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Taking place a few months back on Shimotsuki at the East Blue. The forest on the outskirts of the village was completely shredded to pieces due to a battle that had just finished there. Trees were sliced up, and turned over from very powerful razor sharp winds generated by a samurai by the name of Marcel Law who sat in the middle of that mess. His body looked beat up especially the side of his jaw.

Law sat there on a torn up tree bark, looking down at the two bloody bodies in front of him. "Heh." the medical samurai looked up to the sky. The bright light blue color was relaxing, calm. The sound of birds chirping slowly returned as a small smile grew on Marcel's face. It was finally over. As he got up, Law noticed something strange by another destroyed tree. He walked over to it to see that it was a black suitcase, that most likely belonged to these pirates. What really surprised him was that it seemed completely unscratched despite everything that just happened. There was no way it could've just gotten her after everything.

Law picked up the case, inspecting it, but couldn't figure out what type of metal it was made from. Whatever it is must be made of something stronger than steel. The samurai noticed that the latches keeping the case closed were broken, and rested it on the ground. Marcel sat in front of the case, looking at it for a little, debating on whether to open it or not. After a few minutes, Marcel decided to take the chance, and go against his better judgements by opening it. His eyes widened, and mouth opened as he gazed upon what rested within the case. It was....a devil fruit.

Some months later Baterilla Island located in the South Blue. A funeral was being held at the island's local church. Almost everyone who inhabited the island was there dressed in the usual black funeral attire. It was the funeral of Kizaru D. Tatsumi, a well known, and loved man of this island. A samurai from Wano, and Marcel's step father who was killed due to recent events. Faces were filled with sadness, and tears as they listened to the current person in front of them who was sharing some words about their fallen friend.

".....he was a great man, and will never be forgotten." said the man in front of the crowd with some tears rolling down his face, finishing what he had to say before going down to sit with the others. Law who was sitting close by got up to shake the man's hand before taking to the stand as well. "Thank you for those words, James Lubbock Sr." he said with a nod towards the man's direction before looking towards the rest of the people. He took a deep breathe before saying, "Mr.Tatsumi was a good man...and a great father. He helped many people whenever they were in need. He would always greet people with a smile on his face. Heh, he was always stern, but..." Law paused and looked over to the coffin before looking back at the others. "...he always did what he did for the greater good..... He was an honorable man."

One month later still on Baterilla. Marcel was sitting down on a bed in the bedroom of a house he was renting, staring over at a desk, holding a familiar suitcase. It was the same one with the devil fruit. He held onto it all this time, not entirely sure what he should do with it. He did do some research to find out what it was. "A logia type huh?" he said to himself as he continued to stare at it. He was pretty uneasy about eating it at first. Sure it comes with great power, but at a cost of losing the ability to swim, and a weakness to seastone. However, the recent events from the Saber Society, the power they had, the run in he had with the marines at Briss Kingdom, those two girls he met, the ordeal he encountered alongside the girls at Karate Island, and of course the death of his step father made him reconsider. Maybe this power will be needed, for the near future. The samurai sighed, and stood up, walking over to the case before opening it. He gazed upon the fruit for a little before finally taking a bite. Law chewed, and swallowed the fruit, making a disgusted expression before looking down at his free hand, watching it briefly fade into smoke before turning solid.

"Well....looks like I'm a Smoke Human now..."

Present day Crescent Island still within the South Blue. Marcel has been coming here to train for quite sometime after the events at Karate Island, and after eating the devil fruit. He struggled for a while, but he managed to get the hang of the abilities that the Smoke Smoke Fruit possessed. He was even able to incorporate his fruit abilities into his Heaven Sword Style. A group of five gorillas attempted to gang up on the samurai, charging towards him only to miss as Marcel transformed the lower part of his body into smoke, flying off into the sky before landing right behind them, his legs rematerializing in the process.

As they turned around, Marcel let out large amounts of smoke from his body, blinding the gorillas before coating his katana in dense smoke so that his weapon would due blunt damage instead of cutting. Law then charged at the gorillas, and bashed them all on the side of their heads, knocking them all out at the same moment the fog of smoke disappeared. Marcel sighed, and sheathed his weapon before walking deeper into the jungle like environment. The sound of exotic wildlife filled this island, giving off a peaceful yet restless vibe that made training here far more enjoyable.

Marcel climbed up one of the trees, sitting himself on a branch to get a better view of the island. He then took out his sketchbook, and began to draw his surroundings with a small smile on his face. A gentle breeze picked up, causing Law's hair to dance around a little in the rhythm of the wind. Marcel paused on his drawing, and looked out to the open sea, taking in the view around him. It was rare to have times like this. Where he can sit back, and not worry about much. He began to reflect on the things he has done thus far. Him, and his mother found a new home in Baterilla Island, met a lot of friendly people including a new father. Marcel then lost his mother shortly after, making a pledge that he will find a way to cure all illnesses, so that no one else will ever have to go through what his mother went through. He learned about Shimotsuki Village, also known as "Little Wano." which reminded him so much of his home country. Marcel had so many adventures at that village from making a new friend to having to take the village back from pirates, becoming a well known doctor, and samurai there in the process.

He had many adventures in the East Blue, making lots of new friends, and allies on almost every island there as well as getting into trouble with some marines, unintentionally making a name for himself. Marcel snickered to himself a little. His adventures in the South Blue as well as his adventures in general has only just begun. Marcel put his sketchbook away, and jumped down from the tree to the ground, continuing his walk.

As he walked deeper into the jungle, the faint sounds of growling can be heard coming from three different directions. One to his right, another to his left, and the last one in front of him. Law gripped the hilt of his sheathed katana as the growling grew silent. Suddenly, one tiger came out of each direction, simultaneously in an attempt to pounce Marcel, only to fail. As the made contact, Marcel's body turned to smoke, causing the three tigers to bash into each other instead while the samurai rematerialized right next to one of them. Law unsheathed his blade, and coated the katana in dense smoke as the tigers got themselves together, and decided to circle around the black haired doctor.

One of them attempted to claw at Law, but was deflected by the katana, unleashing a powerful vertical whack to the side of the tiger's face, knocking it out. Only two remained. Marcel sheathed his katana as the last two stared him down. Before they could even move, Marcel let out a forward burst of smoke to blind them just like the gorillas, but instead dashed right in the middle of them until he reached behind them. He then turned his arms to smoke, and latched them around both tiger's necks, chocking them with the dense smoke until the lost consciousness.

Marcel let go of the two as the fog dispersed, watching them fall to the ground. He then looked at one of his hands, fading it into smoke briefly before changing it back with a small smirk on his face.


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