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1Some unfinished business (Travel) Empty Some unfinished business (Travel) on Wed Mar 23, 2016 9:05 am



Marcel was waiting by the docks on the outskirts of Shimotsuki Village for the ferry that crosses by here. His adventures in the East has come to an end and he has made a lot of allies and foes. The samurai was drawing a picture of the open waters in front of him along with the blue sky. It was a pretty nice day out. The birds could be heard chirping among other sounds of wildlife. Marcel stopped drawing and turned his head around to look back at the entrance of the village. He was glad that he was able to save Shimotsuki Village. It felt just like home to him and he didn't want that "home" to be destroyed.

However, it was time for him to go back to where he spent most of his life at after leaving Wano, the South Blue. He had to meet up with some old friends, see how his step father was doing, and deal with other business. There was one thing that he learned in the East that was eating him up that his step father may have the answer to. Marcel grabbed his shoulder with his tiger like tattoo on it while staring out into the sea.

The wind picked up a little, causing the grass and the samurai's hair to flow in the breeze. Just before he could continue drawing, Marcel heard the sounds of a boat horn. He looked up to see that it was the ferry coming up. The samurai rubbed his chest to feel if his chest plate was there which it was and he looked down to his left hip to see that his katana was safely sheathed and strapped to his hip.

As the ferry stopped by the docks, Marcel stood up and got on, paying before he took a seat. Next stop, the South Blue.

(Taking Ferry to South Blue. Will wait 30 mins.)

2Some unfinished business (Travel) Empty Re: Some unfinished business (Travel) on Wed Mar 23, 2016 10:36 am

Blake C. Mercury


Blake C. Mercury
100k taken

Some unfinished business (Travel) UYiRynz

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