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Free Agents



The Flying Rat
Taka, Treachery, Eye Scope

The events that went down in the West Blue were truly monumental events in Ondori's life and his body was paying the toll for them. His arm slung over his associate Bato as the heavy rain pelted them from above in the moonlight, the two walked aboard a ferry that was headed to the South Blue. He needed to check on the crew to ensure all was going well and he also had some orders to begin working on. He had encountered that man back on Yotsuba who was looking for some sort of explosive that could be disguised as jewelry or something similar and Ondori had an idea for the prototype. Taking some time to sit back and work on some inventions would be time well spent given he had some fresh wounds that needed to heal and Bato wasn't opposed to the idea. Wearing a black poncho of sorts to shield him from the rain, underneath his torso was bandaged up tightly. When the wounds ached it reminded him of Ranmaru and his time as a youth back in Wano, but it also made him worried for the well being of his employees. It was always possible that Dojima could have sent some of the Yagyū school students for them in search of Ondori or just to simply eradicate the empire he was creating like he had tried to do to him. "Whens the last time you heard from our people?" They were on the ferry and alone walking down a corridor to a resting room. "About three days ago. They say work is piling up, so they've begun to turn down bills and bounties." Ondori nodded, it was an understandable thing to do given there weren't even twenty of them there to help get the work done. He was more so happy to just hear from them, but counting travel time, a letter received three days ago could have been sent a week or more ago and it didn't guarantee that nothing had happened. "Okay, I'm sure we're bringing enough money back with us to make up for any bills they had to turn down." Bato nodded and with that they rode back to the South Blue.


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