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Free Agents
Free Agents



Taka and Treachery

Following the events of Spider's defeat, Ondori had decided to begin his own Bounty Hunting Empire similar to the one he belonged to back in Baltigo. While he has a few employed under his organization's banner, he has yet to recruit any notably talented or powerful people. For that reason he's decided to embark on a journey to the rest of the Four Blues to seek out some new employees. First would be the West Blue. Those currently under him are staying behind on Karate Island working on capturing any criminals they can while he's gone to build up the organization's name and reputation. Any big jobs that come their way while he's gone are to be denied or put on hold if the patron wishes until he returns, hopefully with help.

Paying the fare for the ferry, with his strawhat atop his head he calmly boarded the vessel and entered the designated cabin for sea sick riders. While he wasn't sea sick and never had experienced the sensation, since he was only riding the ferry to get to the West Blue he didn't have a room or place to rest, so this cabin would do. Of course he wouldn't rest int he presence of all these strangers, instead he took a seat and just waited out the duration of the journey.



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