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1Great, More Work [EVENT] Empty Great, More Work [EVENT] on Thu May 26, 2016 10:40 am



Task Name:[EVENT]:So It Begins..
NPC or PC:Event
Location: West Blue, out at sea.
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description:Due to what has occurred over on Enies Lobby recently, word has begun to spread far that the marines plan on sweeping through the blues to prevent other pirates from uprising and of half of Enies Lobbys destruction. By looking around your local area and talking with maybe the right people, you actually begin to gain some insight on this and find out marines are beginning to mobilize.
Enemy Details: 50 T0 grunts, 1 T1 'captain'
Boss: N/A

Anton sighed as he sat on the deck of his ship, the Noble Justice. His mind was still reeling about what he had read in the coo today. Apparently Enies Lobby had come under attack, half the island scorched, the tower of justice toppled, even the world government flag burned. Sure, the ones responsible had been captured, but it was who they were that sent Anton into a spin. Naga D. Linnea, Melissa Devaroux and a third man he had never heard of. He simply couldn't believe it. Well, Melissa he could believe, but Naga? When they had met all those years ago on Karate Island, she was kind, supportive, even to him. And she was doing stuff like this? Why?

Of course, that wasn't the only major thing to occur, but it was the cause. With this new attack on Enies Lobby, demand for the marines to put a stop to piracy had skyrocketed. Even now, Anton was looking off into the distance, the shape of a reported pirate vessel slowly closing in on them. Nothing too big, just a bunch of pirates who were deciding to try and take their chances in the Grand Line. Of course, Anton's job was to stop them. But right now, the commodore didn't seem all that interested or tense about this fight. Hell,  NONE of them were. Even Celia, who was leaning on the side rail of the ship, watching them approach with her eyeglasses, didn't seem that phased.

"Target is closing in. We'll be on their port side in a few minutes at this rate." she stated. Anton sighed and rose to his feet. "Any cannons?" Celia took a closer look. "A couple, yes sir." Anton nodded. "Very well then. Keep in front of them and out of range of the cannons. I'll handle this." Celia glanced back at her captain and nodded.

The ship began to close in. Already on deck they could see the pirate crew running around, getting ready for battle. About 50 strong from what Anton could count. Once upon a time, he'd be freaked out by such numbers. But now.

Gripping his sword tightly, and with a small sigh, Anton suddenly lept into the air, his body morphing into his hybrid form. The marine commodore easily cleared the gap between the ships, landing amongst the pirates. Needless to say, they were all rather shocked by the sudden appearance of one of the marines, and completely by himself. without even a glance, the commodore stood up, sword in hand as he looked around the appropriately bewildered pirates. He reached into his coat pocket, pulling out a piece of paper.

"Who here is captain...Tamrelan? of the Salt Sea Pirates?" he called out, is if they weren't in the middle of a battle. The pirates looked around in confusion before one stepped forward, larger than most and brandishing an axe. "I'm captain Tamrelan." he said, crossing his arms. Anton nodded before reciting as if he was bored. "On order of the marines and the world government, I'm here to place you and your crew under arrest. Please come along quietly."

The pirates paused, all staring at him before bursting out in laughter. "Are you serious?" the captain laughed, "You just want us to give ourselves up, just like that?" Anton sighed. "If you would please. It would save us a lot of trouble." The pirate looked over the marine and give a sneer. He didn't seem like anything too dangerous. Despite being a bug man, he had a somewhat effeminate look to him, and his clothing gave the impression of a noble. "Well then, here's me response!" Heaving his axe, he brought it down on Anton, slamming him into the floor. The pirates laughed, thinking that was the end of the grasshopper. However, the laughter would quickly die when there came a small sigh, the axe shifting as the marine slowly rose to his feet. The axe hadn't even penetrated his exo-skeleton.

"Why must we do this the hard way?" he bent down, his body tensing up, "Hopper Tackle!" The marine suddenly shot into the pirate captain like a bullet, launching him off of his feet. Anton managed to catch himself onto something to stop himself from flying off of the ship, but the captain himself was launched into the water. The pirates stopped and stared in shock at what just happened as Anton dusted himself off, checking his coat to see the cut where the axe had struck. "Great. Another coat damaged."

"Get him!"

Suddenly, numerous swords struck the grasshopper zoan at once. However, they seemed to have just as little effect as the captain's axe had. Anton let out a sigh. These pirates just didn't learn. "Hopper Spin!" Anton suddenly spun around, his legs out, catching many of the pirates and throwing them off of him. Anyone not caught in the attack backed up in surprise and shock. Just what sort of monster had come aboard their ship?

Completely ignoring the pirates, he turned off to the side. "These guys aren't really that much of a threat," he called out. All eyes turned and were shocked to find the marine ship was now up alongside them. When had that gotten there!? Celia, standing on the side, called back to him. "I know! But we've still got to take care of them. Orders." Anton sighed and slowly brought up his sword. The pirates backed away, frightened for what was about to happen before he swung downward, his blade slicing a small groove into the ground. The pirates stared at the floor as Anton suddenly lept back onto his ship. What had just happened?

Suddenly, there was a low groan, and before any of the pirates could react, their ship split in half!

As the pirates panicked, trying to save themselves from their destroyed ship, Anton approached his seat, sitting down and sighing. "I'd say that's a job done. Let's get out of here." Celia nodded and gestured to the helmsman. The Noble Justice began to depart, leaving the Salt Sea Pirates floundering on their destroyed ship.

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