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15Diamonds Dancing - Page 2 Empty Re: Diamonds Dancing on Sat Jan 16, 2016 11:33 am


Kash watched as her brother sheathed his blade and began to walk in her direction. Her blade still in hand, in case he would try a sneak attack, she watched with sharp eyes but was disappointed that he was actually leaving. So soon? This was unusual but she wasn't going to block a blessing, even one in disguise. Before he left, he would foreshadow their meeting again, her and her crew. Kash bit her bottom lip, concerned what this meant for them. She knew she could handle her brother herself but that was probably because they were related and knew each other's quirks all too well. But what about the others? They may be strong enough to fight but you need more than that when dealing with Asher. One encounter with Asher could change your entire psychology if you weren't careful.

"Farewell, Asher," Kash would say almost in a whisper. This would be one of the few times you could tell her true feelings for her brother. Family will always be family, even if you have to fight them. What a dysfunctional pair they were.

Kash would take her leave of this area also. She would sheath her blade and begin walking over the bodies that still littered the ground. She needed to get to work.


Kash Stackz
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