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Free Agents
Free Agents



Lord Infamous

Ondori was aboard his ship in his quarters sharpening his weapons ensuring they were prepared to perform the best they possibly could. Any swordsmen knew if their swords weren't properly maintained then they could easily become worn down faster than they normally should. In addition the swordsman wouldn't be able to perform at their best, since the relationship between a swordsman and their weapons were reliant on the other. Even with the strongest blade in the world an inexperienced swordsman would still be an inexperienced swordsman.

Just as he finished with Treachery and was putting away his things since he was done there was knocking on his door. He groaned and stood up, brushing himself off only Taka strapped to his left hip he opened his door and immediately looked beyond his associate that was standing before him. His men were lined up at the railing of the Arakhne, rifles pointed at something or someone that was overboard on the pier. "Someone's here for you." It was odd he didn't have any appointments today, so the fact his employees had the straps out ready to blast made sense. His associate at the door stepping tot he side, Ondori walked down the deck of his ship and stepped in between the dead center of the firing line of riflemen aiming at a single man in a blue mask on the pier. "Can I help you? You look lost."  Ondori cocked his head to the side as he spoke to the odd looking fellow who held a single piece of paper in his hand. He didn't like the mask the guy was wearing either, perhaps it was just paranoia, but it gave him an odd feeling of unease as if something was about to happen. "I'm here to deliver a letter from my Master, you met him briefly in the West Blue on Yotsuba." It could very well be that the Marines had found out about the rendezvous between Ondori and the Marine he had met, but he'd be addressed with brute force and not some single mysterious blue man unless he was strong enough to take on Ondori's whole company. Chances were it was just the man contacting Ondori with a change of plans.

"Someone go get the paper and read it for me." With that one of his workers on standby walked down the plank to the pier and retrieved the paper from the masked man and read it.

Your services are once again needed by Slasher. You will be paid handsomely by me and my people for your services, along with multiple other perks that come as the organization as a whole expands. If possible I would take a new shipment of explosives, such as the previous one but more potent if not the same. Also I would like something for my "people" such as collars. You know, something that will shock their system here and there for the sense of "pleasure" hahaha. Needless to say I appreciate and respect your work. The man delivering this letter to you has the coordinates to my location. Come soon and alone.

Signed Slasher

"So where will I be meeting him at?" Ondori inquired as his associated was headed back up the plank on board the boat. "Give the letter back to him, I have the order memorized and prepared for him." He was nearly 100% sure it was the man he met in Yotsuba contacting him, but he could never be too sure, nor could he put his complete faith in him just yet, so he didn't want the piece of paper on his ship. "He's currently located at his lavish estate on Minion Island, if you have no further question, I'll take my leave." Ondori thought about it for a moment then nodded letting the blue man go about his business. "Bato, do we have any outstanding assignments right now?" His firing squad fell at ease, though some of them watched the man as he walked off from the pier to the town. From the second story of the ship where the ship's wheel was. "Nah, we're all clear right now, but I'm sure with your stunt with Mr. Hiyotomi you'll have some work coming in pretty soon or some death threats."

"You know how to get to Minion Island?" Bato nodded affirmatively. "Alright then, we're going to Minion Island to make some money."



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