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1Chapter 4: Poseidon's Chariot  Empty Chapter 4: Poseidon's Chariot on Wed Jun 08, 2016 8:23 am





Task Name: So Noisey
Tier: 1
Location: Ilusia
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description: While exploring Ilusia Raphael comes across a crowd of people crowding around a shop and its Owner standing in the middle of the crowd. He confronts the group in hopes to disperse the crowd.
Enemy Details:

  • x5 T0
  • x5 T1

Boss: -

Ilusia the home of so called royalty. Raphael prowled the streets gazing at each and every building that he passed. The young pirate had only been here once and at the time he did not get a chance to survey the area. The look on his face was the same as when he had first arrived in the West Blue on Yotsuba. Almost a year had passed since then and much hadn't changed about Raphael since then. Well, maybe that wasn't exactly true. Raphael had built his own crew and on top of that gained many friends since leaving Olym Island. Much like he often did, Raphael had both hands casually placed on the top of his head. He had gained a reputation, which meant many of the residents recognized the up and coming pirate. The looks didn't bother him though. He completely ignored every person.

As Raphael walked he began to hear yelling; it was honestly annoying to the nap loving man. It wasn't like he was about to take a nap at that moment, however whoever was causing this ruckus was being far to loud. The more he walked the louder and clear the voices became. "Make us a boat ya bastard!" Raphael saw a group of about 10 men swarmed around a single man dressed in a green jump suit. The group was so focused on the man that  they didn't even notice Raphael's steady approach. Raphael approached the group from behind; only the shop owner taking notice to the approaching pirate. He chose not to say anything because Raphael didn't appear to be with these men, nor did he appear to be their leader. Before one of the men could just happen to turn around Raphael gripped the heads of two of the men; slammed them together. A cracking noise rang out from the head of one of the men.

The other members of the small mob jerked their heads towards the culprit of the sudden attack, Raphael. He quickly grabbed the head of the man to his left, brought he knee up quickly, and brought the mans head down. The mans head slammed into the knee of Raphael. The attack caused another cracking noise to sound out. Raphael's eyes were darting between all the men as his body began turning. This allowed the young pirate to get a general position of group men. Two men rushed Raphael; they hoped that it would spur the others to take action and attack. Raphael quickly flipped to a handstand and began spinning. The duo who had closed in were to close and didn't expect the sudden move. The feet of Raphael rocked the jaws of the twin attackers.

"So we can do this two ways. I can rip through the rest of you like you're buddies here, or you can shut the hell up and leave." Raphael let his words sink in to the me for a brief moment. "Personally I'm fine with either or..." The standing ruckus makers looked at their defeated comrades and back to Raphael who had just incapacitated them so easily. Before you would be able to blink the men collected their comrades and scurried away. "The shop owner approached Raphael, who had been staring at him blandly. "Thank you for the help. I'm Benetti. Please come in." The golden eyed man pondered it for a minute, while still staring blankly at Benetti. He finally decided since he didn't have anything to do he might as well. The shop itself was three stories. Raphael stepped through the doors and saw a assortment of wooden figures of ships. The figurines were scattered across 6 tables.

There was a counter against the right wall that looked like it was a place to take orders and such. Based on Benetti's appearance Raphael deduced the man was a shipwright. Benetti guided Raphael to the back of the shop, where a room lies. The room had a table in the middle of it with a heading plate that had a coffee pot sitting on it. There were two small couches on each side of the table, with a book case. The book case was full but there were also book scattered everywhere. Raphael and Benetti both sat down. One was on each side of the table. "I really appreciate it. Those men don't understand the word no and I didn't feel like getting violent." He rubbed the back of his head. "If my brother was here it would've been a different story." Benetti poured Raphael a cup of coffee and slid it to him.

"Where's your brother?" Raphael asked becoming intrigued by the absent man. He had completely ignored the cup of coffee. "Oh he's in Paradise. I left home in order to open this shop." Raphael's suspicions were confirmed. Benetti really was a shipwright. "Why did you leave?" Raphael asked. Benetti sat back. "Well I wasn't just tired of my life back home. I wanted to be free..." Something in the eye of Raphael got a gleam in it as the words hit home for him. "What did your bother say about that?" Benetti leaned back forward.

"Well he wanted me to stay but he has a soft spot for me. So here I am. Whenever he can find free time he comes to visit."

"Is he a shipwright to?"

"Nah, he's the head of our family. The Genovese Family. We're a pretty big mafia family around the underworld."

The eyes of Raphael widened. He was lost for words for a moment. He hadn't pegged Benetti's brother to be a mafia boss. Benetti laughed at Raphael's expression. "I take it you're a pirate? Based on you're appearance and how you handled those men you must be." Raphael nodded. "I'm the Captain of the Prajna Family." Benetti clapped his hands together. "That's a wonderful name. Very interesting indeed. My brothers name is Lucky. If you ever run into a man that uses all black pistols and has a giant scar on his face, that's my brother. Trust me you'll know it's him when you see him. Tell him I sent you when you see him." Raphael burned the information into his mind. "Say, do you have a ship?" Raphael shook his head. "No I don't. My crew is scattered right now. They're all getting stronger."

"Wonderful, I'll build you a ship if you help around the shop." Benetti reached his and out.


"Deal." Raphael shook the hand of Benetti confirming their deal.

1st Task Complete
Word Count: 1,084 | 750

2Chapter 4: Poseidon's Chariot  Empty Re: Chapter 4: Poseidon's Chariot on Thu Jun 09, 2016 4:53 pm





Task Name: Helping Out
Tier: 1
Location: Ilusia
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description: Raphael, having had a conversation with the Shop Owner, is convinced to help out around the shop with chores and customers.
Enemy Details: -
Boss: -

Task Name: Running Errands
Tier: 1
Location: Ilusia
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description: The shop has run low on needed supplies. Raphael is dragged along and tasked with replenishing the needed materials.
Enemy Details: -
Boss: -

The two men had transitioned back into the shop area. Movement could be heard from the floor above. It sounded like it was footsteps; they weren't coming from a single body either. Two girls came running down the winding stairs. One was smaller than the other and had short purple hair, a dark pink kimono, and wielded a decorated wooden mallet. The other, her hair was to her shoulders and messy. It was red in color and was matched by her eyes. She wore a brown hat with googles and a matching brown overalls. Her boots and gloves were a darker brown. "Here they come." Benetti said attempting not to laugh. The two girls were running towards their father, but would stop in front of Raphael. "Who're yous." The smallest said. Raphael looked to Benetti who was smiling innocently. "These are my daughters. Kirin and her older sister Lisa."

"Sorry about that Mister...?" Raphael looked between the girls and Benetti before kneeling down to be at the same level as them. "Raphael Vega." Lisa put her  hand in the head of her sister. "Sorry about my sister Raphael. She takes after Uncle Lucky more than Papa." Kirin made a comical face at her elder sisters words. She then looked Raphael directly in the eyes. "Papa he's tough, huh?" Benetti nodded. "I challenge yous mister Raphe!" Kirin raised her mallet into the air and swung it at Raphael's head. "Ultimate attack! Meteor Hammer!" Raphael didn't move a muscle. The mallet connected with his head, but didn't hurt. Kirin dropped to her hands and knees. "My ultimate attack...did'n do a thing." Raphael let out a genuine laugh with a matching smile.

Benetti would over to his daughter and kneeled down. "You have much to learn young one." Benetti was being as dramatic as he could, but in a playful manner. A twinkle suddenly came back to eyes of Kirin. "You're right Papa. I can't get hung up on this defeat!" Kirin gripped her fist and looked to the sky dramatically. Lisa sighed at her sister eccentric character. Raphael stood back up, so did Benetti. "Anyway these two will be your bosses today. I'll go to the shop and start work on your ship." Benetti walked up the stairs and up to the third floor to retrieve a few items before leaving. "So where does he build the ships?" The question was directed towards Lisa. "Papa goes to the dock. He has a giant building there. He builds the ships inside of there." Benetti came walking down the stairs with a bag. "Alright I'll be back."

Benetti approached Raphael and put his hand on the shoulder of the golden eyed man. "I'm leaving them to you..." Although he hadn't known Raphael long he could tell that the man wouldn't betray his trust. Benetti turned without another words and left. He hugged both Lisa and Kirin on the way out. Kirin ran over to the counter, where they took orders, and sat on the stool behind it. Lisa vanished from the sight of Raphael and came back with a broom and dust pan. "First things first. Sweep up the shop." She held her arms out to Raphael who hadn't moved an inch. Raphael took the broom and dust pan from the girl. He had never cleaned up before, so he wasn't exactly sure how to do it properly. None the less Raphael began sweeping. He had seen other people clean since leaving his home and had picked up the gist.

20 minutes Later...

"That sure did take a long time Raphe." Kirin said spinning in the chair. "I'm not used to cleaning..." Kirin stopped spinning and tilted her head. "Why not?" Lisa asked before her younger sister could get a chance to. Raphael put away the broom and dust pan. "Well I've never had to. I grew up in a temple in the mountains that was rundown. There was no need to clean it up." Kirin hoped from her seat. "That sounds like a bad place to live." Lisa said as Kirin approached Raphael. "It wasn't so bad. Maybe cause I was used to it. My foster Father basically left me to raise myself." Kirin began climbing on Raphael. "We're you lonely Raphe?" It appeared the girl had hit the nail on the head more than anyone had before. "Yes, it was very lonely Kirin." Kirin had climbed up to the shoulder of Raphael and was hanging over it. "Well you aren't lonely anymore Raphe! I can tell..." Raphael couldn't help but smile. "You're right."

"Time to clean the back now!" Kirin said enthusiastically. She wasn't a child that ever felt negative emotions. She truly had a "gift" that soothed people. Lisa nodded to Kirin's statement. "She beat me to it, but yeah you need to clean the backroom." Raphael chuckled and headed towards the backroom.  Raphael looked at the books that were scattered everywhere. This actually wasn't going to be a difficult task seeing as he did something similar to this before.  When he was still on Olym Island he straightened up the library in the temple. Raphael began looking at the books as he straightened them up. There were a lot of books and each contained information on things he'd never seen. There were a lot about places in the grand line. The eyes of Raphael gleamed as he read about the different islands. "Ahem, are you done yet. We have customers." Raphael turned to see Lisa standing behind him. "Yeah I'm just finishing up." Raphael stacked the last book up and head to the front.

He walked over to the counter were the customer was standing. "Can I help you?" The elderly man jerked around at the sound of Raphael's voice. "Oh I thought Benetti was here." Raphael shook his head. "He's out right now. He just left me to look after things until he comes back." The elderly man looked at the children then back to Raphael. "I see you've made quite the impression. Well I'll come back later then." The elderly man said with a smile, while leaving the shop. "Raphe come with me!" Kirin demanded while tugging on Raphael's arm. "We need to go shopping!" Raphael raised his eyebrow. "And for what exactly?" Lisa walked over to the counter. "We're out of groceries and wood glue for the models. Me and Kirin usually go while Papa watches the shop, but it looks like you've made a good impression on my little sister." Lisa sat in the stool. "I'll watch the shop. I've done it before, so it's no problem."

With that Raphael and Kirin exited the shop. Kirin had been skipping along whistling a happy tune. Her mallet firmly gripped in her hand. "Where did you get that mallet Kirin?" Kirin stopped whistling and smiled big. "Uncle Lucky gave it to me!" It was obvious to Raphael that the girls and Benetti had a deep bond with Lucky. "You guys must really love him huh?" Kirin nodded to the question and raised her mallet into the air. "He's the greatest!!" Raphael laughed at her reaction. The two continued walking, eventually reaching the shopping district. Kirin ran ahead of Raphael a few feet. "Kirin be careful." The words came out almost instinctively. The girl stopped running and turned towards Raphael. Suddenly screams could be heard; mixed with sounds of crashing and roars. Raphael immediately looked behind Kirin and saw a large lion running through the streets.

The lion was running directly at Kirin who was still focused on Raphael. Her head jerked around when the lion got closer. She remained were she was watching the lion barrel down on her. Kirin wasn't afraid, but was in more danger than she knew. The small girl raised her hand to the lion urging it to stop, but it didn't. It simply continued to run in a blind rage. "Stop..." The words hit the ears of the beast over all the other noises that it had created. The lion stopped in its tracks and became calm. "Good kitty." Kirin said petting the lion as it stopped in front of her. Raphael's eyes were wide from what he had just seen. He had seen first hand Kirin's "gift" to soothe any in her presence. Raphael ran up to Kirin and stood on the side of her and the lion. The owner of the beast came running up behind it. They had been apologizing vigorously as they approached Raphael and Kirin. "I'm so sorry! Someone stepped on his tail and sent him into a frenzy."

"It's fine Mister. He was just a little grumpy." Kirin spoke up before Raphael could. The owner bowed to the two before retrieving his lion and making his exit. "You're pretty amazing Kirin." She smiled and turned to Raphael. "You can do the same thing Raphe. I can see it in your eyes." Raphael raised a eyebrow. "What do you m-" Kirin had already started walking again. "Now back to shopping!" She yelled while marching forward. Raphael sighed and followed behind the young girl.  

2 hours later...

"We're back Lisa!" Kirin yelled while running into the shop holding the glue needed for the models. Lisa smiled at her sister and Raphael as they entered. "Anything interesting happen?" Kirin shook her head. "Nope!" Raphael had taken the groceries upstairs, before coming back down to the shop area. Just as he did Benetti walked in.

2nd and 3rd Task Complete

3Chapter 4: Poseidon's Chariot  Empty Re: Chapter 4: Poseidon's Chariot on Sat Jun 11, 2016 12:00 am





Task Name: Help Us
Tier: 2
Location: Ilusia
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description: The sun has set and the men that Raphael disposed of have returned with their boss, after taking the children of the shop owner hostage they demand something from the shop owner.
Enemy Details:

  • x5 T0
  • x5 T1
  • x1 T2

Boss: Yes

Boss Name: Simon
Tier: 2
Chapter 4: Poseidon's Chariot  Image53
Devil Fruit: -
Haki Aura: -

  • T2 Sword


  • Hand to Hand - 4
    Melee Weaponry - 1

"Papa!" Kirin went darting towards Benetti. "Hello to you to Kirin." He said picking up his daughter. Lisa on the other hand began to analyze her Father. "You forgot you're stuff again." The red headed girl said noticing her father walked in empty handed. Benetti's face became slightly surprised. "Shit..." The forgetful man mumbled to himself while putting Kirin down. "We'll go get it for you. I'm pretty sure you're tired. Let's go Kirin!" Lisa said running out of the building with her little sister behind her. "Be careful you two!" Benetti yelled as his daughters exited the building. Benetti couldn't do anything, but laugh as his daughters acted on their own. "I swear if they didn't look like me I would think they weren't even my kids. Lisa acts like her mother and Kirin is like Lucky when he was a child."

This had been the first mention of the children's mother, which compelled Raphael to ask about the woman. "Where is their Mother?" Benetti looked at Raphael with a sullen smile. "She's been dead for a long time. She was killed in a raid on our home by a rival gang. That's actually the same time Lucky got his scar." Raphael ended it with that. He wasn't going to pry any deeper, because he didn't know what feelings Benetti was feeling. "Anyway how was your day. I hope my daughters didn't run you ragged." Raphael waved of Benetti. "Not at all." Raphael paused recalling what had happened with Kirin. "I think I had a chance to witness the "gift" you mentioned about Kirin. A lion was barreling down the street and she stopped it." Benetti laughed. "Amazing isn't she? She has great potential, but I want her to live as normal as possible. Free from violence."

"Come out come out and plaaay." Raphael and Benetti both looked towards the front of the shop then back to each other. "If you want these girls to live come out and hear what I have to say." With that both men exited the shop quickly. What did they see? The same group of men that Raphael had taken care of earlier. "That's what I like to see. Cooperation. Now to the business at hand. I want my ship." Benetti clenched his fist; Raphael looked over to him and saw the mans frustration. "It's unfortunate that it had to come to this Benetti. All you had to do was make my boat, but now look. You're daughters have been brought into your mess." The two girls were crying, but had their mouths covered. A single man held them both. "Boss that's the guy from earlier." Simon looked at Raphael and smirked.

"So you're the one who ruffed up my boys." Simon looked Raphael up and down. "You're only a child though...It must've been a fluke." Raphael stared at the group of men with a bland expression. "Help us. Please help Papa." The words rang inside the head of Raphael. His eyes moved to Kirin who was crying and struggling to get free. "How could I say no?" As the words rolled off his tongue Raphael was already in front of the man holding the girls captive. When he got within range of the man Raphael sent a punch directly at the mans face. The attack struck home. The punch was so powerful it sounded as if thunder had struck. The man had forgotten about the girls only for his thought to be replaced with the pain he felt. Everyone was in shock by what Raphael had just done.

Everyone except Simon who was preparing to attack Raphael. Raphael himself had grabbed the two girls and jumped back towards Benetti. Just as he did Simon had brought his sword down; barely missing Raphael. After handing the girls over to their Father no more words were needed between them. Besides, even if they spoke to Raphael now thief words wouldn't get through to him. Raphael's mind had become completely focused on the battle in front of him. Simon frowned at Raphael. "You're an annoying little brat! Looks like we'll have to get rid of you first. Get him..." Simon motioned his men to attack. Raphael rushed towards the 9 men. Only three of them had weapons. Two of the men with weapons rushed ahead of the others. Raphael stepped within the guard of one and attacked him using a uppercut.

The attack rattled the mans head causing his feet to leave the ground, before his body came crashing to the ground. The other man managed to cut Raphael on the shoulder before getting hit in the temple by the fist of Raphael. "Oi that's enough. You all won't be able to take him. I can see that now." The men stopped in their tracks, but Raphael did not care. The young pirate quickly cycled through the group; he struck each man in a spot that would incapacitate them. Simon had become agitated with Raphael like he had never been before. He lunged towards Raphael swinging his blade wildly. His moves were sloppy. This man didn't have anything on Von or Raphael's pseudo father. Raphael easily evaded the attacks. Which only made Simon become more agitated that he couldn't land a hit on Raphael.

Benetti and the children looked on in awe as Raphael disposed of the men, then proceeded to doge every attack that Simon was throwing his way. Waiting for the right moment to counter Raphael sent a well timed kick to the stomach of Simon. His momentum carried him into Raphael's kick. The attack sent Simon sliding across the ground; he jammed his sword into the ground to stop himself. "Alright then." Simon stood up straight and began cracking his knuckles. Raphael continued looking at Simon with a blank stare. Simon lunged towards Raphael and sent to quick jabs towards Raphael's head. These attacks were more accurate and quicker than the previous. However, they still weren't enough to do damage to Raphael who was well versed in close combat.

Simon swung again; this time Raphael dodged and grabbed the mans arm. Raphael quickly flipped Simon over his shoulder and slammed the man into the ground. Raphael wasn't finished with that though. He began a flurry of punches to the head of Simon. Having lost his breath from Raphael's counter Simon couldn't move and was bombarded by follow up attacks. The more Raphael hit the man the more than blood covered his hands. However he couldn't stop himself until he felt a small hand on his face. "Raphe..." Raphael snapped back to reality to see Kirin standing in front of him. He looked down at Simon who couldn't be identified by this point. "It's ok Raphe. We're safe..." Raphael stood up and relaxed himself. Lisa came running up to Raphael. "Thank you for saving us! You're really strong!" Both of the girls hugged Raphael.

The young pirate didn't know how to react though because he'd never experienced gratitude like this before. "I've called some people to come get these guys, but you should probably come on inside considering you have a bounty on your head." Raphael nodded and headed inside with the girls following behind him. Time passed and eventually the men disposed by Raphael were picked up and taken to prison. Benetti had put the girls to sleep while him and Raphael went to the backroom on the first floor. "I really appreciate everything you've done. I'm going to make sure I built you a wonderful ship. That being said I need to get up early, so night. You can sleep in here." With that Benetti left the room and went to bed. Raphael soon following the mans lead and going to sleep.

4th Task Complete

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