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1Nana Empty Nana on Thu Mar 10, 2016 2:03 pm




"Finally." Derous would say with a sigh of relief as he finished putting everything within his new Quarters, as he no longer stayed within the Captain Quarters. After placing the box, full of rolled up documents, down he would go to shut the door to the room. After firmly gripping the handle and shutting the door he would go to relax now, on the couch that was already int he room. The room was extremely spacious, thought smaller than the Captain's Quarters. If you wanted you could fit about five people in here without butting heads, well if Derous' things weren't there. He had boxes & barrels full of things not really precious but dear to his research. All of that extra information, at this time, is simply pointless and will be pushed aside.

As Derous sat, relaxed, on the couch he would look up at the ceiling of the room. He didn't really like boats or the sea for that matter, enjoying to be on land. Why? The Sea was extremely dangerous, and not just because of that fruit he ate. Many things could happen to could mean the end of this ship.

Sea Kings, a creature Derous personally hasn't seen, are known to attack ships no matter the size or who is on board. Scary, it really is. Theses beasts, from what Derous has heard, can kill almost anyone if to careless. "I wonder how they taste." Is the only thought Derous would have about the creature, to be honest. Though they are dangerous and he knew he might not be able to stop one from sinking this ship, he was afraid of them. He had ways to save himself from drowning, and he wasn't too attached to things on this ship.

Pirates, are something Derous knows a bit about. Yes, he has come across many different types of Pirates, and never met one that truly had it. Well, there was that one time but that Man seemed like something not to be worried about just yet. But generally the Pirates Derous has come across are all the same. They don't want to follow any laws and are after something. They are always after something. Derous usually finds out what they want but it usually is something dumb or too simple for him.

Derous would turn his attention away from the ceiling and look to his side, "Man, I look amazing."

As Derous examined himself he would hear a knocking on his door, so he would stand up and walk over. He didn't know who it could be as it was late and unless they were under attack he shouldn't be bothered. "Yes?" Derous would ask as he would open up the door to his room the smile he had fading once he recognized who it was that came.

Nana Latest?cb=20150420092838

"Oh, it is you old guys." From how Derous spoke was with a bit of disgust, but his smile would come back onto his face. Yes, as you always need to smile, even when you are in the presence of unwanted  company.

"Don't address us like that, boy. Now, get a coat on or something and follow us. We have business to attend to. " The Man in the middle of the group of three would tell Derous.

"Alright, alright. Give me a sec." Derous would tell them as he would turn his back to them and go over to the coat rack and put on his Black coat, he would then close and lock his door. "What about the crew? I thought you were to be a secret organization or something. And what about my new Commander?"

"The crew is sleeping, and your Commander isn't aware of our presence as he is still within his Quarters. Besides, you know what you will have to do if we are spotted anyway. Right?" One of them would say as they turned their back's to Derous and began to walk away from the First Mate's Quarters. Derous following close behind.

The group would walk past the Captain Quarters, "Sooo, where are we going?" Derous would ask once they made it outside to the ships deck. Derous wouldn't be give an answer though to his question and just continued to follow them. If you looked around would see that the crew in charge of watching the deck at night were knocked out. The group, including, Derous would then jump off the side of the ship. But they didn't land in the water, not at all. They would land on the vessel, which was a Submarine, used by the group to reach the ship Derous was in. They didn't waste anytime go inside and submerging.

"So what do I have to do this time? Haven't I already finished my trial? Didn't I prove myself yet?" Derous would say as he would lean against the wall, waiting for his question to be answered. Oh, but Derous seemed to be ignored one again. But he wouldn't keep talking but rather give a depressed sigh, as he couldn't keep bugging these guys. If they got too made thing wouldn't be good for Derous.

"Okay, we are here. Come now, Boy. And be ready this is going to be a tough task for you, especially with your abilities." One of the Old Man would say as they would lead Derous to the hatch they used to enter the Submarine.

"Whatever you say."


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