seemed to smash through the pirate more so than in him. The sludge covering his body in thick slabs was parted like a horizontal sea as the passenger seemed to send out his invisible waves to attack the oncoming sludge man. Beneath his nasty exterior it was obvious that the man beneath it was harmed by whatever forces he was using. His techniques seemed so familiar, though. It couldn't be another Fishman, could it? Why was she running into so many of them. She'd only just left Karate Island and ran into a man who used the karate style as well. He didn't seem or look like a Fishman if you asked her, but she'd never heard of human being able to soak in and expel water pellets, even if they had trained in the style itself.

As soon as the man's waves hit the sludge man, it left him vulnerable and she was able to layer his technique with her own chi attack. Could Chi work like water vapor? She doubted it seriously, but it didn't matter anymore. He was caught off guard and he would feel every bit of the slicing that her attack would deliver. Finally, it struck man's back and sludge flew everywhere. She managed to land in a spot not completely soaked in his disgusting filth and looked up to find the Fishman jumping overboard. That son of a bitch... well, he'd helped her more than he was required to. Even though he'd abandoned the ship, it was obvious that the tide had turned for the Featherweight Ferrying Company. The man was smashed into the deck of the ship, his head burrowed into a turned over bucket.


Reinaka ran to the barrel that the sludge human had clammed into and, with the help of Morgan Reed, her shipwright, and turned the bucket right side up. As they turned it up, Kara and Sam, turned up suddenly carrying large buckets of seawater. With a splash they poured teh buckets into the large barrel that the man was tucked into, threatening to drown him then and there. Fortunately for him, Reinaka and her crew were not so evil. Instead, the pulled his legs up and flipped in over and back into the barrell now filled with cold water. The man couching and choking seemed to mellow in the water. It wasn't the mellowing of someone who'd found themselves in a freshly ran bath, but the look of someone who was seasick and couldn't bring himself to stand even.

"Hmm. The seawater should keep him docile enough for the rest of the journey. I want someone watching this bucket every second until we reach the West Blue. Someone like this must have quite the bounty on his head - a logia df eater, that is!"

And with that, a quick fix was put on the situation and Reinaka and her crew began to free the trapped passengers, while simultaneously beginning to wash adn scrub the deck to get up the awful smelling sludge that now covered so much of it. Ugh, the bankroll she'd have to come up with the free the vessel of the awful smell. Ugh. She hated ferrying.
Techniques Used:

Winged Passive Used: 2/3
Stamina: 315

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