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1Arrival of the Rival [Beyond Limits ARC] Empty Arrival of the Rival [Beyond Limits ARC] on Sat May 07, 2016 10:43 am

Dynamo Jack


Dynamo Jack
Arc Task:
Task Name: Arrival of the Rival
Tier: 1
Location: Chikara Island
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description: Trently arrives onto the island hoping to become a stronger human being capable of surpassing his limits. He then comes across a boy named Bart training under an old hermit due to die soon. Bart introduces Trently to Harold The Hermit and he begins learning about an upcoming tournament.
Enemy Details: N/A
Boss: N/A

2Arrival of the Rival [Beyond Limits ARC] Empty Re: Arrival of the Rival [Beyond Limits ARC] on Sat May 07, 2016 11:34 am

Dynamo Jack


Dynamo Jack
Arrival of the Rival [Beyond Limits ARC] Tbn10

As Trently rowed his dinghy, he shaded his eyes away from the setting sun in order to get a clearer glimpse of where his journey will take him now. The island of martial arts and self discipline also known as Chikara Island slowly makes its way into the blue haired boy's view. "Oi, We've made it to Chikara Island at last huh Mavis!?" He spurts out with a burst of energy with the gun wielding woman behind him in the dinghy. Difficult training of stamina and endurance will be held here as Trently trains to achieve a limit which is beyond his current limits. The sun slowly starting to be washed away by the night which is creeping its way slowly into the midst of the beautiful west blue sky. Every second that passes by they begin inching closer and closer to then have the island's view in their whole sight of view. Hopefully the mysterious island offered exactly what the men who Trently had defeated back on Yotsuba Island preached about it being. By the looks of it, the island was nicely quaint and enjoyable for those training in martial arts. Trently had noticed that the island was also mostly rough and rocky which he liked since it'll be good for training his strength and stamina. After a while after rowing the dinghy, it finally hits the island's dock which is one long dock which would hit the beach that has a path upward toward what he presumed to be the main cake of the island also known as the village or town. The boy pounces out of the dinghy onto the dock while observing the surroundings just in case that the island may be hostile to visitors which it didn't seem but he wanted to ensure.

Word Count: 305

Last edited by Trently on Sun May 08, 2016 12:53 pm; edited 2 times in total

3Arrival of the Rival [Beyond Limits ARC] Empty Re: Arrival of the Rival [Beyond Limits ARC] on Sat May 07, 2016 1:30 pm

Mavis Lockheart


Mavis Lockheart
Mavis had traveled with Trently to an island that had martial artist adventure written all over it. This was the perfect island for him to hone his skills, Mavis was simply traveling as a lookout tower for this tournament that was being held. It was a perfect tournament to hone your skills and test them against others, Mavis was glad she could see Trently in action finally. His heart must be racing, to be on such a beautiful island, it was jaw-dropping Mavis couldn't help but to stare in awe at everything around her, she was simply amazed at the beauty the island held. She would look over at her companion who clearly was happy to be here.

"Right. It's surely a beautiful island." Mavis smiled. 

As the dinghy docked she would slowly get up and stand on the tip of the dinghy, softly stepping up onto the docks, she would then walked elegantly towards the exit of the docks. Trently ran up ahead to check if their was any signs of hostility, which of course none, however Mavis didn't have such a great feeling about this, a bunch of martial artists, probably mostly pirates, fighting it out. It just reeked of a potential Marine interrupting the events. Which is probably why she was the look-out for the tournament, just in case any marines showed up to ruin the party. She smiled, to herself. 

Mavis was glad she could be of some assistance to Trently, however he would be the one getting the training out of this session. Oh well, it wasn't like she lacked power, she had an advantage over Trently, and probably more power, which means he probably needed this the most.

"So where too now, Trently?" Mavis asked, she had no clue as to where they should go or where they were, only that this was all new to her.

Curious she had never been to Chikara, she figured maybe he had too, but she threw that assumption away, mainly because he was too excited and in awe to be here, so this had to be his first time.

Word Count:352

Arrival of the Rival [Beyond Limits ARC] Dnt_bl10

4Arrival of the Rival [Beyond Limits ARC] Empty Re: Arrival of the Rival [Beyond Limits ARC] on Sat May 07, 2016 3:27 pm

Dynamo Jack


Dynamo Jack
As he set his young feet on top the long wooden white dock, Trently swiftly shifted his head and eyes toward Mavis who was behind him. Turning his head to Mavis who had just asked about where to go next, Trently with no hesitation replies back to the gun wielding woman curious about what they are exactly doing next. "Well, Let us go deeper into the town and see what awaits us." Trently replying back to Mavis while sprinting down the dock ready to search the town for interesting activities and things along that line. His feet now touching the beach's sand, Trently looks up toward the path which leads into the town where the island's inhabitants are located. He stops in his tracks while still on the sandy beach to let Mavis catch up, Trently gripping onto his right fist with his left palm ready to pump full force into the upcoming challenges he'll have to endure with his partner accompanying him known as Mavis Lockheart. Then the boy who is Trently Nefertari relaxes his arms letting them rest on his sides before pumping his right fist into his left palm once again as he smiles on the beach letting the sun set bringing the setting into night. He rotates his head back glancing at Mavis who seems to be glad to accompany him on his physical and mental journey. At that moment when he glances back, inhabitants arrive to greet the visitors who have just set their feet onto the island.

"Greetings, young competitors! Are you all here to take part in Chikara's Annual Tournament which many warriors across the west blue compete in?"

Two inhabitants standing at the top of the path shout out to the visitors who have ventured out searching for what they presumed was the Tournament. The inhabitant that shouted out to the visitors was an old hermit type man accompanied by a younger boy about Trently's age who seemed to be possibly be training under the man in order to succeed in taking the title of Chikara Champion. "I didn't know about a tournament being held but if that's the case then I'll attempt to take the win" Trently had no idea that a tournament was being held and so he replied back to them along with a natural smirk. He dug his hands into his pockets happily strolling toward the very top of the path where the old hermit was awaiting with a smirk as well that the island has yet another contender for the tournament. The older man seemed to be happy that Trently was attending the tournament but the younger boy next to him was not all that pleased with the arrival of the rival.

Word Count: 369

Last edited by Trently on Sun May 08, 2016 8:29 am; edited 1 time in total

5Arrival of the Rival [Beyond Limits ARC] Empty Re: Arrival of the Rival [Beyond Limits ARC] on Sat May 07, 2016 6:30 pm

Mavis Lockheart


Mavis Lockheart
Mavis would watch as her newly acquainted friend would run down the docks, his feet kicking sand up from the ground, she figured he was just excited to get their, she smiled to herself. Along the way Mavis would find herself escorted by some of the competitors who found her pretty.

"Ohh, aren't you a pretty lady. I hope you're not competing."
A tall man spoke, his face hidden by the bright sun's glare.

Mavis shook her head no looking forward at Trently who was clearly out of sight. "No, I'm already with somebody."

With that she would leave a wink.

"So, sorry. Plus I only take the real thing." Mavis would stick her tongue out running forward after her friend.

Mavis had caught up, soon later an announcement blared all over the island.

"Oh. You didn't know of the tournament?" Mavis would ask, the Prince.

Mavis, had probably forgotten to tell the man that she had some Intel on the island, which got her, her job during the tournament as a look-out guard. She probably got caught up in the beautiful scenery, or maybe it was the fact that the man kept running away from her? However he deserved the right to be proud and happy, Mavis would be too if it was a marksman tournament. Then again, nobody compared to her shot, so it would hardly be a competition, she smirked.

Mavis noticed the small boy next to the older man, who seemed to be giving an unpleasant face to Trently, Mavis decided to tease the child, and along with provide knowledge.

"Oh are you afraid of challenges, child?" Mavis would ask with a faint smile.

Mavis would ruffle his hair. "Don't be. Challenges such as having a rival help you become stronger, but truthfully I think your scared to lose, maybe that's why you don't like my friend here."

Mavis would swoon away dramatically, standing behind Trently, bored.

Arrival of the Rival [Beyond Limits ARC] Dnt_bl10

6Arrival of the Rival [Beyond Limits ARC] Empty Re: Arrival of the Rival [Beyond Limits ARC] on Sun May 08, 2016 12:30 pm

Dynamo Jack


Dynamo Jack
Bringing himself up the path with hands dug deep in his pockets while staring at the ground of the path, Trently sends out a glare toward the young boy accompanying the old hermit who he'd assume was pretty wise due to his appearance. The blue haired martial artist attempted to intimidate the other young martial artist in which Trently had noticed that the boy doesn't has a sour taste in his mouth when laying his eyes onto yet another challenger. The young martial artist created eye contact with Trently which the sour boy did not take well.

"Wha- What is with that glare you outsider!"

"Nothing, heh" The blue haired warrior replies back toward the sour martial artist standing on the side of the old hermit who is delighted to see the blue haired boy's arrival to greet his newly wed rival. Trently taking his time just to mess with the young boy while just reaching the very top of the path. When Trently finally after taking his sweet time he reached the top then to brandish his right hand out of his warm pocket to greet the island inhabitant and sour kid which is looking to rid of Trently. The Elder man reached his hand out to greet Trently as well, both of them exchanging a warm-hearted hand shake to greet on another. After sharing a handshake with the elderly man, Trently reached out for a handshake to the sour martial artist. The boy went and gave Trently a handshake but gripped his hand with a great intensity which barely hurt the hand of Trently.

"Glad to see you both getting along well ahaha, would you like to stay the night with us visitor? Oh by the way what is your name I do not believe we got your name?

"The name is Trently and I wouldn't mind staying with you all as long as you don't pull anything funny" Trently opening his mouth he immediately replied back to the elderly man. The blue haired boy began to become worried when he said his name to the two island inhabitants since it could be possible they were in conjunction with the world government. He didn't say his last name due to that his hunch could always turn out to be true. The elderly old man asks Trently his last question for the evening.

"Nice name there sonny, well its beginning to get dark so why don't we head inside my dojo where we all can rest out for the night?"

Trently flung his head behind him to ask Mavis if she would like to come along as well with the hermit's permission of course. "You coming too, Mavis?" Trently presenting a question to the gun wielding woman who supposedly had got hired to be a look out guard for the island in order to make sure that the world government doesn't invade the island during the Chikara Annual Tournament. If Mavis were to accept his offer then they'd be off to rest for the night and if she did not accept the boy's offer then she would go out and do her own detour within a detour.

Word Count: 546

Task END

Voltage Vault

7Arrival of the Rival [Beyond Limits ARC] Empty Re: Arrival of the Rival [Beyond Limits ARC] on Sun May 08, 2016 1:11 pm

Mavis Lockheart


Mavis Lockheart
Mavis was zoned out lost in memories of her past, a event played out in her head as she blankly stared out onto the younger men.


Mavis took a step forward, clenching the gun's handle, holding it tight to her body. This was war. Fools, thought they could take on the Chain Pirates. Mavis had ran across the wet grass, as the storm only continued to get worse, she looked over at her captain.

"Captain..." Mavis whispered over. 

Her captain was a tan man, with a blue vest and spiked black hair.

"Mavis, keep it down." Mavis glared at him, as if she was ever really loud.

"Idiot... Captain Ty..." Ty smiled at her, Mavis managed to smile back.

Mavis had ran over to Ty's tree standing by him. "Captain...-"

A bullet came straight for them.

"Watch out!" She grabbed him ducking, the bullet piercing through the tree's bark, snapping the tree down on them. 

Quick on her feet she jumped out of the way, forgetting Ty she yank out a special bullet from her pocket and inserting it into the gun's socket. "Nooow! Fire!"

She aimed for the heart of her enemy, firing it pierced the pirates heart. As the pirate fell his body burned from the inside out.

Ty had slowly applaud her. "Nice job, Mavis-chan."

She gritted her teeth as two more pirates grabbed her captain. "You idiot!!"


All of this came to an end when he called out for Mavis, she looked at him blinking a few times.

"Ahh no, I think I need a breather." Mavis sighed, exhausted.

Word Count: 265


Arrival of the Rival [Beyond Limits ARC] Dnt_bl10

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