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1Task: Sea Wolf Empty Task: Sea Wolf on Thu Feb 25, 2016 2:41 pm

Vayra D. Lev


Vayra D. Lev
The days after the wolf incident had been good again, even when some people still looked at the giant Mink with worried eyes. The few scratches she suffered in her quest to clear her name had healed again too. All together it was not bad on Dawn Island, but she certainly felt a bit less comfortable than when she arrived, which was why she had talked to the Marines that stopped at the island.

They had agreed to take Chariot to their next stop as long as she agreed to help with the chores required on the ship. As an expert in almost all house work and heavy lifting the woman had agreed. With her belongings packed in a backpack, Wolf Wing wrapped up in piece of clothe on her back beneath it and dresses rather professionally in proper blue jeans and a white shirt she was ready to get on board.

In the morning a young boy came to get her at the port. Rowing over the calm morning sea in a boat barely big enough for two people, her excellent eyes spotted him. She greeted him cheerfully and jumped onto the boat, taking the oars for the way back.

On the ship she greeted everyone on deck and then met the captain to thank him again for the opportunity to travel with them. Following that she got shown the quarters and her work stations. The list of tasks was not too short: In the morning she would start with preparing food for the cook to make breakfast. Then eat with the crew, followed by cleaning the dishes. Next she would clean the crew quarters and do some odd jobs as they became necessary. Last was dinner preparation and very last again dish cleaning.

Not more than she was used for and at least she would stay busy and not get bored. She got right to it, storing her belonging away and getting the cleaning gear she quickly scrubbed the floor inside the ship and while at it helped the ship's quartermaster with counting the new purchased cannonballs, mostly by helping the elderly man carry them from point A to B.

By the time she finished the cook, a young female Marine, was already waiting for her and rushed her to put on an apron to start cutting potatoes, while she prepared meat for a stew. It seemed like the Mink would have to prepare her own food, to avoid eating anything seemingly related to her. In the end she ate with the soldiers anyway, even the meat. Sometimes it was not too bad to go against her instinct and the tasty stew was certainly worth it.

Last task of the first day was as said in her list to clean the dishes. The work was rather satisfying and left her asking for no more when she later sat on the deck and watched the night sky. No even wolf Mink had no urge to howl to the moon, but she always had been someone to enjoy the quiet moments in her life.

The following days progressed almost the same: going down her list she got up early and started where her help was required, mostly in the kitchen and rarely on the deck. It was rather mundane and easy work after all, but that gave her plenty of time to think of her journey. She had not travelled very long yet and she still had not decided why she had even started her journey. Clearly her normal life had gotten too boring, but her journey had only been slightly more exciting. In the end she just did the same, at different places.

While talking to some of the Marines she learned that each of them had joined for some sort of reason, be it supporting their family with money, protecting the people that could not protect themselves or because they admired someone in the Marines. Chariot had no such reason, she thought travelling was just for fun. One idea was to improve her ability as a blacksmith, but even that was not really a serious goal. She also was curious to see the origin of the Mink tribe, but that was still far away. Becoming better at fighting was just to protect herself, she had no goal of becoming the greatest swordswoman or anything like that.

The whole journey she pondered over her goal in life, with no solution. Even after talking to multiple of the Marines, even when the ship had reached the next island, a place called “Little Wano” and even after setting foot on the new land she had not yet found an answer. It left her slightly depressed, but only for a moment, before she took in the beauty of the new place.

800 Words

Task: Sea Wolf SUNfCzX

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