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1Quick Loot? Empty Quick Loot? on Sun Jan 31, 2016 10:09 am




The 13th Elder


Task Name:Loot me something
NPC or PC:Npc
Location:Crescent Island
Crew, Team, or Personal:Personal
Description:Spider had returned back to Crescent Island in hopes of hatching new plans . Unfortunately Spider department is low on funds so Spider had resulted in looting townmen who walk along the forest. With the help of his devil fruits abilities Spider had design a simple looting job.
Enemy Details:One Tier 1 Man, and two Tier 0 sons.

,"We going on a hunt,We going on a hunt. So come along, grab a friend, and lets have some fun today hooray!"
The father had just finished the song as his little boys dance along the path of the forest. One boy was 9 the other boy was 9 both were identical twins both wearing matching outfits. Each boy stood about 4 feet and 8 inches kinda short little dudes. They both had wore the standards green shirts, blue jeans, and black boots. The father was about 38 years old wearing a standard camouflage outfit. He was about 6 feet tall, and 5 inches with a fairly muscular built. The father name was Josh and his two boys name was Chris, and Tris. Today the Adams famliy were hunting for dinner. Josh was a average hunter the town locals knew him as "Josh The Shot." Josh was a decent musket shooter one can say a loving parent too. Today Josh was his musket over his right shoulder. His children was 2 meters in front of him today weather was normal.

The 13th Elder better known as Spider sat behind his desk wooden desk reviewing the pile of paper work for his department . It seems the repair of the walls, and medical procedure had took a tole on his department income. Unfortunately since Spider department was new to "The Union", his department lack the proper funding.

The 13th Elder knew he wouldn't receive further income without becoming useful in the eyes of the higher ups. Thus any income he would recive would be acquire by his department themselves. Not to long ago Spider have purchase a flintlock due taking a liking to sneaking people.

Any case due to the low income of his department Spider couldn't affort bullets. Thus Spider decide it would be best to loot some local hunters for some quick cash for the purchase of ammo, and food. Spider had exited the base as he glance into the dense forest it was once again hunting time. As the 13th Elder abruptly had charged off into the dense foliage without another word. The sounds of a thriving ecosystem chattering, trilling, warbling, snarling, shaking, trampling, hissing, and zipping around him as he pushed aside the ferns that were easily twice his size of him. He pause after a couple meter in,as he whistled sharply, and loudly into the jungle, the sound thriving ecosystem , had trumped Spider whistle.

The 13th Elder had cloak his boots with the same white substance he became so fond of using in the last battle. He did the same with his hands to as he precede to climb the tree's. Spider was hoping to use the same approach as he did with the Commodore Anton an attack from above. Spider cautiously begin to climb the trees as he begin to jump from tree to tree carefully with minimal amount of noise.


~ Jet Dial
~ Flame Dial
~ Black Haze
Stamina Conditions:100%

2Quick Loot? Empty Re: Quick Loot? on Sun Jan 31, 2016 1:58 pm




Nigga I be lurking

Spider Bandages

Today Spider attire consist of in white banages some parts of his dark purple hair begin to grow out his bandages just above his head. His eyes had recently change to a more aggressive color which was bright red. His height was still 9 feet, and five inches. On his right side he had a purple kimono covering up his right side of his body. There was a few area of Spider face shown revealing burn tissue, and black crusty lips. His kimono was a one shoulder kimono robe with black gloves,black boots, and a light purple belt that hold his kimono together. Both his dials were stitched to palm of his gloves.

Spider had already tuck his flintlock just beneath his belt within his kimono jacket.Spider had conceal the weapon known as Black Haze as he cautiously climb each tree. Once at the top of each tree he cautiously jump from tree to tree while maintaining his sight at the forest floor, and his surrounding.

After a few minutes Spider had halted his movements, and scan the area closely. There was a short breeze which cause the leaves to sway back, and forth. In that moment there was gun shot in the distance. One that Spider had home in the general location. The 13th Elder quickly begin head in the direction of the gun shot while maintaining the ability to cloak his boots and gloves with the samw white milky substance he was easily able
Climb, and stay out of sight of people in general.

~ Jet Dial
~ Flame Dial
~ Black Haze
~ ~Sticky Mucus: The fruit's major strength is the ability to create, and large substance of mucus for restraining movements as well as climbing due to Sticky nature. Spider have ability to create mucus at cost  of 3 stamina points , and 3 stamina point to maintain per post the distance the mucus can travel is 2m .
Stamina Conditions:100%

3Quick Loot? Empty Re: Quick Loot? on Sun Jan 31, 2016 4:35 pm




I gets no hoes


A couple minutes have passed as The 13th Elder had arrived at the location of the gun shot. Spider had examine the area closely taking in every shred of detail the bruised and violated vegetation provide. What was more important was a trial of blood which Spider had pick up with his keen sight. Spider had remained hidden within the trees as he slowly precede along the trees listening, and looking for the cause of the gun shot.

A few minutes pass, and Spider had spot a 2 children, and a tall man kneeling over a deer. ," Daddy what a shot!" Tris had said as he high five Chris hand . Josh had chuckle then said ," Aww it was nothing but luck believe me , and we best get this home before predators come." Josh had place his musket on the ground just behind him.

Spider had quietly cover the distance between them. Just like any other  predator he waited his chance to pounce.  The tree which Spider had climbed was about a total of 15 meters. Spider was about 6meters above Josh, and his kids.

Spider didn't want to leave any chance of them escaping so he carefully excuted his attack. A thick coat of white milky substance begin to ooze out his bandages only at the area of his back.  Before halting the substance progressive Spider had manipulate the substance into a single tentacle which stretch up to the next group of branches which was about 2 meters away. Lucky Spider tentacle was incase with the same properties that allows to walk, and stick on any surface. Due to the forest being dense the branches were quite sturdy meaning a it should be able to maintain the weight of Spider. The tentacle had latch on to the branch just above Spider tightly holding him in place.

Unfortunately what Spider had in mind wouldn't end well for Josh, and the children below. In fact death may occur with the plan he was about to sat in motion. Just below Josh was examining the clean shot he just made to claim the young buck life. As Josh had instructed his sons to retrieve large branches so they could make a stretch to haul back the young buck.

Spider had remove each of his gloves as he place them firmly into his purple sash revealing nothing but his bandages hands. Spider had aim his hands down in the general location of Josh.
The suddenly Spider bandages begin to break as large amount of mucus erupted out Spider hands  . Aim directly below the white milky substance descend down causing branches to break, and mucus to fall.

Josh had heard several crackling noise as he look up one branch had plummeted to the ground with a smash. As Josh grab the musket he had aim it directly above scanning the area for what he thought to be a Jaguar .

Only to be to rewarded with a massive amounts mucus of which Josh had couldn't possibly escape . Thus Josh was  rewarded with death  due to the sheer force of the mucus, and branches.Spider had already descend down the tree carefully once at Josh body. He quickly loot him of his beli then quickly existed before the children would return.

Upon Tris, and Chris return they would find the area fill with white milky substance. They carefully walk in the substance as they search for there father body. It took them a few minutes but they found both the deer, and there father dead. There was a sharp laugh in the distance this had strike fear in the already weeping boys hearts .Tris, and Chris  quickly run off to alert the locals. Most locals write it off as freak accident the rest declare it to be the doing of Spider.


~ Jet Dial
~ Flame Dial
~ Black Haze
~Sticky Mucus: The fruit's major strength is the ability to create, and large substance of mucus for restraining movements as well as climbing due to Sticky nature. Spider have ability to create mucus at cost  of 3 stamina points , and 3 stamina point to maintain per post the distance the mucus can travel is 2m .

~ Tier 2 Skill Name: Crashing Mucus Tide
Tier 2 Skill Type:Devil Fruit
Tier 2 Skill Range:10m
Tier 2 Skill Cooldown&Duration:5c/4d
Tier 2 Skill Description:
Spider generate a large Tidal wave of Mucus form either his hands or chest forward. Which is about 10 meters long,5 meters wide, and 5 meters tall. This mucus is release at such force that it can break bones not to mention -0.5 tier speed reduction to it target.The effect of the speed reduction last for the duration of this ability.

~ Tier 1 Skill Name:Mucus Control
Tier 1 Skill Type: Devil Fruit
Tier 1 Skill Range:6 meters
Tier 1 Skill Cooldown&Duration:4/3d/Instant
Tier 1 Skill Description: Spider have developed the ability to manipulate his mucus within a short range of 6meters. Within this range Spider can conjure up several things such as ropes,tentacles,chains,and walls all with durability of whatever the chart state above. On the downside he can only control up to 2 items at a time. This skill is done after the duration of 3 turns.
Stamina Conditions:100%

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