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1Defiance (ARC TASK) Empty Defiance (ARC TASK) on Fri Jun 10, 2016 4:18 pm

Nenrei D. Donquixote


Nenrei D. Donquixote
Dammit what to do now. She really didn’t want to kill anyone. She could just say the pirates were dead. But who's to say they wouldn’t come to 80th Branch and try to destroy the island.”Fuck!” yelled Kyoto as she pulled the rubber band she had on her wrist off and tied her hair into a ponytail.”Here goes nothing.” she said quietly as she ran out of the captain’s room and out into the open to see over 30 pirates running towards her, some of them with weapons in her hand. They would surround Kyoto. She would get into her fight stance just as all of them would come rushing in. She was in the middle of a circle. She was that one fish surrounded by piranha. She was going to win. She would see a fist come towards her causing her left hand to move forward sending the arm into the air just as her right hand grabbed the arm and pushed it down, creating pressure on the arm’s bone almost instantly snapping it in half. She would hear a scream that almost covered the sound of a object moving through the air, she could even feel air hitting the back of her neck. A blade! She would lean backwards Matric style as a sword passed over her nose. Seeing the hand that held the sword she would drop her left arm and send it stretching forward destroying the wrist of the arm due to the power and speed put behind the punch. Her hand would continue to stretch forward as it grabbed hold of a wooden post that held up the sheet that was needed to make the ship move. Quickly following her hand up in the air she would look down to see the man’s wrist she destroyed had sent the sword flying hitting one of the pirates in the eye stabbing him in the brain quickly killing him.

As she gotten to the wooden post her mind would come with a plan to quickly end all the pirates. Though it would need to be done quickly and she would need to keep her calm. Her legs would stretch quickly and begin to wrap tightly around the wooden post as she began to breath in air making her body the size of a balloon. She would thrust forward off of the post going straight down towards the group of pirates that were looking up at her, making sure her legs wer estill tied around the post she would begin to twist her body and let it rip. At an immense speed she would shoot downward towards the group of men quickly hitting about 3 of them head on and piercing thrugh the deck of the ship and continued to go down as she bust through the hull her head being in sea water, though due to her being at her maximum range her stretching from her legs would automatically let go as she shot back out the hole hitting three more people who were looking through the hole. Her legs would begin to unwrap themselves as they swung her around the wooden post sending her flying in the air. Kyoto would open her arms and legs as she flew in the air towards her rowboat that would hopefully not break when she landed. Due to her not being that high in the air and taking time to get to the boat. She would land in it safely after it shook a little with her almost certain it would flip and her plan being void.

The hole she had created in the hull of the ship had been so large due to her body impacting  it in such a way. Her arms had ripped through the wood making it even larger. She would watch as the ship would begin to lean down towards the wwater. Her job was complete. None of the pirates wouild make it seeing as they were hours away from civilization. Most of them would drown or die from thirst and starvation. She knew that they were already probably stupid enough to drink the seawater which would also kill them. She laughed as she grabbed the oars of her rowboat and start to move towards the direction of 80th Branch. She would hear a snap of wood. Damn the boat was that weak that it snapped from the pressure of the water? She would turn around and see that the both was snapped in half as many men fell off of it as the two pieces sunk into the sea.


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