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15Not Alone - Page 2 Empty Re: Not Alone on Tue Jun 14, 2016 11:21 am

Pritchard Light


Pritchard Light

Not Alone - Page 2 Tumblr_ms8ndjLrML1rr01kwo3_500

The ookama would keep watch over the guards while at the same time making sure James cock didn't get him in to anymore trouble. The gay man would every so often catch a glimpse of Jame's bottom, looking fine to be perfectly honest yet he would not say anything, he was good at keeping his desires well hidden. Yet it would seem James had decided this woman would be his conquest, whether she agreed to or not, not very marinelike thought Pritchard whom would move from his hunched position ready to intercept James, not that he was jealous that he was taking the girl there or anything, it was like so totally to do with the fact she was obviously not interested right? he wished he could be 100% the answer was yeah. Alas though it would be Anton whom halted him, not directly, but the screech that erupted from him would bring Pritchards hand to his ears.

Within seconds bubbles had closed his hears allowing the sound to diminish, only when Antons mouth closed would Pritchard pop the bubbles. "Jeezus, maybe some warning next time you wanna clear the throat Sir" Prichard would say in jest, "Yeah, we should figure out....OH BLOODY HELL" Pritch would say as his eyes darted to James whom was poking the breasts of the female, a glash of something seemed to ignite in Pritchards eyes, his body vanishing from were it stood to re-appear in front of James, his right leg aiming to push James from the female and across the deck. "Would you control youself, get your dick undercontrol" he would say as he reached down to fling the girl over his shoulder before proceding to tie her up with the rest of them.

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