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1Clouded Voyage [TRAVEL] Empty Clouded Voyage [TRAVEL] on Tue Apr 26, 2016 12:42 am


Kash stood on the deck of the ship, near the tip where her usual spot was, looking out toward the sea. The sky was dark and full of grey clouds, a storm was here.

The ship was actually quiet for once, it had been for awhile now. The crew was busy doing their job but with less enthusiasm. Not because Kash was leading them, well not entirely because of that. But because of the state of health Leparo was currently in. Things were looking rather bleak all around to say the least.

Kash was in charge of a crew she was finding hard to care for. A friend, possibly ex-friend, was at the mercy of God and the sea now. She wasn't quite sure where to go but they would sail into the next blue and perhaps find someone that could turn the fate of this crew around for the better.

Kash wasn't sad or anything however. She just...was very frustrated. Her own feelings stuck in a frozen state until this mess could be resolved. Once again Leparo was being selfish and even while unconscious and knocking on death's door, he could find a way to piss Kash off more before she could finish being pissed at him from earlier.

Kash would slam a fist down on the railing which would cause for eyes of concern to look her way. Even though there was a mutual lack of respect between Kash and the crew, there was mutual understanding of everyone's feelings right now.

Kash Stackz
Clouded Voyage [TRAVEL] 3HFFct5278AYU

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