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1Kojo Beasts!? [Stamina Training] Empty Kojo Beasts!? [Stamina Training] on Sun May 22, 2016 10:30 am

Dynamo Jack


Dynamo Jack
After the whole fiasco with those group of idiots on Kojo Island, Trently decided to hang out and train at the island in hopes of reaching his max potential. One thing that Trently was never aware of was that Kojo Island's inhabitants weren't only humans but instead a variety of different vicious animals that are usually taken care of by skilled free agents or beast tamers if they were to ever attack the town. Nostalgia slowly struck Trently in the head as he strolled through the lively town, it had a close resemblance in towns with Yotsuba Island except that the island was its own independent island that hired free agents to take care of bad situations. Where they got their source of income from must be from somewhere up in the forest of Kojo Island. It was possible that the island just cut down trees and sold wood to make their income but Trently didn't think that was the case though. With the sun beginning to set, Trently takes himself out for an evening stroll into the forest to learn more about the intriguing island. Slowly but surely, the setting starts to transform into a eerie and creepy forest scene that is usually shown in horror movies. Regretting going for a stroll at night, Trently keeps asking himself why he is even doing this so late at night. The blue haired boy just clenched his fists and kept walking into the forest. Everyone within the island having already gone to bed, Trently braced himself for anything that may come out of the shadows and ambush Trently. Rustling being heard within the plethora of bushes hidden in the midst of the forest, a dark black wolf pounced in front of Trently while three more wolves followed behind the original. The pack of wolves beginning to surround Trently from every angle and direction, Trently thinks quick and bounces up into the air attempting to grab onto a tree branch that was above him. Trently successfully grasps tight onto the tree branch with ease to then fling himself toward the next closest branch. After grasping onto the next branch, Trently pulls himself up to sit on the large tree branch. "Phew, hungry little wolves huh?" Trently whispers to himself as he observes the blood thirsty pack of wolves before pouncing to the next branch and the next until he escaped the dark black pack of wolves. Deep within the forest at this point, Trently lost his way back to town and so chose to keep checking out the rest of the forest and maybe find something somewhat interesting. As he pounced from the tree branches as if he was a zipping lightning bolt, Trently spots one intriguing building that had the appearance of an abandoned facility that was used as some type of lighthouse. He dropped from the treetops to land onto the forest's floor, Trently darted his head and eyes around looking out for any ambushers or animals. Luckily for Trently, there were no beasts around well... as of the moment. The entrance of the facility was a tightly locked metallic door so Trently had quite a lot of trouble to break into it but he managed to find an alternative entrance. The stealthy boy found a worn down shut window and climbed up to the window and hit it with full force using a rock he found earlier on the floor. As the window shattered letting Trently enter the facility, he flung himself into the building. Inside the building, Trently caught eye of lots of cargo and old documents lying around everywhere. Approaching one of the documents, an abnormally large spider about the size of Trently's head crawls up his leg. The second that Trently shifted his view down to see the spider, a wave of fear and shock travelled through the boy's body. Trently brushed the spider off of him causing Trently to rush and pick up the odd document and then bounce back out of the facility along with the document. Trently finally exits the building through the window and climbs back down to the forest's floor with the document in hand. Trently leans against the building and takes a look at the strange and old dusty document. After reading the whole document he discovers that his current location is near the island's sandy shore and so Trently dashed back to the town along the shore while the moon shined upon the west blue.

Kojo Lighthouse Project: Disbandment 03
After disbanding twice before, we strived to hopefully
bring the island's dreams of having a lighthouse to life
but sadly we couldn't achieve our goal. This is the third
lighthouse we attempted to produce but our funding
couldn't allow us to continue. This one was going to be
in the very outskirts of the town within the forest's shore
but it was a puzzling task due to the beasts and funding.
All of our crew have gone missing due to this forest's
weird and strange mysteries so please forgive us chief.

Word Count: 858

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