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1To East I go {Travel} Empty To East I go {Travel} on Fri May 27, 2016 8:25 pm

LeeAnn Nakamura


LeeAnn Nakamura
Remembering the encounter with the man, she thought of it as odd. At least she wasnt annoyed this time being around a human. Those two thugs for pirates were most annoying calling her two face. Really, it was normal for her to go under the name "Sophia Kitagawa". It was to keep her skin safe from being skinned alive by everyone. The nakamura family dynasty was not all that popular with the public since they would kill off entire villages and tortured people. Though, they did do some good in the later reigns of the last century such as eliminating slavery on some rogue islands and stuff like that. Though, none of that could make up for what her grandfather had done. The stories told from her father were amazing in how he wasn't like his father.

Her parents were humble in the things they worked for and taught their kids that. Being a pirate, it doesn't always mean living by that rules. LeeAnn made a few exceptions, but tried to live by it as much as she could. LeeAnn saw the same small boat and sighed. This boat was old and surprised how long it has lasted her. It's taken some rough hits, but it was do able. Getting inside it, it held enough food to last her trip to the East Blue. She had to buy a map for the trip since her sense of direction was horrible. Navigation was something she was glad she didn't invest into. Opening hte sail, she set sail. It was really boring being along and hope to find a crew soon. But she had been doing this for most of her life. It was nothing new to the red head. The sea was wide and open with the water ahead of her. "A little more ahead, girl. You can make it" she encouraged herself.

A little self encoruagement went a long way. A few days have passed and no sign of any islands or even ships. But a storm was brewing ahead. The dark clouds were a horrible sign for any sailor or pirate. A gulp came from her. "Oh shit" she said bluntly. She did what she could, but she couldn't really do much. Securing the sail, the winds kept blowing her off course. The winds and waves grew greater. The waves trashed the tiny boat around. Growing scared, the redhead saw the horror as lightning was ahead. A bright flash hit the sail tearing it apart and the boat. Her things flew everywhere. LeeAnn fell in the water as she swimmed up and held onto a piece of drift wood. She had to catch her breath as her eyes widen. Fearing for her life, maybe she would be stranded at sea. The waves thrashed around ducking her under and around. Until then, she blacked out. The waves eased as it drifted her to a nearby island some where in the East Blue.


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