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1Tournament Begin! [Beyond Limits ARC] Empty Tournament Begin! [Beyond Limits ARC] on Wed May 18, 2016 5:15 pm

Dynamo Jack


Dynamo Jack

Task Name: Tournament Begin!
Tier: 2
Location: Chikara Island, Balance Arena.
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description: Trently completing the entry quiz sending him into the Tournament which makes him one of the many competitors in the Free For All in order to enter the actual tournament where he'll have to defeat three of the remaining competitors of the Free For All. The overseer of the tournament will blow the whistle when there are only four competitors left and then it'll turn into a one versus one tournament for the title of Chikara Champion.
Enemy Details: 15 [T1] 15 [T2]
Boss: N/A

2Tournament Begin! [Beyond Limits ARC] Empty Re: Tournament Begin! [Beyond Limits ARC] on Thu May 19, 2016 6:43 pm

Dynamo Jack


Dynamo Jack

Exhausted, Trently constantly repeating that word within his head as he woke up to greet the cruel world once again. As he awoke all he remembered was defeating Bart and then if he continued to remember after that all that came to his head was pure black, he presumed that either the elderly grandpa or his lack of sleep knocked him out. Sitting on top his sleeping mat, Trently rubs his eyes to then lift himself up to exit his room and obtain some more information on this mysterious Annual Tournament that Chikara seems to host every year. Sliding open the door, Trently takes a look around the dojo looking for either Harold or Bart. As he searched throughout the dojo Trently suddenly came across a note stuck onto a door which was the dojo's main entrance and exit. "If you are reading this and the time is under 3:00 PM then your one quite lucky kid, make your way into town to the Entry Quiz which should be easy since its the place with all the people gathering around. Reason I didn't wake you up is because well... Bart left early and so I have gone to search for him and I wouldn't like to awake you six hours before the Entry Quiz cause all martial artists need a reasonable amount of rest in order to perform their best." As Trently slowly read the note he realized that Harold really only wanted the best for his students and underlings. With a rush of adrenaline, Trently bursted out of the dojo along with his hopes of future improvement. Sending his feet and legs across the island, he heads for the Entry Quiz with plans to stamp a legacy of a legendary martial artist on Chikara Island for decades to come. Searching for the Entry Quiz, he spots a large group of people peering their eyes inside the building with curiosity. Trently approaches the group with a sense of curiosity as well, he notices that outside the building are four men and woman who seem to be supervising
whatever is going in the building.

Fun Fact: This ARC is based on multiple Shonen Tournaments and Exams

Deciding to attempt to enter the building which he presumed was where the Entry Quiz was, Trently asks the four men and woman if he is late for the Quiz. "Does this so happen to be where the Entry Quiz is being held? I need to take the Quiz." Trently with much self confidence and ease decides to ask the Quiz Supervisors. The four Supervisors took short glances at each other to then move aside in order to let Trently enter the building. Inside, Trently saw a variety of different men and woman who came in many shapes and sizes. There were a plethora of booths inside the building which competitors were taking the quiz inside. Greeting Trently, a kind woman shows Trently in where he will be taking his quiz. "Huh... Pretty well organized..." Trently whispers to himself as he is guided to his own booth. After a while, everyone appears to have either failed or passed their quiz. The majority of the men and woman seemed to fail despite in Trently's eyes the test being quite simple and easy. Out of nowhere one of the men who failed had gotten pissed and so he lashed his anger and rage out on one of the friendly female supervisors. Before Trently took action to stop the situation from escalating along with a few other competitors who attempted to halt the man's assault, a small and elderly mink man appeared into the scene and blocked the assaulter's punch toward the female supervisor. The mink man stared deeply into the assaulter's eyes before vanishing and reappearing right behind the man's leg. Fooooram! Is the sound which echoed throughout the building as the mink man grasped the assaulters leg to then throw him headfirst into the building's wooden walls. All the competitors watched in either fright or amusement, most in fright since they have never really seen such strength be displayed in the west blue and with so much ease too.

Word Count: 703

3Tournament Begin! [Beyond Limits ARC] Empty Re: Tournament Begin! [Beyond Limits ARC] on Sat May 21, 2016 12:46 pm

Dynamo Jack


Dynamo Jack
Silence engulfed the exam building the very second the elderly mink man took action to save the endangered woman. As the assaulter's head went through the wall, it was very obvious that the mink was not a man to be taken lightly. Everyone either stood in fright of the mink's abnormal strength or stood in great amusement, Trently was one of the few competitors who stood in amusement with his hands being warmed up in his cozy and comfortable pockets. The mink turned around as soon as the assaulter's head met the wall, the mink took a glance at all the competitors and began to speak.

"I apologize for the inconvenience, the name is Torai if any of you were wondering. The events which are hosted on Chikara Island are created by me, I am the chief of the island who sets up events such as the Annual Tournament you all have come to either participate in or spectate. Now, It is time to begin our elimination round since we now have all of our passing competitors. After thoroughly counting all of the passing competitors it seems that we have about sixty competitors and so the elimination round will end when there are only four competitors left standing. Passing competitors, allow me to show you the area where you all will be able to socialize and stretch before the tournament begins!"

The odd mink turned out to be the island's chief, most of the competitors were quite shocked that the leader of the island was not a human but instead the mythical mink race said to inhabit the new world. All the competitors were guided to a hut where they could relax and socialize before the tournament. From an aerial point of view all that can be seen on the island are a plethora of frigates and boats docked at the island along with the a large bunch of spectators gathering around a yin and yang arena on wooden bleachers. Out of nowhere, Torai is spotted standing on the arena with a microphone along with his two bodyguards by his side. Right when Torai is seen in the arena, everyone focused their immediate attention on the elderly mink.

"I am proud to announce the 23rd Annual Chikara Tournament elimination round is beginning! All the contestants may arrive onto the arena as soon as the gong rings to signal the start of the tournament!"

Torai walks off the arena, sitting down on a wooden bench with his two six feet human bodyguards standing by his side like always. As soon as Torai took a step out of the arena, dozens of competitors rushed into the arena waiting for the gong to ring sometime really soon. As everyone made their way into the arena, Trently was stretching and then dashed off into the arena waiting as well for the gong to sound. As they waited and watched, the gong rung so hard that it could have been played back three times if it had been on some type of video. Men began sending punches and martial arts techniques toward each other when the gong rang, Trently was standing in the corner and was observing the chaos around him and thought of a way to take control of the whole brawl. The arena was about the size of an average gladiator arena, Trently had to take into consideration of the many distracted men fighting while not even taking a second to look at the young teenager who has step foot within the ring. Thinking of Trently as just some stupid child, they ignored him except for two men who decided to get rid of the easy fish first rather than the bigger fish. From the right side a punch had been coming to Trently's jaw while there was a straight punch coming at Trently from the left. Moving down and out of harm's way, Trently blitzes behind the two and sends two quick kicks at the men which caused them to be pushed out of the arena making it a ring out. There were supervisors around the arena which made sure to disqualify anybody who was rung out of the arena. Putting his sight on now a near by group of about seven men brawling it out, Trently goes ahead and began whipping up a wind blade to either knock them out or ring them out which both possibilities would most likely happen. With a great air pressure, the wind blade surges into the men's direction and is able to capture most of the men within the attack. All the men were injured and pushed out of the ring except for one who was able to dodge it successfully, the survivor then began to charge at Trently with full force.

Word Count: 807   Stamina Left: 295

Move Used:

Skill Name: Rankyaku
Skill Type: Hand to Hand
Skill Range: 15m
Skill Cooldown & Duration: 4 Post/1 Post
Skill Description: The Rankyaku is a powerful projectile technique, in which the users start by kicking at very high speeds and strength, sending out a sharp compressed air blade that can slice objects and greatly damage a human body. The default length with a leg or arm is 7m, while the width is up to .5m. This Rankyaku is solely used through the arms and legs with swinging motions.

Last edited by Trently on Sat May 28, 2016 1:46 pm; edited 2 times in total

4Tournament Begin! [Beyond Limits ARC] Empty Re: Tournament Begin! [Beyond Limits ARC] on Sat May 28, 2016 1:35 pm

Dynamo Jack


Dynamo Jack
Relaxing in the corner of the arena, one of the surviving men go ahead and charge head first at Trently in hopes of ringing the blue haired competitor out of the arena. The survivor was quite fast and speedy but he lacked strength, when the survivior caught Trently by surprise with his speed, Trently rocketed toward the survivor and threw a left jab at his face following an uppercut to the survivor's jaw. Within a matter of seconds, the survivor was now like the rest of his comrades, disqualified for being knocked out unconscious. Trently grasped onto the unconscious man's wrist and threw him out of the ring before flinging himself into the next crowd which would be fast approaching the blue haired martial artist. The next wave of enraged fellow competitors appeared to be about a dozen of male martial artists attempting to ring blue hair out of the tournament to increase their chances of becoming the champion of the tournament. Surrounding the boy, Trently begins to detect people's hands coming into contact with his wrist and arms along with the rest of his body. As soon as he noticed they were attempting to throw him out of the ring, he began pumping his palms into different directions attempting to throw them out of the ring or either away from him. "Pamu Geppo! Barrage!" Trently exclaims as he flung his palms into people in order to push them back or either push this far back enough to where they are counted a ring out. The dozen soon was reduced to about seven angered competitors who let go of their plan to apprehend Trently and so instead rushed at the boy to hoepfully land punches on him. Trently had to duck under the multiple punches which had been thrown at him in order to land his own hits of them. Trently pumped his palms into their chests causing them to fly back out of the ring as he dodged their punches. As Trently handled the assaulters in his vicinity, there was quite a battle taking place in the other corner of the ring along with the very center which two powerful competitors were reigning over with much ease similar to the blue haired boy. Competitors were dwindling at a blitzing pace which Trently only noticed as he finished off the rest of his assaulters and targets. Another dozen of assaulters came at Trently as he was finishing off the second wave. Beginning the third wave, Trently was quickly overwhelmed by the third wave of attackers but luckily he had a technique that would finish them off quickly if used correctly. Instead of surrounding Trently like last time, this wave intended to do it in an orderly fashion and that was to take turns brawling with the blue haired boy. Trently took advantage of this and pulled his right arm all the way back as one of the assaulters attempted to land a right hook at Trently's temple. Trently ducked down to avoid the right hook, after avoiding the long right hook Trently thrusts his pulled back arm and comes into direct contact with the man's face in order to blow him back. "Pamu Shigan!" The raw force of the technique caused the assaulter to be blown back into a plethora of other competitors who were behind him. One by one competitors toppled over as the man's body was blown back, Trently's palm was slightly warm due to the fast thrust in which he performed on the man. Trently stood with his hands back in his pockets as he watched the rest of the remaining competitors duke it out until there were only four left. The remaining three competitors were those who had an impressive aura and presence to just be around, he saw no signs of Bart who he assumed was in the tournament as well. Competitors who were disqualified or injured were taken to a nursery to be treated, Torai took up a microphone to announce that the actual tournament with the four remaining martial artists will begin shortly.

Task END

Word Count: 687           Stamina Left: 235

Moves Used:

Skill Name: Pamu Geppo
Skill Type: Hand to Hand
Skill Range: Contact
Cooldown & Duration: 4/1 post
Description: The Pamu Geppo is a close-quarter combat technique, in which the user pushes their palm and blows the target back about 6 meters back. This technique can be utilized in many different ways including pushing yourself away from a group of people or launching yourself into the air and peforming a type of flying motion by quickly thrusting your arms into whichever direction you want to propel yourself or another. This technique is a variation of Geppo and Shigan.

Tier 3 Skill Name: Pamu Shigan
Tier 3 Skill Type: Hand to Hand
Tier 3 Skill Range: Contact
Tier 3 Skill Cooldown&Duration: 4, Instant
Tier 3 Skill Description: A custom variant of the Shigan skill created by Trently during his journies. Pamu Shigan is a unique and different technique used to push back large objects or a large bulky person. The user pulls back his arm and palm all the way back and thrusts his arm to create an impact of wind onto the target making him fly back. It is needed for the target to be up close to use the technique. The technique can send someone flying to 15 meters away from the direct contact of the hit.

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