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1Infiltration (ARC TASK) Empty Infiltration (ARC TASK) on Fri Jun 10, 2016 3:22 pm

Nenrei D. Donquixote


Nenrei D. Donquixote
It felt like she had been travelling for weeks, though in reality it was only a couple of hours. Yeah, crazy right? Over 4 hours on a rowboat, she was half surprised she hadn’t gone crazy or fell into the water and died due to her devil fruit. But now she was happy. Well she wasn’t suppose to be excited, she was going to kill people. Commit a mass murder. She frowned slightly as she rowed her rowboat slowly in the darkness towards the ship. It looked quite cool to say the least. It was pure black with streaks of dark red running along it, as if it was lava. Really nice theme the captain of the ship had going on. If she wasn’t here to assassinate him she would have maybe gave him a compliment. Getting within stretching range of the ship she would drop the anchor for the small rowboat leaving it floating in the water as she stretched her hands and arms forward gripping the bottom of the railing of the ship. She hadn’t heard any noise other than a few footsteps. Maybe most of the pirates were asleep. If so it would be quite good for the marine seeing as she could get out of there quickly. After getting a good hold on the railing she would slowly begin to rise in the air by releasing her stretching.

After rising up all the way she would pull herself upwards as she peaked between the rails, looking for any signs of life. As her eyes darted in each direction she counted at least 5 pirates walking around looking at the sea for any sign of marines, or anyone. So stupid, they probably didn’t know people could swim. Seeing that none of the pirates were in her vicinity she would rise up crawling over the railing, as she crouched down she would begin to look for the captain’s quarters. It was usually at the back of the ship. As she looked towards the large hump at the back of the ship she would see 3 pirates walk into a doorway. Still crouching down Kyoto would wait to see if they would come back out. After minutes of waiting she would realize that they were probably going to go guard the captain’s quarters which wasn’t so stupid. Seemed like this pirates were smart after all. She would look around once again. Only 2 pirates on the deck. She had to make a beeline for the doorway so she wouldn’t be seen by them. Taking in a deep breath she would shoot forward towards the doorway the 3 pirates went in. After what seemed like minutes of running she would get in the doorway and breath heavily as she looked behind her to see if any of the patrollers had followed her. 

Smiling slightly she would look forward and stand straight. Though, she would only stare as she looked at 3 pirates who looked rather shocked. She needed to think of something.”Uh, First Mate told me to come check on you guys, to see if you were hungry. Dinner is ready.” said Kyoto as she smiled. They would seem to let out a breath, the one in the middle would say “Oh yeah, damn the captain better not get hurt while we are away. Aye girl, you coming back with us are are you staying here.” They would begin to walk pass kyoto but stop.”Wait, there aren’t any women on the ship dumbass. She is a intruder!’’ screamed the one on the left. Kyoto eyes would open wide as her left arm and hand would go shooting forward, going between the guy’s leg and punching him straight in the balls. He would buckle as Kyoto jumped into the air and stretched both of her legs out, her feet kicking the guy at full strength in the back of his head knocking him out.”What the fuck!” said the one on the right.”kill her.”. They would come charging towards Kyoto. Her mind would seem to quicken as she was still in the air. One had pulled out a sword and attempted to stab her. Though, she had quickly straightened out her body pushing down onto the sword as she ran it down the other guy’s arm, chopping it off. He had opened his mouth to screen but Kyoto was prepared for it. Her left hand shot out forward in a slapping motion as she face palmed the guy sending him flying into the wall. The sound was loud but not as loud so other people could hear. As the guy who had the blade was shocked she would step on his hand still in the air use her other foot to direct the sharp side of the blade through his throat, thus slicing his head off his shoulders. 1 Down, many more to go. She would grab the sword out of the now dead man’s hand and go behind the one with one arm and stab the sword through his back and out the other side as it pierced his heart. As for the other one she simply walked up to him and thrusted the sword through the back of his neck.

If they weren’t dead now they would be when she sunk the ship. Now one more person to finish off. She would walk slowly towards the door to the captain’s quarters. Twisting the knob slowly she would open it. Walking into the dimly lit room she would see that the bed was occupied, good. Walking towards it smiling she would raise the sword above her head and was about to slice the bed. But something fell on her back.”Little girl thought you could kill me!” screamed who she assumed to be the captain. Kyoto yelled out dammit as she crawled for the blade. Getting her hand on the handle she would make a backwards slice behind her back just as the captain attempted to kick her with a roundhouse. The tip of the blade managed to pass through the muscle right below the man’s kneecap. Kyoto quickly shot up as the man screamed in horror. That was pure luck she had hit him in the right spot. Crouching slightly while the man was too busy screaming she would stretch her neck backwards preparing Gomu Gomu no Kane. Though, the captain would see this and shoot his hand forward grabbing her stretched neck. Interupting her stretching her head neck would fall limp as her head was on her back. Fucking weakness. She was so vunerable when stretching. The man would attempt to squeeze her neck to kill her though it wasn’t doing him any good seeing as she was only stretching more. Everything in her body was stretchable. So when she allowed it to be she could nearly not be affected anything.

In her mind she would think of a simple word.”Barrage”. One punch would hit the man so hard in the gut he let his grip go and would buckle.”Now let’s finish this.” she screamed as she successfully delivered 49 more punches into the man’s gut. She was sure due to all of the high powered punches she was tearing up the man’s insides. Blood was seeping out of his mouth and onto Kyoto’s own hands. After her last punch the man would fall forward his neck using her shoulder as a resting place after she had torn his insides. Moving backwards the man would fall to the ground. Picking up the blade Kyoto would thrust it into the man’s sword damaging his brain likely leaving him to die in only a few minutes. Upon killing the man as if on cue a conch horn would sound. She would hear a lot of screaming. Dammit she had been found out. Time to go on a killing spree.


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