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1Sparring&Yawning [Beyond Limits Arc] Empty Sparring&Yawning [Beyond Limits Arc] on Mon May 09, 2016 9:31 am

Dynamo Jack


Dynamo Jack
Task Name: Sparring & Yawning
Tier: 2
Location: Chikara Island, Hermit's Dojo
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description: Being invited to train and stay with Harold The Hermit, Trently is awakened in the middle of the night to spar with Bart who needs to squeeze in some training before the Chikara Annual Tournament.
Enemy Details: N/A
Boss: Bart Ender

Bart Ender:
Boss Name: Bart Ender
Tier: 2
Description: Bart is a short young man with a very muscular stature but incredibly short only coming in at 5'4. He adopts blue eyes similar to Trently but with longer black hair. He tends to wear black bandage wraps around his arm under his elbow. With no shoes but black pants which are tight around the waist and his ankle but at the same time being baggy.
Devil Fruit: N/A
Haki Aura: Savage Soul (Has not unlocked haki)
Equipment: N/A
Specs:     •Hand to Hand 3      •Melee Combat 2

2Sparring&Yawning [Beyond Limits Arc] Empty Re: Sparring&Yawning [Beyond Limits Arc] on Wed May 11, 2016 7:24 pm

Dynamo Jack


Dynamo Jack

Being invited and welcomed to the dojo of the old hermit man, Trently asks the elder if he had any name or title he can refer to him as before entering the dojo with the two Chikara inhabitants. "Do you have any name or alias which I can call you, Sir?" Trently easily letting his question seep out without hesitation or much thought put into his question. He was very much eager to discover the odd elder man's name or alias if he even had one.

"My name will always remain a mystery but an alias...Hm... Call me Harold the Hermit, Sonny boy!"

The young martial artist seeking strength beyond his current power gave a beautiful glance of excitement toward the old man who had replied back to the curious blue haired boy known as Trently Nefertari. The new and old disciple both follow behind the old man as he leads them back to the dojo in which they will rest up for the night to be greeted by the fast approaching tournament. On their way to the dojo, the original student asks Harold about the challengers in which will be entering the Annual Chikara Tournament. "Do you think I'll be ready for the tournament by tomorrow, Harold-Sama" The sour student asks the very much experienced hermit.

"We'll see in due time... but meanwhile, lets rest and in the morning we'll do some morning sparring!"

Talking and announcing as if he was a divine being who knew lots of wisdom which it seemed as though the man actually did know lots of wisdom. Harold continues to guide the two disciples to the dojo in which they'll come back to everyday after either training or going on a small detour journey. Trently noticed that Harold and the young sour boy were going to really push him to his limits during his time on Chikara Island. Now the sun setting finally creeping into the night with the stars beginning to twinkle upon the island of limits.

Word Count: 350

3Sparring&Yawning [Beyond Limits Arc] Empty Re: Sparring&Yawning [Beyond Limits Arc] on Sat May 14, 2016 9:00 pm

Dynamo Jack


Dynamo Jack
Entering the dojo in which they will soon fight and spar later into the night, Trently and the others are introduced to their rooms where they will rest for the nights while on Chikara Island. As the tired and weary martial artist entered his assigned room, he began wondering about why the elderly man was being so welcoming and friendly. He kept on pondering about that thought as he laid himself down on the sleeping mat which had been surprisingly comfortable. Trently came to the conclusion that the elderly man or maybe even the sour looking child may attempt to murder the blue haired boy in his sleep. Shifting around looking for anything dangerous which can end his life, Trently slowly starting to worry about his own safety and life as a whole since it could possibly come to an end so soon. He knew that if he kept on worrying then he wouldn't be able to have a reasonable amount of rest for the night and so he decides to ultimately just sleep but to only be half asleep for the meantime. As he fell into a deep sleep instead of falling into a light version, the room's door began to open little by little and the culprit was none other than the elderly hermit man which aided Trently when he needed a place to stay. Harold entered the room where the boy was snoring away, the elder slowly approached Trently with an old looking wooden cane which seems to have been owned by Harold for decades. The elder raised his aged cane high into the air above the sleeping boy and lowered it down onto the boy's forehead with a tremendous amount of force attempting to awake the slumbering boy. Pah! Is the sound which echoes throughout the room as the cane comes into contact with Trently's forehead. Immediately, Trently awakes yelling at the old man "Aoooow! I knew you were trying to murder me!" Trently shouts out to the man with a furious tone of voice.

"If I let you live under this roof then you'll have to follow my rules kid, follow me your going to go against Bart to squeeze in some training for both of you. I could tell by when I first met you that you were a chump who was only taught basic martial arts."

Word Count: 400

4Sparring&Yawning [Beyond Limits Arc] Empty Re: Sparring&Yawning [Beyond Limits Arc] on Sun May 15, 2016 7:16 pm

Dynamo Jack


Dynamo Jack
Trently out of nowhere had been rudely awakened by the angry old hermit who at the moment is yelling at the blue haired boy like a drill sergeant. With an appearance of fear on the prince's face, Trently moves to the edge of the sleeping mat while hearing the old man known as Harold Hermit yell his heart out. Trently's look of fear and terror was that of if he had just found out his crush was not into men thus being a lesbian who was full blown only into woman. Traveling back into the time when Trently was a prince there had been a scenario where he got rejected by an angelic looking girl since she was a lesbian into woman, ever since that day he had held back from asking anybody out on a royal date. His past has been buried behind him though, Trently left his history behind when he set out on this journey. Trently is now tackling one of the biggest bumps in his journey yet and that is to develop further, starting with this old grandpa and his sour student who Trently is now guessing that the boy's name is Bart due to the fact that currently the elderly man is now yelling at him to go spar with Bart who he again presumes to be the sour looking boy.

"Get... UP ALREADY!"

The angry elderly grandpa exclaims and commands to Trently also known as the chump who was only taught basic martial arts. At first, Trently thought the old man was attempting to slaughter him but that didn't seem to be the case since the man had been demanding the boy to go spar with Bart. "Alright! Jesus.... Never knew Chikara was so harsh..." Trently whispering the last part to himself but just loud enough to where the elder was able to catch within his ear. Bouncing off the bed quickly praying the man doesn't smack him across the forehead once more, Trently surrenders and obeys his command to spar along with Bart.

"Lets go, as long as your under this roof you'll follow my rules and they are to train since its obvious you came here to get stronger!"

Trently at last standing and following along with his orders to spar with Bart. The elderly man begins exiting the room hoping the blue haired boy is quickly tailing behind following him to another part of the dojo in which he'll face off against Bart. As they exit the room, Trently becomes curious of how strong the butt hurt kid really is. They finally arrive at the main room of the dojo in which students face off for sparring or an official dojo match. Trently had no idea that the dojo was one where many people sign up for but are declined due to their lack of martial arts experience. Only reason that Harold allowed Trently to stay and train with him is due to the fact that the blue haired boy had lots of confidence when arriving onto the island plus he could see quite a lot of potential in the boy.

"Hmph... Look who it is..."

Bart exclaims to the prince entering the dojo's main room, Trently stares at his opponent with a blank lazy stare since he had just recently got up from his easy slumber. "Let us get this over with..." Trently lazily announces to both the cranky old hermit and the salty boy named Bart. He dragged his feet ontop the large battle mat which laid resting on the dojo floor, Trently then proceeded to shift into a defensive stance since he knew that the first thing the boy would do is attack him directly with no hesitation. Trently attempted to not underestimate the boy but due to him being weary he underestimated Bart anyways.

Once both of you are ready... You may begin!

The harsh grandfather hermit shouts and announces to both martial artists, one ready to destroy his target while the other one is still very much tired but slowly awaking to notice the situation in which he is in.

Word Count:705

5Sparring&Yawning [Beyond Limits Arc] Empty Re: Sparring&Yawning [Beyond Limits Arc] on Tue May 17, 2016 4:55 pm

Dynamo Jack


Dynamo Jack
Stretching before taking on Bart, Trently's bones cracked as he warmed up to face off with his rival. On the other side was Bart crackling his knuckles while glaring straight into the prince's eyes. The battle against rivals had now begun, Trently began to slowly approach the frightening aura which Bart was emitting from his willpower and soul. Every step produced a large difference in distance between them, Bart was eager to swing at Trently and so Trently kept on inching closer. The snail-like steps the prince were taking bugged Bart until he couldn't hold it any longer and so the boy rushed at Trently presenting a punch incoming at the prince's jaw. Trently forced himself around the boy's punch attempting to counter Bart, the boy had swung thinking he was going to land a punch on the prince but that wasn't the case. Trently's counter which was a punch landed onto Bart's forehead, the attack was meant to knock Bart unconscious although he knew the punch wasn't going to do the trick just like that. Noticing that Trently was looking to counter, he attempted pull his arm back to block the attack but the prince just blitzed through him like a volt of electricity. The attack blew Bart back about a meter but within only a split second, Bart came back at Trently still with his intense aura emitting from his soul. Bart trying to grasp onto Trently's left arm in order to send a left jab at Trently's face. The prince noticed that trick the minute Bart laid his hand on Trently's left arm. Ducking down, Trently attempted to send a sinking right punch into the boy's abdomen which was able to make contact with Bart. Losing the ability to breath as the right punch sunk deep in his abdomen, Trently took it to his advantage and went and tried to grasp Bart's face to slam him down onto the mat. Trently was able to grasp onto the boy's face but Bart quickly recovered from the right punch and held Trently's head from moving in order to knee the prince in the face. If Bart's attack were to connect then Trently would inch close to having to dropping the match. Trently went on and decided to slam him to the mat quickly before Bart's knee connected. Luckily, Bart was forced onto the mat successfully without fail. Trently pounced back and waited for Bart to pick himself back up, Bart had somehow stood up pretty fast and this time much more aware. Trently charged toward the persistent boy and went and attempted to throw a right punch but he had much more motive behind his punch. Bart went and was capable of ducking down to dodge the punch, as he came back up from ducking he then realized that Trently's original attempted attack was a feint for his actual attack which was an uppercut to Bart's jaw. The prince's fist came into direct contact with Bart's jaw, the raw force of the uppercut forced Bart to fall back and topple over on his back on that mat. The boy struggled to keep his eyes awake as he laid flat on the sparring mat, Trently stared at Bart with a blank expression and then a smirk crossed his face as he turned toward Harold with his hands clutched together resting on his head.

Word Count: 586

Task END

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