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1The Thief Returns  Empty The Thief Returns on Sat Apr 02, 2016 10:49 am



Task Name: Testamant of a Thief
Tier: 3
Location: Enies Lobby
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description: Having been undercover in enies lobby, you overhear some informaion about blueprints of Enies lobby and its defences such as marine boats around the vacinity and battle ships. These could come in handy and as its been a while you get to spread your old thief skills and steal them. Try to be inconspicious.
Enemy Details: 100 tier 1's 100 tier 2's 1 tier 4

Boss Name: The guard
Tier: 4
Description: An awakened Zoan whom has no intelligence, he protects the treasury and thats it.
Devil Fruit: Zebra Zoan
Haki Aura: Savage
Equipment: Tier 4 Mace

Weaponry - 5
Devil Fruit - 4
Hand to Hand - 1

Haki - C-2

Flashing back to a time prior to when the three were known Pirates hiding in plain sight in the world of Enies Lobby, as usual it was day time, night never came to enies. It was horiible, Melissa never realized how much she would miss the moon, the stars and the black sky. It was in fact a thiefs best friend, but that would be a pain for a bit more time in the future. The young female was on patrol with a bunch of blabber mouth girls, you know the type, the high school girls who gossip about every little thing they hear or see, or about the pimples on Seargent pie facs puss, or the bossom on Miss levanage that they would constantly call fake out of jealousy.

Well today they were talking about something slightly interesting. "Ugh, Marco and I got in so much trouble If Seargent Pie Face hadn't come in, we might be dead." One of them would say, the other three girls would give big OOOOHS and AHHHS of sympathy, "We were making out, getting all hot right and we slip in to the room we are supposed to be guarding, like an empty room, whats the big deal so i was like yeah lets go and I can ride you at a gallop till your legs buckle cuz im good like that and then out of no were this monster attacked, he had a mace and everything, Marco got hit in the leg, broken, I screamed and the thing turned on me, but Pie Face saved us, hes strong for an ugo" The girl would say. "But like why does enies have a monster like that, it like totes ruined my chance at getting a porking" she uttred, her face distraught at the possibility of not getting a good piece of dick.

Yet the story of the strange monster sunk in to the mind of Melissa, she was well aware of guards, they always guarded the best treasures and if the marines had a monster protecting something, well you just know its going to be something big and pricey, The beli signs within her eyes lit up, she would need to come up with a plan, find out which room was the one they were guarding. Thankfully she understood bimbo and could speak the language ever so well, not to mention, she knew were to find the good dicks.

Running a finger through her hair, Melissa would stride over, a single hand upon her hips as they swayed, her other gently swaying as she walked, her heels clip clopped against the ground, the sound causing the three bimbos to stare at her. Melissa eye'd them up, quickly analysing them. Perfect blond hair from miss desperate to be porked, perfect blond hair, soft and shiny looking, obviously well kept. Girl two, not so nice hair but flawless skin, girl three had the best fasion sense. Simple. "OH MY GOD, You three, Your all like totes perfect, your hair is just gorgeous, i would kill for your skin and i wish clothes would look half as good on me as they do on you heehee" Melissa would say with a faux giggle. The girls all giggled, the girl with the perfect hair touching it gently, the fashionista would rub a crease from her outfit and the girl with perfect skin would blush. "Well, we would totes kill for your legs" they said. RESULT, that meant Melissa was in. She would giggle again. "I couldn't help over hearing, but OMG your story was so scarrry. me and my bae are on guard duty tonight, im like totes hoping to get a good drilling but like im scared incase we use that room, which one was it, just so i know to avoid it" Melissa would say, fake fear plunged in to her voice.

"OH girl, you like totes have to avoid the 56th floor, its like the door with the two dragon knockers and its like legit always guarded, it was so scarrrry. and he was soooo hot" she said, her croneys giggled together, so Melissa followed. "Well thanks, I like totes hope we aren't on that floor. It would be terrifying" she said. Turning around she would wave and begin to walk away. "ER wait miss, we like totes have to ask, whose your bae. we like totes need to know" They would say looking at her with desperate eyes. "You know Dick Gonzinya?" Melissa would ask them. "Well yeah, hes like totes well fit" "Well I plan on riding that boy so hard, there wont be a virgin in his family line for the next fifty years" Melissa would say, trying hard nto to laugh. If only Nicky could hear her now, he'd probably spunk right in his pants at the thought of Melissa riding him. Though then again the navigator was so cocky he'd probably power through it.

And now here she was a wanted criminal in the land of 10,000 marines. Yup just your every day right. At this point in time wanted posters had just began to circulate of the trio, thankfully this meant she wasn't entirely one hundred percent known by appearance. Making the executive decision to only take rooftops due to the knowledge of the snipers and some of their were abouts that she had gathered by her very own sniper, Naga D Linnea. The thieving devaroux would bound across rooftop to rooftop, with her target in site. The justice building. During this time she would utilize the visionary haki that would allow her to see the aura's of those within her minds eye. If anyone were to be in her way she would detect them and thus change her course accordingly. This would happen a few times, normally if she were not in Enies Lobby she would just take down whatever was in her way, but Melissa knew not to caus a disturbance not at this moment anyway. She wanted to get those plans, they may help, they would literally come in handy if she or her crew needed to know the layout of battle ships that would come to aid enies on their escape. There was no area to dock,no boating station on enies but that didn't mean that the battle ships were hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of miles away, for all they knew these ships could be located behind a nearby mountain or something.

So she had weighed up the pros and cons, the pros outwaying the con. the only con an unkown monster which also happened to be a pro as Melissa's curioisity took over, she wanted to see this beast in all its glory. Even the thought of meeting it sent a tingle up her spine, The young warrior of snow and strength would gently land upon the nearest building to the tower of justice and grimace. There was a mass gap that would force her out in to the open, "Do i risk it," she would say to herself, standing were she was she would count the windows assuming they were set on each floor, she had to count up to fifty six, looking for that floor. She was unsure whether her flying ability would grant her the lift required to reach it. Biting her lip gently she knew she would have to get there one way or another.

Gently, her lower body disolved in to the element she had become famed for, the snow woman resembling the Yuki Ohna more than ever with the snow dancing around her midrift, This granted her the unique ability to fly, pushing herself in the direction of the Tower of Justice, she had decided to try, the worst that would happen was that she would fall in to a group of marines and just be forced to fight her way out. If that were the case then the woman of snow would have no trouble, her elements soft nature helped to hide the monsterous strength that she herself had, if this were to pass then Melissa would show then exactly what she was capable off.

Alas it would seem that she would soon find out, for midway between her target, she found herself beginning to descend, noting to herself that she needed to work on enhancing her flights lenght and range she would lower herself as quick as she could before her legs returned to normal allowing her to drop the rest of the way. Landing perfectly upon the body of a marine whom crumpled underneat the falling girl. She fell atop of him with an oomph. Yet he was out cold, Melissa stared at him looking a little hurt in that lovely fake way she does. "Ugh, Excuse me, i have a boyfriend ugh" she would say as she stood up. The surrounding marines would look at her slightly confused. "Yes yes, come on then, i'm a pirate, Melissa Devaroux, rawr" she would say as if she could simply not be bothered.

It seemed her name, the mention of her occupation would jolt the surrounding marines to attention, they charged. Yet they would simply phase through her body while her own limbs such as her powerful fists would find their mark with utter ease. Revealing to them her speed come on from many years as a thief, Melissa Devaroux would make quick work of the weaker specimen of men and women. It was mainly due to the element of surprise that she had been capable of dealing with them, they had obviously not been briefed upon her power and were more or less weaklings whom had come to enies for special training, perhaps to try to awaken Haki.

Now what though? the comotion of the streets would surely bring reinforcements, the fact that her face was on a poster on the building didn't give her hopes that her outfit was going to work. Using her quick speed to ascend to the top of the stairs, dispatching any of the weaker marines upon the way she would get to the door. Yet she would not go through it, her haki told her the commotion had already drawn guards to the door, Melissa could not be sure that haki users were amongst them. Instead she ran to the side of the building, with such strength her grip easily carved into the rocks allowing her to make hand holds. The female spider woman would ascend as quick as she could [which was actually incredibly slow] yet it seemed no one bothered to think of her climbing the building itself for the marines below were checking bushes but none for the life of them looked up. No wonder marines kept dying if they didn't use all of there brains right?

Eventually Melissa roughly around twenty floors up would slide in to an open window and sit down, her face red from climbing, her breathing was harsh and sweat poured from her, Thankfully her haki allowed her piece of mind, right now she was not worried about the marines on the floor, many of them were to far away and if they sensed her none of them showed it. So she would rest as much as it were needed and begin to make her ascencion wihtin the tower. Being a master thief her ability to sneak was unparralleld, she even managed to swipe a sammich of a guard without him realizing, thus she would be undetected through out her journey to the higher ranking floors. Eventually she would get to the floor and her haki would tell her that apart from the two guards standing at either side of the door, the entire floor was empty. It was darker, no lights were on and the shutters were completely drawn to a close, only two torches iluminated the room in an eery glow, why? was it for effect, Melissa had never been required to guard the door so she honestly didn't know what to expect. Yet the darkness only helped her, utilizing it just like a thief should, she would take down the guards with such speed and stealth that there heads hit the floor before they knew what was happening.

"Don't mind if i do" she would say as she pulled the key from one of the guards belt and let herself inside. Her haki told her the room was empty of living beings. The room was big yet there was only a single safe, how strange, it was dark and much like before the room was lit by a chandalier, the candle light making the room seem even bigger. The room itself was like fifteen to twenty rooms large and was thick, yet all it housed was a single safe. Clearing the distance Melissa would simply place her hands upon the locking mechanism, snow seemed to compact and harden within it, conforming to the shape of the lock before a key was made present. She tried turning it.....but of course it failed, what a silly trick to try, so instead she just hit it, like really hard and the door kinda like popped off. Inside were the plans she had heard about yet the "monster" was apparently in this room and she had felt nothing. Her haki hadn't detected anything.

Turning around Melissa's eyes would widen, the mace was inches from her, it passed through the snow body of the female, as she reformed Melissa jumped backwards, staring in to the strange face of a massive Zebra, the zoan devil fruit user was obviously something more, it was larger. Much stronger and well kinda silly looking. "So your the monster" Melissa would say, yet the creature seemed focused as if it had no other purpose, The mace swung but this time the black armour covered it. Melissa knew she couldn't phase through it. Managing to duck underneath it the logia woman roled to her feet, an armour covered leg struck her in the chest, pushing her through the air, skidding to the ground she would recover, her arm and back grazed as the zebra charged. Its speed was outstanding Melissa could barely keep up, the Haki was no use, she couldn't detect it, she wasnt sure what the hell was going on but it was as if something was jamming it. A mass presence or something.

Melissa and the Zebra danced, the yuki yuki no mi user showing the creature that she was no push over, in fact she seemed to easily overpower the creature, it was being pushed around by the petite female but its atittiude its way of fighting never changed, her fist connected with the creatures body and it flew towards the ground. Melissa devaroux whom had recieved a few strikes herself would pant heavily, the endurance of the creature was something impressive yet it was no match for her right. Or so she thought. The creature....anyone normal whom had sustained damage from her attacks would have been killed four times over but this seemed to heal so quickly, every wound she had made was gone by the time the thing stood up.

The creature and Melissa would continue their dance of death, each one weaving, each one connecting strike after strike, yet the creature was unable to strike Melissa with the full power of the mace, the girl making sure to step in to the handle to avoid the spikes, if she were hit by the large sphericle part even once, this battle would end along with her life. Raging on Melissa also worried that others would come but no one did. The creature fought without getting tired, while Melissa was waining, she had unleashed an arsenal of skills. yet this creature seemed to heal quick enough to withstand them all. Now here she was huffing and puffing. She was getting slower, Her hands came up and snow surrounded them, her haki allowed her to time her dodge so that the spikes missed her, yet the flat of the mace caught her with such force she was sent through the wall and out in to the lobby.

Blood was spat from her mouth as the creature walked towards her, the plans were in her pocket but Melissa didn't know what she could do. This creature was on par with her strength, it was slower but its endurance made up for that, the healing ability it held. The woman was tired, her strength was waining and honestly, she just didn't have what was needed to beat this was too much. She had to give everything she had, every ounce of strength she had she would need to put it in this final attack. The creature closed the distance as she stood, the window to her back. It swung but the female pushed foward, her body turning to snow as she phased through the body of the creature, the mace carved against the wall slowing it, Melissa turned and with all her strength thrust her hand forward. FRom this point a powerful burst of strength manifested in a blunt force blast of what wind caught the creature in the gut, it would release a terrible screech as its entire body was pushed from the ground, pushed in to the wall which seemed to vaporize, the creatures body contorted from the power and its screams soon filled the open air as it was pushed from the building. Melissa stumbled to the edge of the opening now created in the tower of justice, her body sore from the fight. She watched the creature hit the ground. People looked up, they saw the spec of a girl whom waved her hand as her body dissolved in to white powder.


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