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1Princesses and Dragons (ARC TASK PART 2) Empty Princesses and Dragons (ARC TASK PART 2) on Fri Jun 17, 2016 2:31 pm

Nenrei D. Donquixote


Nenrei D. Donquixote
Kyoto did a combination of running and stumbling. She was really tired after using the most powerful thing in her arsenal. She needed to get to the palace, she had to see if her father was alright. As she ran she noticed that the closer she got to the palace the more the houses were destroyed. She saw pictures of families all over the ground causing tears to flow from her eyes. Why would someone do something like this she thought. Her father nor his people didn’t bother anyone. They grew their own food and rarely contacted other places for anything. It just seemed like these days people saw that it was fun to mess with people who did nothing to them. Pirates. She hated them, every single and last one of them. When she got the chance she would kill every single one of them even if she died trying.

The glorious palace would come into view. Made of concrete and silver it was a sight to see. She could see that unlike all the other places, the palace had not been touched. Besides the gardens and statues of her mother, herself, and her father. Shaking her head as she ran towards the front door she would come to a slide as she ran up the stairs. Hitting softly against the door of the main hall she would peak her head over the window seal and look in the throne room to see her father on his knees at gunpoint. Rage would enter her mind as she stared at the situation. The man that had a gun at her father’s head seemed to be saying something. The Kuja knew this due to the muscles on the side of the man head moving. Her father however didn't reply but only nodded. Waving her arms in front of the window she tried her best to get his attention. Though, it was only a fail as she allowed a bunch of pirates and some kind of creature sneak up behind her.

Upon hearing the rumbling of the earth once again she would turn around. In front her stood a salamander of some sort. It was 50 meters tall and had a tail at least half of its height. Its arms were long and ready to attack. It had its mouth open with a forked tongue slithering out of it a stream of blue flames coming out whenever it exhaled. What the hell was that thing? Then she remembered the stories her father had read to her. About salamander looking creatures with wings that could breath fire. The stories were mostly fairy tales about a prince rescuing a princess from the lair of these beasts. These Dragons. Well it seemed it would be different this time. The king was the one captured and the princess would be the one to save him. Gulping a little as the dragon opened its mouth and pointed it towards the sky as it roared letting out a stream of fire that seemed to set blaze the air around it. Kyoto would seem to be frozen in fear. No, she couldn’t stop right here. Not now. She would rush forward looking at the many pirates that surrounded the dragon.

Stretching her arms backwards she would imbued it with the black energy, making her arms as strong as steel. Getting within 40 meters of the Dragon she would swing her arms forward. Aiming for the middle of each human. There would be grunts of pain as sounds could be heard from breaking of ribs. Her arms had been enhanced with the mysterious power easily destroying the bones of the humans. It would hit the legs of the dragon causing it to howl in pain, though no sound of bones breaking could be heard causing her to frown. Looking closely she would see that she had taken out at least 10 of the men. Though, they were not her main enemy. As the dragon howled in pain Kyoto would release the strange power and move her arms towards the teeth of the monster after jumping 10 meters into the air. Gripping the fang of the monster she would release her stretching as she pulled herself up towards the head of the dragon. The dragon feeling the weight of Kyoto would grunt as its eyes would look at Kyoto’s body. As it opened its mouth wider to cast more fire Kyoto would come to stand on its teeth. She was not strong enough to take the dragon out with pure strength alone, but she had heard that the body of something could meet its end. What if she could use the dragon’s fangs to her advantage. Ducking behind the fang of the dragon as she balanced herself on its gums she would feel the intense heat of the blue flames pass around her.

If it was not for the teeth that shielded her from the flames she would have sure been dead. After the dragon stopped the flames from spewing, it thinking that it had defeated kyoto the Kuja would begin her plan. Imbued In her fists with the strange power she would begin to strike the fangs of the dragon in an attempt to break it so she could do with the other part of her plan. It would seem to work as cracks would appear on the teeth. After 3 final punches it would snap. Stretching her arms out releasing the power she would grip the tooth as she inhaled as much air as she could. After doing this she would twist her body and untwisted it as she bounced off the broken part of the dragon's tooth while holding the fang. Going forward in a spinning motion inside of the dragon’s mouth as if she was a drill, the fang would impact the back of it’s neck coming out of the other side as Kyoto fell slowly to the ground. Hitting the ground with a bounce she would get back up wrapping her arms around the fang once again.

If it were not for her rubber body she would have not survived the fall. Stretching her arms out 40 meters she would begin to rotate her body as she was spinning at maximum speed. As she spun the fang would seem to swing with her arms as it struck the grunts that were standing around the dragon almost instantly destroying whatever piece of their body it touched. She was aiming for the dragon’s legs in means to immobilize it. And she would do it as the sharp end of the tooth would impact each leg coming out of the other side. The dragon would roar in pain as it fell on its knees. Smiling in victory Kyoto would use the already gained momentum and throw the tooth over her shoulder while still keeping a grip on it. Now behind her on the ground, Kyoto would once again imbue her arms and hands with the mysterious power as she raised the tooth above her head and over the dragon’s own head in an attempt to send the fang through the top of the dragon’s skull. Releasing the speeding tooth 1 meter on top of the skull it would quickly go through it coming out of the bottom of its jaw. 

The dragon would groan as it fell on the ground its mouth open and tongue lying on the ground. It had fell onto the remaining grunts instantly killing them. Job done though the Kuja as she turned around and headed for the palace sure that whoever was in it had seen and heard the battle. 


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