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1To New Horizons [TRAVEL] Empty To New Horizons [TRAVEL] on Thu Jan 07, 2016 12:31 pm



"Are we all set and ready to go?" Anton asked as he stepped out of his cabin . The idea of having a cabin of his own, let alone it being the captain's cabin still seemed strange to him. Even after completing his first assignment in his new rank, he still couldn't believe that he had, well, achieved such a rank. And in such short time, considering his beginnings in the marines. As his men moved about on deck, putting the finishing touches into place, his second in command, Commander Celia Stanson, turned and gave her superior an approving smile. "We're ready to set sail whenever you are sir," she replied. He had no doubt that everything was under control with her at the reigns. Sometimes he wondered if the roles should be reversed, with her in charge and him working under her.

Come on man, you've earned this. You wouldn't be here if people didn't think so.

They had recently gotten word that there had been some rumblings happening in the West Blue, and with everything under control here in the South, they had decided to send Anton over to investigate and possibly assist. To be honest, the idea of travelling to another blue made the commodore nervous, in an excited kind of way. Sure, he had to travel all the way from the East Blue to the South when he had first signed up, but that was more being escorted by a superior, with plenty of other fresh recruits like himself. This time, he was travelling under his own power, with people working under HIS command! He hadn't even thought about just what exactly was the situation over the West yet. Oddly enough they hadn't really given him much information regarding that.

"Well then," Anton spoke up, giving himself a small shake to calm his nerves, "When everyone's ready, let's head off, shall we?" His commander nodded, pulling out the compass from one of her pockets. She was the reason they would be able to leave the South Blue at all. Sure, Anton knew enough about the South Blue to get around on his own, but when it came to going to a whole new blue, well, a trained navigator like Celia was called for. The shorter woman turned to the men working and finishing up the preparations. "Alright men! Get into position! We're casting off!" Anton had to resist the urge to follow her instructions as the men ran into position. He headed over to the ship's helm, where one of his men was waiting. "Take us out of here." The man nodded and gave a sharp whistle. The lines holding the Noble Justice to the dock were undone, and the ship pushed away. Though this had been done numerous times, Anton still felt a thrill run through his being.

This was it. When they next stopped, they would be in the West Blue. Anton turned and headed to his cabin. It was going to be a long trip. So why not get some training in in the meantime?

2To New Horizons [TRAVEL] Empty Re: To New Horizons [TRAVEL] on Sat Jan 09, 2016 1:44 pm




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