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1Devil of Devils Part 3 (ARC) Empty Devil of Devils Part 3 (ARC) on Sat May 21, 2016 11:33 pm

Go D. Naraku


Go D. Naraku

The light shined as if blood was in the air, reflecting its light on the lab walls. Aizen, the shark himself lay roughly 10 meters away from his opponent. The scientist, King who was smiling at him revealing his fangs. He was a devil, one of the most powerful. At the moment they were in a full out fighting match that Aizen himself was loosing. Squeezing his fist together he would yell out “White Shot.” A smoke that seemed like it had been hardened into a solid material would erupt from his fingers so smokey that it seemed to send harsh toxins in the air all around them. King was not even fazed by the raw power the boy let out of his fingers. Instead of trying to evade the attack like most would he would open his fists as the smoke bullets would hit the sea stone brass knuckles. This would cause Aizen to frown. How the hell was he suppose to beat him if he only kept negating his attacks. He needed to figure out how to win this battle without the use of his Devil Fruit powers. As he thought of a strategy he would remember the first time waking up in the lab.

1 hour ago:

Aizen eyes fluttered open as he slowly rised from the white like floor. Getting to his feet, Aizen walked slowly around what seemed to be a lab. Pictures were hanging out of place on the walls, hell even some parts of the wall were blown away. The lab looked as if a tornado had come through it. He had remembered his fight with the Prince and how he had been captured once again.

He walked slowly around the lab coming to a kitchen where he could smell meat. The smell reminded him of his mom was cooking before she had left. Peeking around the threshold he would see that the pot was on the floor with its contents spilled everywhere. On the floor with the meat he could see small drops of blood. Blood! Who blood was it? Only one answer would come into play. His mouth would begin to open and close as if he was a fish. This would cause him to slow down. What was going on? “Once again I must take the life of one to atone for one’s sin. The Devil Fruit users must be abolished” said the voice of a man. The voice seemed so powerful that it made Aizen stop in his tracks as sweat would form on his forehead and his mouth beginning to go dry. The power that had appeared would start moving towards him, a man would come to walk in his front. Skin like caramel and eyes holding so much wisdom.”Who the hell are you and why am I here.” screamed Aizen.

“Such foul language for one of your kind. But it seems that you have a question that I can answer. Now that my job is done I can answer it. You Aizen are withinside my labratory, where I study the effects of all devil fruits.” said the man. This would cause Aizen to frown, had he been watching him? How could he know what he had eaten. He had observed his surroundings for so long before he did what he had to do.

Aizen would continue to frown as he stared at the man.”So it seems you know what I am talking about? I have better things to do but I will go ahead and tell you. I was sent here by the Lord himself to take care of you. A man of sin. It was either the life of a sinner or the life of those closest to the sinner. Seeing as your immediate is not with us....I chose the you. Now, I know what you are gonna ask while you weep. Why me? Why not anyone else? The answer to that is, I slowly had come across you. After your actions in Ohara I knew that you had potential, and devil fruit users with potential were excellent specimens to be placed in my lab. Now, since I have told you it seems I should test your abilities. If you defeat me as well as my lower officials you can leave this place. If not...well you know.” said the man as he would seem to disappear from sight.

Back to the Fight:

Aizen would run forward as he picked up a 3 ft long leaf bladed sword off of the ground. Gripping it by the handle in his left hand he would continue to surge forward as he sent his energy through his left arm. This would get stronger due to the energy being poured into it as well. Only a single ft away from King he would stab the sword forward as he would grip the sword with his right hand. This would cause Aizen to jump in the air doing a cartwheel of some sorts as his right foot landed on the flat side of the sword causing him to let go of it then dropping down into a crouching position as both of his feet would come to rest on the sword. Pushing his left hand forward towards the blade of the sword he would get into a low handstand as he spun his legs outward kicking King in the face. Extending his hand quickly he would go into the air his legs aiming for the sky and his head pointed toward the ground. Opening his mouth he would yell “White Flight.” smoke would erupt from his legs as he shot towards the ground at an immense speed while smoke erupted from his mouth covering the area up with its toxins. Everything seemed to be silent for a single second as his smoke did its best to get into the lungs of King.

Though, the man was prepared for this as he had took in a deep breath before closing his mouth to not inhale the smoke. Even though he did this he still could not see in the smoke. This would give Aizen the upper hand in the battle as he could navigate within smoke as if it was daylight. Dropping to the ground with a low “thump” He would get into a crouching position as he held the sword steadily in his left hand the pointed end extended towards the ground. He had to be sure he didn’t step over the unconscious and some dead bodies of the man’s grunts. Before Aizen had even fought the man he had quickly took care of the lowly pirates by turning into the element of smoke itself and sending toxins into the eyes and mouths of the pirates. This had quickly knocked all of them out. Still walking slowly he would get within a couple feet of the man. Causing him to move the sword through the air slowly. He would have to be quick and precise with this. He had been fighting the man for over 40 minutes and this was his chance to end it."Tsk tsk tsk, poor Aizen. You think you can defeat the King Devil, even if you do. In the future my father...the lord of devils. He will come for you and will end you. You may have cut off my vision but not my will." said the man as he had begun to talk.

Did he start to lose air in his lungs? Was that why he had opened his mouth to start talking. Shaking his head Aizen would think nothing of it as he raised the sword to the side of the man's neck and quickly thrusted it side ways seperating the man's head from his neck. He had used his powers to the fullest and had defeated the man.

Claiming whatevs
sorry if it was a bad read but I woke up and did this, probs a lot of errors and such.

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