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1Stealing a Boat: Starting off! [TSK] Empty Stealing a Boat: Starting off! [TSK] on Sun Jan 31, 2016 1:14 pm

William D. Young


William D. Young
Task Information :
Task Name: Stealing a Boat: Starting off!
Tier: T1
Location: West Blue (Illusia)
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description: Lucas just landed on Illusia, after being dropped off by his family boat. As he bids them farewell, he also is brought with the problem that he does not have a boat to ride on. He must steal a small boat so he can travel the west blue for now.
Enemy Details: 10 x T0 Marines
Boss: No.

Stealing a Boat: Starting off! [TSK]

Today was finally the day where Lucas would be set to free on his own. The day where he would be able to travel the world without the pests, which he class his parents. As the landed on the island of Ilusia, he looked at his parents straight in the eyes and all that came out of his mouth were a simple, "Bye". It's not like Lucas ever dealt with emotions ever before. After that all that came out of the parents mouths were vapid and useless comments to Lucas, so he just stopped listening in general. He picked up his bag, his bow, and his gloves. He wore gloves because some times he couldn't control whether or not he creates the healing water from his palms. He knows his powers can be dangerous if they fall in the wrong hands. Then, right when he turned his back on his parents he heard this. "Make us proud son. Be a great pirate." That's what struck a trigger in his mind which made him feel he had a duty to actually make them proud of him. He walked off of the ship, and strode down to the entrance of the village. He looked back at them , as he saw his mother crying in his father's arms. Lucas rose his arm into a waving position and said, "I'll see you all again!". That was the end, that would be the last time he will ever see his parents for a long time. He felt no emotions, no expressions at all. This was why his devil fruit powers barely even had any importance to him. He could never shed a tear, not even when it came to such emotional times like these. To his knowledge, his devil fruit powers only worked with the healing water that he produced him his palms and his tears. He turned back facing the large city and walked into it's busy streets. I'm going to have to steal a boat, he thought.

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2Stealing a Boat: Starting off! [TSK] Empty Re: Stealing a Boat: Starting off! [TSK] on Mon Feb 01, 2016 9:34 am

William D. Young


William D. Young

Post #2

Lucas barely grinned as he grabbed his bow, and bag walking into the packed streets of the village. He wanted to make his debut as a pirate grand! Something so grand that he’d get a bounty already. Yet, he literally had no special powers. Nothing… He was as normal as the citizens around here. The only way for him to steal a ship was to hide on the rooftop of an inn beside the docks and shoot the marines from there. Aha, he thought. That’s exactly what he was going to do.
He walked over to an inn beside the dock, and entered. He sat down beside the bar, and ordered a bottle of water and a piece of cake. He wasn’t going to pay, obviously… He took a sip from his bottle and asked the waiter, “Hey, is there any way I could get to the rooftop.” The man looked at him as if he was crazy, but Lucas wasn’t going to blow his cover yet. The man’s mouth barely opened as he answered. “Yeah, that way...” Lucas picked up his stuff and walked in the direction the waiter pointed.
Lucas opened the door, and sat down on the rooftop; observing the docks, looking for a boat to steal. He smiles as he spots a small marine boat, mostly used for fishing. He whispered, “That’ll do.” He placed his fork on a piece of the cake and ate it. Cake was his favorite, he was always found with it. It was just so heavenly… It didn’t match his black personality, but he believed in not judging people by their appearance. He dropped his cake back on the plate, and picked up his bow. Lucas held his bow in the archer position and places an arrow on the string, then pulls it back. He then aims at one of the marines and closed his mouth, to stop breathing, which increased accuracy. A second later, he let go of the string and the arrow flew to the head of the marine. He instantly died; headshot. Lucas opened his mouth to breath, and smiled again. “Great shot, Lucas” he told himself.

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3Stealing a Boat: Starting off! [TSK] Empty Re: Stealing a Boat: Starting off! [TSK] on Mon Feb 01, 2016 9:36 am

William D. Young


William D. Young

Post #3

“One down; 9 more to go.” Lucas said as he held his bow up again to shoot more marines. They were all in a commotion after one of them had instantly died. It must’ve been scary to them, Lucas thought as he laughed at them.  He placed an arrow on the hefty string and another in his hand to quickly shoot. He then went through the same process again. He held his breath, aimed at one of the marines and shot. The arrow quickly flew to the marine’s head, killing him.  Lucas swiftly brought the arrow from his hand and placed it back on the bow, then shot the next marine in the back; paralyzing him.

Lucas opened his mouth to breath; it was calming when he held his breath. He could hold it for about 60 seconds, at least. It was a great trait to have, especially since he was an archer. Most archers couldn’t hold their breath for that long, but Lucas could. After killing two marines, and leaving one of them in a state of paralysis, the other marines found out where he was shooting from.  They all ran to the rooftop and started banging on the door of the inn. Lucas pointed his bow at the door, with about 5 arrows in hand and said, “Come in!”

They barged in and exactly then Lucas shot 5 of the marines. Each arrow struck a marine in the chest, instantly killing them. “How easy.” He said as 2 more barged at Lucas. What was he to do now…? He barely could fight with his hands. Then he looked down over the cliff. That was the only way for him to get out of this cluster. It was only a 2 story jump; the worst that would happen is that he would spring his ankle. Lucas brought 2 arrows out and placed them his hand, and jumped off the rooftop looking up at the marines. He quickly shot the two arrows at them, while falling, ultimately killing them both. Lucas fell on his two legs, and the pain hurt so badly. He wanted to cry out of pain, and he did but his tears fell on his ankle. Once his tears touched the skin of his ankle, the pain quickly stopped and his leg started healing. Ah how he loved his devil fruit power, it was the best in these type of circumstances. Lucas stood up, walked to the ship that now was his. He jumped on the small boat and saw the last marines left alive, who was paralyzed. He looked down at him and said, “My name is Lucas. Tell your marine friends my name and what I did today. Bye.” He pushed the man off and placed him on the dock of the village. Hopefully, this marine would tell his officer about it and Lucas would gain a lot more popularity/bounty. “Time to leave on my new boat!” he said as he steered off the island of Ilusia.

[End of Task]

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