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1Along The Shores! [Stamina Training] Empty Along The Shores! [Stamina Training] on Thu May 12, 2016 6:43 pm

Dynamo Jack


Dynamo Jack
After participating in a brutal tournament which proved very much challenging for the young blue haired martial artist on his way attempting to grasp onto a greater strength which was known as his inner potential. Early in the morning, Harold awakes the prince with a smack to the forehead with a wooden spoon since the boy had been snoozing too long for the elderly man not to take initiative. After the smack to the head, Trently is demanded to get onto his daily stamina training in order to grow and develop into a vessel worthy of one day utilizing a devil fruit's power. Many pirates only rely on their devil fruit to become a strong willed pirate but without the power granted by the devil of the sea, there is no real skill and natural strength. The boy begins to strap his attire onto his body as he at the same time attempts to insert his feet into his shoes while stumbling over a bit rushing out the dojo, ready to begin intense training in which he badly requires if he is planning on ever becoming a pirate with weight behind his fist and name. The sunlight beginning to gleam onto the face of the boy's face and body as he slowly starts to leave the dojo in which he had been resting at for a good while. His first steps outside begin turning into quick tapping across the brick floor while heading straight for the path which led down to the dock and sandy also being rocky beach. The inhabitants catching the young martial artist running and bursting throughout the town aiming for the path which leads downward to the beach and dock. Finally obtaining the beach and dock within his view, Trently halts his movements when he reaches the path and to then burst once again, surging down the long path which already is beginning to drain a very good amount of his stamina. At this moment, Trently starts to huff and puff away as he dashes down the path with a strong determination to keep on mining away at his stamina and body to push himself farther. Reaching the end of the path, Trently takes a long leap with both his legs and might. Pouncing onto the sandy shore of the beach already reaching his peak little by little. Pap, the sound in which Trently produces from his pounce from the path onto the sandy beach. Now is when the boy begins to unleash his might into what is only his first day of his intense goal and struggle for a limit beyond his current stamina limits. Setting his sights onto the small lake puddle near by the shore in which leads up to a forest and then a rocky climb back up to the town. Moving his legs once more but with a furious tone which displayed his determination to climb back up into the town but with an amazing amount of speed and velocity. He kept pushing and pushing himself into the direction of the lake, fast approaching, not letting himself rest in the slightest all for one goal and that was to complete his morning jog of which would be many around Chikara Island. As he began to approach and arrive at the small lake or large puddle of water, Trently shifted his aim of his bursting legs around the lake, straight for the large forest which awaited his entrance of arrival. Blasting himself around the lake like a propelling rocket not letting himself even just stop sprinting for a second, Trently insisted on achieving his goal of completing a lap through his set course with no rest in any way possible. He kept on moving his body with no stop until he finally reached the forest in which greeted the martial artist very rudely, there was a gigantic log which blocked him from entering the forest. Trently with a powerful burst of his stamina he exploded his legs attempting to jump over the log but only to trip on the log falling over into the forest with his face in a puddle of muddy dirt water. "For fucks sake!" Trently shouts out within the forest with anger emitting from his presence inside the forest.

Word Count:713

2Along The Shores! [Stamina Training] Empty Re: Along The Shores! [Stamina Training] on Mon May 16, 2016 8:24 pm

Dynamo Jack


Dynamo Jack
Head first into the muddy puddle of water in the midst of the forest, Trently yelled out to the forest in agony of being drained of most of his stamina and willpower to keep on sprinting forward. Trently bringing himself up from the mud a mask of dirty mud water reveals itself to the scene. Starting to move his legs once again, Trently bursts dashing throughout the rest of the remaining forest path hoping to reach the rocky trail which led up to the town where his trial of endurance of stamina will finally come to a close. The feeling in which he is experiencing would cause Trently to push on to even greater heights as he comes across a plethora of fallen down trees which are continuing to block his way to get across the rocky trail. Trently would then to go ahead and attempt to lift the trees out of the path starting with the first tree, with the arm strength he has yet to utilize he lifts the log to then toss it to the side. If anybody were to want to go through this path for a morning stroll then they would be able to but not until the path is cleared of every single tree log. There were three more left and so this challenged Trently to lift the rest of the remaining logs. Once again with all his built up arm strength he lifts and tosses a small log out the way leaving it at two more. The remaining two would feel the vicious kicks and shoves of the martial artist as Trently would attempt to kick the next tree out the way but wouldn't budge due to the how heavy this one log was. Pushing, kicking, and even punching the log to get it to budge at-least a small amount, Trently couldn't get it to move until he decided to break it up into smaller pieces for he can move each piece out of the path's way. Trently pulling back his arm with all his might then to launch it forward, the punch had been able to break apart the log enough to move each of the remaining pieces. Little by little, Trently removed each and every piece out of the forest path into any bush he can find. After finally ridding of most the log pieces, Trently shoved the last remaining log out of the way and into the body of water which separated the forest and the rocky trail that led up to the town. With great superiority, Trently conquered the forest path and all the large tree logs which have been blocking the way for who knows how many decades or years. Trently began to be insanely excited to announce to Harold that he had been able to clear the forest path after a enduring battle that lasted quite a while. After the forest, he had to tackle the rocky path which was covered with large boulders and pebbles that can trip unaware travelers. Traversing into the rocky terrain, Trently shoved any small boulders in his way and into the ocean creating a sound of a shooting star crashing down into the sea. Up ahead of the mountain trail was six large boulders blocking the way, one looking as if it can push the other ones into the ocean. Approaching the largest boulder out of the bunch since it was guarding the main key rock that can shove the rest into the ocean if done correctly. Placing his palms onto the largest boulder shoving it down into the sea with his dwindling arm strength. Feeling true joy as he heard the sound of the chunk of rock fall down, Trently continues on to the main key boulder that'll remove the rest from the mountain trail at last. This one key boulder required much more arm strength from ever before since he is pushing the important key boulder along with the other bunch of boulders into the sea. Pulling both his arms back, Trently initiates the position he uses when performing Pamu Shigan. With a immense thrust of arm power, Trently shoves the boulders into the ocean thus cleaning the mountain path. Now, Ever single path has been cleared but Trently had to stop his original goal which was to keep running. Although he didn't complete his original goal, Trently was able to break some bounds which were unknown if he could unlock. As the remaining boulders fell into the ocean, Trently made his way back into town and back to the dojo once again to announce to Harold that he cleared the mountain and forest path thus allowing men and woman to have morning jogs.

Word Count: 795

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