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Task Name: The one who killed my son: Death to Marcel Law.
Tier: 2
Location: Dawn Island
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description: After learning of his Marine Captain son's death at the hands of a Samurai Pirate in Logue Town, the marine's father, an ex Commodore has began looking for information on the whereabouts of this murderer, including the name. After finding the information, the ex Commodore got his old marine crew back together and sailed to Dawn Island where the killer was.

There target is Marcel Law who will have to deal with this problem, lethally.

Enemy Details: 10 T0 Ex Marines 1 T2 Ex Commodore
Boss: None

Taking place in a small flashback in Logue Town. "I swear I don't know anything!" yelled a familiar voice. A teen with a white bandana and worn out clothing was seen at the execution sight of a former yonko, surrounded by a group of about eleven hooded figures in dark robes. The teen had his head in the guillotine as if he were about to be killed while the citizens looked on in terror. "Oh, I'm pretty sure you know a lot, Niddala." one of the hooded figures said to the teen before punching him clean in his already bruised face.

A woman who appeared to be about Niddala's age ran through the crowd, shoving some people in the process to get to the front. The moment she got to the front she saw the terrifying view of her love being tortured and possibly killed before her eyes. "I-I really don't know....where he's at." Niddala said as he coughed up some blood. "But...but even if I did...I wouldn't sell that man....out even if it costs life." Niddala said rather boldly but it can be told in his tone that he was beyond beat up. The lead hooded figure looked at Niddala before looking back at one of the other hooded figures, gesturing to cut off the teen's head.

Niddala squinted his eyes shut as his lover dropped to her knees, visibly shaking in terror. "Sir!" one of the hooded figures approached the lead figure causing everyone to halt by the sudden interruption. "We just got intel that our target is on Dawn Island." the figure said. The lead figure smirked as he turned to Niddala. "Looks like I found my target. Maybe I won't kill you after all." he said as he turned around and began to walk off the execution stand with nine of the other figures following him.

"Cut off his arm." the lead figure casually said at the remaining figure at the execution spot as he continued to walk. The loud sound of the blade from the guillotine crashing down can be heard with a loud scream in pain that was son followed by the scream of Niddala's lover and the screaming of the crowd.

"Your days are numbered, samurai."



Now in the present on Dawn Island. A familiar looking little girl can be seen playing with some other kids at Foosha village as some adults looked on peacefully while others were on with their daily lives, running their shops, having conversations, the same old. Suddenly, everything went quiet as someone can be seen coming from the direction of Mt.Colubo. Behind him, he had a long wooden stick horizontally on his shoulders being held up with his arms with each end of the stick having meat attached to them.

The islanders looked towards the person with smiles on their face's while others grinned, commenting on how he got himself another one again. Some of the kids looked over to the man and one of them quickly patted the girl on her shoulder to get her to turn around. Once she turned around, her face lit up in joy as she quickly got up and ran towards the guy, giving him a hug on the leg to their height difference. The man who was just hugged is the medical samurai, Marcel Law who patted the girl on the head gently before saying, "You don't have to hug me every time I return, Rebecca." the samurai said in a soft tone

"But, I thought we agreed that every time you come back from Colcolbo, I would give you a hug for saving my mama?" the little girl said with a small frown on her face as she looked up to Marcel, still hugging him. Marcel snickered a little from how Rebecca pronounced Colubo before nodding a little. "Yes, I suppose that was the deal." Marcel added before smiling a little as the girl let go, following behind Marcel back to the little girl and her mother's house.



Rebecca opened the door for Marcel who still had his hands full. Marcel walked in with the girl following behind him as he rested the meats on the table and threw the stick outside before closing the door. "Oh, hello there you two." said a feminine voice. Leeann, Rebecca's mother came out from another room to greet the two. Rebecca quickly ran up to her mother and gave her a hug in which she returned.

"How are you doing, Leeann?" Marcel asked her as he took out a cloth to wipe the sweat off his face. Leeann nodded and rubbed the her side where the surgery was done on her before saying, "I feel good as new, Doctor." with a wink short after in which Marcel returned with a small smirk. Rebecca then looked back and fourth at the two before coming to the conclusion, "Oooo, Mama likes Marcel." she said, teasingly, causing Leeann to fluster a little before telling Rebecca to go back out to play.

Leeann sighed a little and locked the door before turning towards Marcel. "I really do appreciate all that you have done for me and all you've done for my daughter for these past few days." she said as she walked up to the samurai, placing a hand on his chest which had is iron chest plate underneath. "I also appreciate what you did for me last night..." she whispered in his ear seductively, causing Marcel to raise an eyebrow.

"Since you're leaving soon, how about we do this one more time? I want you to...ravage me, samurai." Leeann whispered before nibbling on Marcel's earlobe. Suddenly, a huge explosion can be heard from out side, causing the two to stop immediately.



Taking place a little while back before the explosion. Goa Kingdom, a large kingdom that takes up the majority of Dawn Island. Compared to the rest of the island, Goa looks a lot more clean while the people who inhabit that location dress fancy and believe themselves to be above all else. Everyone was going on with their lives and talking down on all those lower class people. It looked so comfortable living the rich life but that would soon all change as a large ship that looks as if it could hold fifty people shows up at the docks.

All of the people who could see it watched as the ship came to a complete stop. The citizens began to ask each other what was happening while gathering at the center of town. Some assumed that it was a Celestial Dragon making an unscheduled visit while others believed that it was pirates. A group of eleven hooded figures came from the ship and approached the crowd. They silently looked at the crowd of islanders for a few minutes. "Ah, the citizens of Goa. It is a pleasure." the lead figure said with a small bow. "I am here on the hunt fo-" before he could finish, he was interrupted by someone in the crowd saying that their pirate filth wasn't allowed in their kingdom which was then followed by the whole crowd yelling, telling the group of figure to leave.

The lead figure stood there silently for a little before giving a small sigh. He then turned his head to one of his underlings, giving him a brief nod. The underling then pulled out a gun and shot once into the air causing the crowd to instantly go silent. The lead figure cleared his throat before saying. "Now that, that's been settled. I am looking for a samurai." He then pulled up a wanted poster with Marcel Law's picture and name. The crowd then looked to each other in confusion as they have never seen this person before.

Only one person in the crowd recognized who that was in the picture. He quickly fled deeper within the crowd, heading towards the direction of Foosha Village. "I suppose we are just going to have to check for ourselves." the lead figure said as he turned his head, gesturing to his underlings. They all then pulled out a gun and began to shoot towards the crowd as they proceeded to walk forward. Crowd began to scream as some bodies fell over from getting shot while others were trampled over by the panicking crowd.

The cloaked figures ran around town, turning things upside down and raiding houses in order to find the samurai as well as turning things into a massive blood bath. The lead figure looked on with a satisfied look on his face. One of the citizens who was covered in blood crawled up to the lead figure, grabbing onto his robe. The figure looked down at him as he begged for him to stop his goons then telling him that there is a small village beyond Mt.Colubo where his target could possibly be hiding.

"Boys!" the lead figure yelled out to his crew, causing them to stop. The lead figure then gave the person who was begging him one hard skull crushing stomp to the face before telling his underlings to move out towards Mt.Colubo. The crew then made there way to Colubo, leaving behind a huge destructive mess behind them. The lead figure then turned to the underling beside him and gave him a quick nod. The figure pulled out a detonator, turning out that during their raid, the figures planted bombs around the town. The figure then pressed the detonator causing a loud explosion that would also shake Colubo and Foosha village a little.

"Never really liked those fancy assholes anyway."



Back to the present in Foosha once again. Marcel and Leeann quickly ran out of the house to see what the commotion was a bout. Rebecca ran up to her mother and hugged her tight as the villagers looked out towards the direction of Goa, seeing large amounts of smoke. "An explosion?" Marcel said to himself as the others began talking amongst themselves in confusion and worry as Rebecca hid her face on her mother's shirt.

Suddenly, someone came running from Mt.Colubo, heavily breathing in and out. One of the villagers asked him what just happened out there. The guy explained that a group of people wearing robes came in on a ship at Goa and were asking for Marcel. The crowd then turned to the samurai in confusion. Marcel was just as confused as the others as he didn't know any robbed characters. Could they be marines? No that can't be right. The navy would never attack a place like Goa.

The guy then added that the figures were on their way to Froosha which caused everyone to panic even more. Marcel turned to Leeann who looked back at him with a worried look before looking down to her daughter who was still hiding her face. Marcel then faced towards Colubo and gripped the handle of his sheathed katana, Master's Will. Marcel slowly proceeded towards Colubo before being stopped by Rebecca suddenly shouting his name. As Rebecca did that, the villagers all stopped their panicking and looked towards Marcel.

"I'll take care of this." Marcel said as he closed his eyes. Even though he didn't know what was going on or why he was being looked for, he couldn't just stand back and watch these villagers perish because of this. He was suddenly hugged from behind by Rebecca which caused him to open his eyes. "Yo-you're coming back, right?" she asked with her voice cracking up a little from crying.

Marcel glanced at the girl before giving her a pat on the head. "Yeah." he said in a soothing tone which caused Rebecca to look up to him, wiping her tears away as she nodded, letting go of him. The samurai then walked into Mt.Colubo to find out exactly what the hell is going on.



Marcel walked through the forest like terrain of Mt.Colubo with his hand still gripping his sheathed katana. He was prepared for anything that could happen here. He was also thinking about why it was him that was being hunted. He could understand if it were the marines but by the sound of this, it wasn't the marines. Could he have made enemies without noticing? It could have been associates of the bandits he and a friend of his killed a while back in "Little Wano" but that was highly doubtful due to those bandit's lacking in things.

What Marcel didn't know at the moment was that the cloaked figures were hiding out in trees, observing Marcel as he continued walking. Marcel paused as his eyes shifted from left to right. Something wasn't right. Just before he could put his finger on it, One of the figures jumped out of a tree behind Marcel, taking out a dagger in an attempt to stab him in the back of the neck. Marcel quickly unsheathed his katana and turned around, stabbing the figure in the chest before kicking him off of his blade before sheathing it again.

Nine more figures jumped down from the trees, circling around Marcel with guns in their hands pointing at him. Marcel inspected the figures as the lead figure sat on a branch above them. "Medical Samurai Marcel."the lead figure said which quickly got Marcel's attention, causing him to look up towards him. The lead figure then gave him a brief wave before throwing an apple at him in which Marcel caught. "You've heard the saying, "An apple a day keeps the doctor away." Right?" The lead figure said as he took a bite out of his own apple. Marcel threw the apple to the ground and continued to stare up at the figure.

"Guess you're not much of a talker. A shame. I had this whole thing planned out if you said yes or even nodded. Come on, just nod." The figure said in a somewhat cheerful tone. "What do you want with me?" Marcel asked in a serious tone as he stared up at the figure. "Youth these days. They have no respect for their elders. I will tell you all that you want to know, if you beat it out of me." the figure wagered as he gestured to his underlings to go ahead and shoot him.

Before they could, Marcel quickly unsheathed his katana and did a quick complete spin with his sword facing outwards. Suddenly, a burst of wind came flying out around the samurai and towards the grunts, slicing through all of them from the stomach region, cutting them all in half as well as some trees that were in range. "Ohoho, impressive." the figure said as he jumped off of the branch of one of the trees that were coming down and landed feet first on one of his dead underlings.

Skill used:
Speed: 4
Tier 3 Skill Name:Tengoku no saikuron (Heaven’s Cyclone)
Tier 3 Skill Type: Hand to Hand
Tier 3 Skill Range:10 meters
Tier 3 Skill Cooldown&Duration:3/instant
Tier 3 Skill Description: An unusual technique in which the user unsheathes the sword, holding the blade out as he does a full circle spin that sends out a gust of wind vertically around the user that is five feet wide with the power to cut through stone.

105/150 Stamina



"Looks like it's just me and you, boy." the lead figure said as he walked off of one of his falling comrade's body. "You're one of those people who walk all over your comrades? How pitiful." Marcel said as he sheathed his katana, keeping his hand on the handle. "Don't tell me you're going to get teary eyed on me, boy. You are a pirate yourself so I shouldn't be hearing this mess from you. Plus, I had a long history with these fools so they don't mind one bit. the remaining figure said as he stomped on one of the corpses for fun.

"Oh I almost forgot! I brought you a little present. Think fast!" the figure said as he quickly threw a rectangular shaped present box at Marcel who caught it with his free hand. "It may give you a small hint as to why I'm here right now." the figure said with a grin as Marcel looked down at the box which wreaked. Marcel slowly opened the box to see that there was a dismembered arm hidden inside. Marcel looked at it in disgust before looking towards the figure. "Don't know who's arm that is? Look at it closer, boy." the figure added as he sat down with his legs folded.

Marcel took a closer look at the arm, inspecting it some. His eyes widened as he recognized the skin color and sleeve that was still on the arm. "N-Niddala?" Marcel said, hesitating a little as the figure nodded. "And Bingo was his name-o! Geeze, I didn't think you would get it that quick, but I'm guessing that "samurai vision" or whatever you guys have is what did the trick." the figure said as he began to clap, chuckling a little.

Marcel looked at the figure with rage in his eyes, only causing the figure to chuckle some more. "Oh don't worry boy, I'm pretty sure he's still alive. You know, if he hasn't bled out or anything." All that did was piss off the samurai even more. "Have any idea who I am now?" the figure asked only for Marcel to drop the box and attempt to charge at the figure with his blade unsheathed and blinding rage in his eyes.

Suddenly, Marcel halted as he saw that one of the figure's index fingers had pierced into the samurai's shoulder. The figure then kicked Marcel in the chest, causing him to fall to his back which didn't hurt much due to the armor. "Again, what is with this generation?" The figure said as he shook his head. Marcel sat up, holding a hand on his wound. "Finger Pistol, hurts doesn't it? I've been hit with it before during my time as a marine. Boy did those hurt." The figure said as he had a reminiscent chuckle.

Marcel raised an eyebrow. "His time as a marine."? What would an ex marine want with him? Marcel didn't care at the moment. Marcel slowly got back up and dashed towards the figure again only to end up getting another finger pistol to the thigh. The samurai winced a little and before he knew it, he was slammed to the ground by the figure who wrapped one of his hands around Marcel's neck. "It seems that you are too angry to think, Marcel. I guess I'll have to explain it to you." the figure said with a sigh before talking again.

"A while back you caused quite a bit of a commotion in Logue Town. Killed some marines and apparently helped that Niddala with finding love. The captain of those marines who you also killed was my only son." the ex marine said in a more serious tone as he glared at Marcel who returned the glare. Marcel began to calm down after he got his answer. "You get it now, don't you, boy? Luckily I'm no longer within the marine ranks, so I can do whatever the hell I want like what I did over there at that kingdom and to that boy's arm." the ex marine smirked.

Marcel who has now finally calmed down, simply stared at the older guy. He then kneed the ex marine in the chest, knocking the wind out of him and causing him to stand up. Marcel the got up and began to slash at the ex marine who pulled out a small knife that was capable of coming to blows with the katana. During the struggle, the ex marine attempted to finger pistol Marcel in the chest only for it to fail due to the armor Marcel was wearing.

Taking advantage of this screw up, Marcel pushed the ex marine off of him and charged towards the ex marine, giving him a quick up slash towards the figure's neck. The blade sliced through the figure's neck upwards, stopping at the chin, killing the ex marine instantly.



The body dropped over as Marcel cleaned the blade of his katana with a cloth. He looked around at the bodies then looked towards Niddala's arm. Marcel then winced a little from the finger pistol wounds on his shoulder and thigh before slowly making his way back to the village. One of the villagers yelled that Marcel has returned, seeing him come back from Colubo, limping a little. Some people ran to him and began to help him with others saying that he needed treatment. "Take him back to my house!" Leeann yelled as some of the villagers helped him to her house.

Marcel was placed onto Leeann's bed where he was treated by her with some instruction by Marcel. The villagers along with Rebecca waited outside of the house in a similar fashion as they did for Leeann when she was going through surgery. After some time, Leeann walked out with Marcel who had a medical bandage around one of his shoulders and one of his thighs. The crowd rejoiced and Rebecca ran up to hug Marcel, causing him to wince a little as she hugged the side where the medical bandage was.

They weren't just cheering for Leeann who helped him but were also cheering for Marcel who saved the village from possible destruction. Marcel couldn't help but frown though. It felt like that it was his fault that these people were put in potential danger. Plus, there was Niddala who has been maimed or possibly killed do to the samurai's actions.

The crowd continued to cheer and huddle around Marcel, but he couldn't help but think that this was a bittersweet victory.


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