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29Gold Rush [BANK HEIST] - Page 3 Empty Re: Gold Rush [BANK HEIST] on Thu Apr 14, 2016 7:08 pm


Free Agents
Free Agents



Smoked Out Loced Out
Taka, Treachery, Eye Scope

Arriving at the ship, Ondori watched as the grunt pirates loaded half of the bins onto their Captain's ship and left half of the bins filled with money with Ondori, Bato, and his hostages. "Fifty fifty cut to both parties involved." Ondori carried his own weight and operated alone, while the Gold Leopards did their share and operated together. Both being two different parties it only made sense that the money was split fifty fifty between the two partnerships, nothing more and nothing less. "Oh and give this to your Captain if he makes it back." Taking a piece of paper out of his pocket, a business card of sorts, it would tell Leparo Ondori's information and where to find him and his associates in the South Blue should he ever be interested in hiring him for help. "Deuces." With that the Ronin, Bato, and the hostages took a path around the rubble, away from teh small fight between captains and mates, towards the Revolutionary side of town where Marines would undoubtedly not be since the city was in chaos. Citizens were being evacuated, the wounded were being treated to, and their captain was still fighting, so much was going on, so Ondori and his small group would be able to hopefully find a boat on the Revolutionary side of town to dip set on. Should anyone attempt to halt his attempt to flee, they'd be dealt with accordingly, more than likely with lethal force since money was involved.

[Exit w/my half of the two mil]


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30Gold Rush [BANK HEIST] - Page 3 Empty Re: Gold Rush [BANK HEIST] on Thu Apr 14, 2016 11:49 pm


[OOC: Okay a couple of things: I don't agree with Blood's post. Your timing was off in the way things were to transpire, my attack reaching you and Leparo at the time of you executing your skill. But I will just go with your post as is this time, just want it to be known I didn't think it was okay. 2nd, claiming direct hit on Leparo who was unable to post, details of damage I will describe in this post if that's cool. Also Leparo was unable to post due to his laptop charger being broken so computer dead and what not. He wanted me to inform everyone, his absence will be posted later. That's all Smile]

Kash watched carefully as things settled after her attack. The marine captain managed to avoid a direct hit by some...miracle but he still took some damage it seemed as he fled with his co-captain. Leparo took the most damage it seemed as the attack had thrown him into the rubble of the fallen clocktower. Yet some how he was still standing, shouting something incoherent but the words "both die" were all Kash could make out. He was in a frenzy but he seemed to have not noticed the deep wound running down from his shoulder to his waist line. Kash began to walk over in his direction at a brisk pace but not one that said she was running to his aid. She watched as Leparo seemed to become dizzy, perhaps from the blood he was now losing and he would fall to his hands and knees. Kash would stand over him, her sword in hand in case she had to use it again.

You should do well to remember what I told you the day we met, she would say in her signature cold tone. These were the first words she had spoken to Leparo directly in days.

Kash would look over and see a pair of crewmates hiding by a building. Cowards they were as it was clear they had not a scratch on them. They probably avoided all of the fighting. Kash couldn't take this crew seriously at all.

"You two! Come and help your captain to the ship, we're leaving this mess. I'm done wasting my time today. You better hurry too, if he'll be your fault," she would say.

The two would waste no time, running over each to Leparo's side and helping him to his feet. Leparo was weakened, his head hanging low as he was carried away to the ship. Kash would take one look around at all the pointless destruction caused and seeing how deserted the area had become. The press would have a field day with this, she thought. She didn't see the marine captain or his lieutenant nearby, perhaps they were gone? She would keep an eye out as she followed behind the others to the ship.

By the time they would get there, she would see the bins of money, the half that's left to them. The mysterious duo would have already departed it seemed, leaving behind a card with information. Kash would pocket it.

"Set sail!" Kash would shout with conviction.

"Aye, aye capta-" the crew would start to say then letting the words fall into a confused grumble.

"Just...let's go," Kash would say, unable to even blame them or be upset. That one she deserved.

[Exit/Rest w/ Leparo and 1,000,000 Beli]

Kash Stackz
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31Gold Rush [BANK HEIST] - Page 3 Empty Re: Gold Rush [BANK HEIST] on Fri Apr 15, 2016 12:31 pm



[OOC: I would like to say that Poncho had informed me of this shortly after my post. I had offered to edit it to reflect a direct hit, yet he told me that as this was a battle thread, I was not allowed to edit my posts. Instead, he told me to reflect the damage in my next post. This was an honest mistake and I regret any inconvenience I caused.]

Anton was a little confused. He had been expecting the pirate captain to try and follow him. He seemed angry enough when he transformed. And yet, there was nothing. No movement or anything coming from the direction of the bank. Just what was going on?

Then it hit him. They were here to rob a bank. Why would they stick around to fight the guy trying to stop them when they can simply run! Dammit, anton had just given them a good opportunity to escape! Gripping his sword, Anton lept back towards the bank, intent on catching up to them before they could flee.

But then it happened. Mid air, his entire body seemed to lock up, sharp pain shooting through his entire system. What the hell? A delayed reaction? Anton crashed into the roof, flopping down like a rag doll. He couldn't move! His muscles were spasming underneath his exoskeleton. Was this her intention all along? Paralyze him long enough for them to escape. "D-Dammit!" he groaned, trying to force himself to stand. Instead, what limited movement he was capable of caused him to slide off of the roof and fall onto the pavement below. Anton groaned as his head bounced off the cobblestones, causing his vision to blur slightly.

"Sir!" Anton's head rolled to the side to see Celia scrambling out of the barrel and running to his side. He tried to move and groaned when a sharp pain shot through him. Damn, that girl had gotten him better than he thought. She tried to help him up, but his muscles just weren't cooperating. "We're getting you out of here," she said, trying to hold him up. It was rather comical, seeing a grasshopper man being helped up by the smaller woman. "But...the pirates..." "We can worry about them later." Celia said, pulling him along, "It's only money, and the fighting has stopped. There's no need to throw your life away. We'll get another chance at them sir."

Anton could only nod. Feeling was starting to return to him, but the pain persisted. It seemed like the fight was over for now, but Anton wasn't going to let this go. Such a man running around the blues, he couldn't allow that, especially if he did stuff like this. They would meet again, and when Anton was done, the man would be behind bars.

As Celia helped him back towards the Noble Justice, a thought occured to him. He never did get that pirate's name.

Due to after effects of Kash's attack, Anton is unable to pursue.

32Gold Rush [BANK HEIST] - Page 3 Empty Re: Gold Rush [BANK HEIST] on Fri Apr 15, 2016 12:43 pm




Blood awarded 1.5M
Leparo awarded 2M
Kash awarded 2M
Ondori awarded 3.5M

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