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1News in the North [Travel] Empty News in the North [Travel] on Sat Feb 13, 2016 8:32 am



"So, has our new recruit gotten himself settled in?" Anton asked as Celia approached him, the petite commander saluting him. "Yes sir. Commander Ridgeback's claimed a room for himself and is getting settled in." Commander Raja Ridgeback, the new recruit that had been assigned to his ship. Are some searching throughout the West Blue, the Noble Justice had finally found its newest member. Anton wasn't entirely sure how to feel about the him. Large, muscular, with that ever present smile on his face. On one hand, the guy seemed friendly enough, but at the same time, there was something about him that intimidated the Commodore. It took a little bit of research for him to learn that Raja was a gecko zoan. Guess the nervousness made sense. Lizards did eat insects after all. It wasn't anything to hold against the guy.

"Any word from headquarters?" Anton asked, curious to see if there was any direction to go from here. Celia paused for a moment. "Well, nothing from high command as of now, but there was a little something I picked up that you should see." She pulled a piece of paper from her pocket,changing to to the commodore. Anton read it, his eyes going wide. "Are you sure this is accurate? Where did you get this?" "A marine coming from the North Blue with the new base captain, when we were on Yotsuba Island looking for Commander Ridgeback. He seemed really unsure when he gave this to me, at least until he learned that you were my superior."

Anton studied the paper again. He wasn't sure if this information was real or not, but if this was true, it would make sense that the guy would seek one of his crew out. Word about what had happened on Yotsuba had gotten around somewhat. "What are your orders captain?" Celia asked. "We'll head back to North Blue," Anton replied, "At the very least, we can see if any of this is true." Celia nodded and began shouting out orders to the crewmen. Anton studied the note a third time. If this was true, then something had to be done about it, and fast.

2News in the North [Travel] Empty Re: News in the North [Travel] on Sun Feb 14, 2016 11:38 am



Lucas was glad to see his small, albeit, cozy cabin. After going to shore to purchase personal supplies, the ship headed to the North Blue without him. Luckily Anton turned back to collect him and his other shipmate. He sat on his cot and began to ponder. I wonder what's got the Anton and the others so worked up... Lucas fell back, squirming against the hard mattress, attempting to find a comfortable position. He put the thoughts out of his mind, it wasn't his problem to worry about.

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