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1Devil of Devils Part 2 (ARC) Empty Devil of Devils Part 2 (ARC) on Sat May 21, 2016 3:38 pm

Go D. Naraku


Go D. Naraku
The night was full as a powerful storm had appeared out of nowhere and taken over the West Blue Sea. A single ship with flashlights on the front could be seen as it moved slowly through the treacherous sea. On the bow of the ship stood a single man who was taller than a regular human. He stood at exactly 7 feet, with white hair that seemed to radiate the area around him with light. He was Prince Devil, the owner of the ship who was sending its one and only prisoner to a place that was both good and bad. Lightning made a race with the thunder as it flashed in the sky. This would cause the adult pirate Aizen to wake in his place of imprisonment.

The Shark-Man eyes would flutter open as he shot forward. Sitting on the damp wooden ground with his leg aching he would look around.”Where the hell am I.” said Aizen out aloud as he stood up, but his head would hit the top of a small cage. A cage? Almost instantly the last thing he remembered would flash in his mind. The guy he had encountered had beaten him quickly and shot him in the leg. Looking down at his left leg he would see that blood was on it. Moving his hand towards it he would feel the ground shake violently as water seemed to pour from the ceiling and into the cage and around it. Some of it getting into Aizen’s mouth as he coughed. The water hitting him seemed to make him slightly tired causing him to fall to the ground with his crouched position. How long had he been here? In this place. He would begin to assume that he was on a ship do to the frequent moving. There was no place in the world other than on a ship that had frequent movements as such. Or so he thought.

Trying to find a way out of the cage he would put his hands on the iron bars, or was it steel? Trying his hardest he would attempt to at least bend the bars. But it was of no use as he was already weakened from being in the water for some reason and he had just waken up from what he assumed was a deep slumber. “Don’t even try Devil Fruit user. Even I can’t bend those things, and you have been asleep for at least a week so I am sure you don’t have the strength.” said a man. Aizen’s ears would move as his head would dart to where the voice came from.” And who are you to tell me that.” said the shark-man. He would hear a small laughter as the voice would say “Let’s just say I am the reaper.” The voice would seem to fade away.

This would cause the weak man to bang against the cage. He had to find a way out of it. His hand would begin to hurt as he continued to band on the cage. But as he banged his hand would seem to go through the bar making him fall forward his head hitting the bar, although not hard.”What the fuck.” he said out aloud as he saw a white smoke like substance taking place of his arm. Upon looking at the substance closer he could see that it was indeed smoke. How the hell did that happen? Then he would remember roughly a week ago. A large grape that had a gray color. He had eaten it. It was indeed a devil fruit so it seemed. Now that answered why he was feeling weakened in the still water. But it still didn’t answer why the pirates were capturing him. Shaking his head to clear his mind he would try to think how to spread the smoke to other parts of his body in order to get out of the cage. The power would seem to answer his thoughts as he felt a tug in his stomach and his body in a whole seemed to turn into a gray and white like smoke, traveling through the bars.

Slowly the smoke would begin to reform back into his own body. It felt weird? Shaking his head once again he would walk around looking for a door of some sort, quickly he had found one and opened it. He thanked god it wasn’t locked. Knowing the pirates were dumb because they didn’t lock the door that held a devil fruit user he would walk up a set of stairs. Following the sound of thunder and falling rain that he seemed to be getting closer to. Water would fall down the steps signalling that he was getting closer to the entrance of the small cell. Running up the stairs he would burst out another door and into what seemed to be a cafeteria of some sort. It was stinky and pirates with different tattoos sat on benches eating meat and other things. Upon hearing the door burst open each of them would look towards it. Their eyes landing on the Shark-Man himself, Aizen. “Uh, hi.” said Aizen. Each of the man would glare as one that seemed to be the leader was sitting on some sort of throne. He had white hair and lightning blue eyes.”Now, who let the devil fruit user out of his cell.” said the white haired man. Each of the pirates would face the guy in the throne each of them visibly gulping.

Again he had to be quick about the situation. There was 2 times as more people than before, so he had to be smart. He had unlocked a small portion of his devil fruit powers and he wondered if he could unlock more as he thought about it. He had seen something while he was a child. A woman had spewed mist from out of her mouth and covered an area. So could he do the same thing in this situation, but with smoke. Inhaling deeply gaining the attention of the people in the room he would blow his breath out but trying to imbed his devil fruit powers in it. Once again he would feel a tug in his gut as smoke quickly spewed from his mouth taking over the cafeteria with smoke.”Men, it is smoke. Endure it or die.” said their leader. So it seemed that someone out of the bunch was smart. Though, some of them were still dumb as some of the pirates did not heed the warning and tried to charge for Aizen while breathing the smoke. They had begun to cough and their eyes sting. It seemed that the smoke he used had the same effects as regular smoke. He would hear the sounds of bodies hitting the ground. Counting the sounds he figured that 17 of the man had fallen leaving him only 4 more to fight evenly.

There was a whistle in the air as if something was swiping through it. A gash would appear in the smoke, cutting it in half. On the throne the man was still sitting down but he had a long sword in his hand that moved some of the smoke. Enough that was wide enough to not experience the effects of the smoke. 3 grunts were in the open air as they charged towards him. But Aizen had already formulated a plan. Just as he was about to execute it the man in the throne would flip his sword catching it by the sharp end and throwing it towards him with the bottom of the handle aiming for his forhead. Aizen couldn’t move out of the way of it due to the high speed it was moving. Causing him to get hit with force so great he had fallen on the ground. Slowly he would get up dazed and attempt to walk towards the grunts in order to defeat them. But failed as he fell to the ground face first going unconscious. Another fail.

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