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1Princesses and Dragons (ARC TASK PART 3) Empty Princesses and Dragons (ARC TASK PART 3) on Fri Jun 17, 2016 4:35 pm

Nenrei D. Donquixote


Nenrei D. Donquixote
Kyoto breathed heavily as she ran through the garden back to the stairs of the palace. As she looked behind her she could see the mangled legs of the dragon on the ground already gathering flies around it. This would cause Kyoto to pinch her nose. The corpse of the dragon plus the remains of the grunts it had crushed made her head hurt. But, enough of that. She had to save her father. Upon getting to the stairs she would make her way up them once again and crouch down looking through the window. Her father was seated in his thrown, mouth tied and hands and feet as he stared at the door right into the eyes of his daughter. Kyoto could feel the fear just by looking into his eyes. Looking at the fear in her father’s eyes would cause tears to flow. Her father was not a man of pride, but he loved everyone and would do anything in his power to save them. Just looking at him like this made the Kuja angry. Standing on the red carpet in front of her father was a blonde haired man who was really tall, a couple of inches or so below herself. He had on a red cloak of some sort with silver garments. Pretty girlish if you asked her.

Based on how he was dressed Kyoto would come to the conclusion that he was the leader of this band of misfits. Kyoto held her head down knowing what she had to do. She was sure the pirate was not alone and she would have to defeat his grunts as well. Nodding her head slowly she would stand from her crouching position as she raised her foot and kicked the door with the base of it, the door would fly off the hinges into the throne room hitting two of the grunts who had ran in front of their leader in means to protect him. Walking slowly into the room she would eye the man with the pistol in his hand. “Why must you come here and wreak havoc. These people have done nothing to you.” said Kyoto quietly. She would hear a soft chuckle, then a very loud one. Causing her pupils to sharpen as she stared into the soul of the man. She would kick her leg back so far that it would seem to feel like it was burn. As her stretching reached its maximum the leg would shoot forward at the speed of a basic bullet and power that was not so huge, but due to the speed of the kick alone it had gained so much power that when it had hit the man square in the chest it would send him flying backwards into the wall, creating a dent in the brick that resembled his body.

The grunts would come to rush her, but she didn’t feel the need to waste her time with them.  She would count at least 25 of them running towards her. As they got in range of her body they 26 of them would begin a full out brawl. A punch came towards her face, causing her to grab the wrist of whoever it was and flipping them over her shoulder hard onto the head of another who attempted to kick her. Two down. A man with a blade would attempt to slash at her head causing her to duck as he mistakenly cut the neck of another who tried to pounce on the Kuja. As she was crouched her hand would stretch forward grabbing the testicles of the man and squeezing them. The man would come down into a crouch of pain as Kyoto gave him a uppercut thus him flying out of the skyview ceiling. She heard the rumbling of rocks causing her to look to where she had kicked the captain. “Enough! No one touches her but me!”  The captain would rush towards her sending 10 bullets randomly back to back. 

Each bullet except for one would come to hit Kyoto. The others would hit pirates around her, some bullets coming out of whatever pirate they hit thus hitting another. The bullet that had hit her had scraped the side of her ear causing her to grip it in pain. She endured the hit from the bullet and held her hands down by her side, she had begun working on a new move and didn’t know if it had been perfected or not. The last time she had tried it her arms had hurt so bad she couldn’t even move them. Eyeing the captain she would scream “Gomu Gomu no Flame Barrage!” Her arms would stretch backwards 40 meters, going out of the doorway then come back as the first two punches hit the man square in the stomach at the speed of far beyond that of a basic pistol and the power. The man would hold his ground as blood spewed from his mouth. “Insolent Bitch!” the man screamed as he shot multiple rounds at the girl each one hitting her stomach. Though, seeing as it was a flintstone bullet, the round bullet would only bounce back each one hitting the man except for one just as her punches had connected to his head sending him flying to the wall as well as hearing the destruction of bones. She would hear a loud muffled scream.

Quickly looking up she would stop her attack. The shoulder of her father had been pierced and was bleeding bad. Widening her eyes she would rush forward just as all the grunts came her way. Stopping in her tracks she would scream “I am Done!” once again the pink aura would unleash from her body knocking out ever pirate that came in contact with it. For the pirates that weren’t hit they ran away screaming from what the maiden had just done. Running towards her father jumping over the unconscious pirates she would arrive. Ripping his shirt off and the scarf around his mouth she would hear him say “How did you come across Haki!” She quickly grabbed the first aid kit from up under his throne and would begin to bandage him up.”Haki? What are you talking about.” asked a stupid looking Kyoto. “All I know is that your mother said one day you would unleash powers of a king. Looking at what you did just there I now know what she was talking about. The way you fought and the determination in yours eyes, the looks of your mother….a proud warrior.” said her father as Kyoto would blush rising her hand up.

“I-I am not-t done yet-t.” said the voice of the captain who she had thought was dead. Quickly turning her head she would see the mangled body of the man rise from the rubble and rush forward. He aimed his pistol towards her father causing her to quickly jump in front of him screaming no. 5 shots would be heard as each one hit Kyoto square in the stomach sending them flying straight back to where they had come from. One hitting the man in the head and the other 4 in the stomach. Kyoto would hit the wall with a grunt as she heard her shoulder make some sort of sound. “Ugh” she moaned as she slowly rose. The bullets could not pierce her but they sure as hell hurt. “Dad, are you ok.” asked the girl as she stumbled back to the man tied up in his own throne. He would nod his head as Kyoto would begin to untie his hands and his feat.

“Kyoto, I will like to which you a job well done. You have protected my land, something I have never asked you to do. From this day you will be known as Kyoto Optimus Maximum. Which means Kyoto, The Best and the Greatest. We will hold a parade on this day for every year I live. You have made me proud my daughter. However, I hope your visit hasn’t come to a end as I wish to know more about what you have been doing since becoming a marine four years ago.” laughed her father.

Truth be told she didn’t know if the man was kidding or if he was actually serious. Not wanting to embarass herself she would say “Yes, I’ll stay for a few more days.” Seeing as she already got her question answered without even asking. This Haki? She needed to train more in it. The pink aura that appeared around her body when she was in distress was something that she could not control. If she learned how to control it maybe she could use it whenever she wanted. Though, whenever she did it tired her gradually. It would be something that she rarily used, but when she did whoever she used it agaisnt would experience the worst pain there was. Smiling once again “Kyoto The Best and the Greatest” That had a ring to it, maybe everyone would know her by that.

Completion of Arc

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