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1On the move [East to West] Empty On the move [East to West] on Sat Jun 25, 2016 1:12 pm

Prince Kaiza


Prince Kaiza
It's gonna take 30 minutes to get from this side of the damn world, to the other side of the damn world. That's cool though, Kaiza was just sitting on a random ship waiting for it to depart and what not. So boom, bored as hell while Hebi was comfortably laying around his neck. People usually thought scales and shit were weird, but Kaiza actually enjoyed them on his skin. They felt kinda soothing, and on a hot day they were cold as fuck. The white haired male looked around, waiting for the damn ship to move even though there was like 200 people waiting to get from one blue to the next. The person in charge said that it shouldn't take that long, but it felt like it was already taking long. This is why he didn't like listening to people. Kaiza had somewhere to be, and he was not about to wait on is boat forever. In front of him was two females, one with long blond hair, and the other with long brown hair. Both were pretty hideous in the face, but that didn't mean he wouldn't smash. They had some pretty big titties if you ask me. "Yo Hebi, did you ever have titty sex with any of your snake ladies?" A chuckle followed after his question. Hebi didn't even answer, probably thinking that Kaiza was a complete nut at this point. Snakes didn't even have dicks, so he was probably offended. With a smile Kaiza winked at the females in front of him who simply ignored him. It even looked like they moved away a bit. The serpent hissed, and with his tail he pointed to the mask that Kai had been wearing. That's exactly what it was, the fucking mask. This shit scared so many people it wasn't even funny. Babies, kids, and adults alike usually stood away from him because of this creepy ass mask, but the young revolutionary liked it. If Joseph seen it he'd probably have a problem with it too. Maybe it was time to invest in another mask? It wasn't like he bought this anyway, it was stolen from a man who tried to mug a woman in the east blue. The lady couldn't pay him so at least he walked away with something right? The boat finally began to move, splashing onto the water and making everybody on board slightly fall. The reason Kaiza had been going to the west is because he heard about revolutionaries attempting to take over illusia, supposedly they were going to dethrone whoever was in charge in order to place someone from the army in charge. If Kai could just go over there and help out a lot, stand out and possible lead the army, he could probably be the one in charge and create a new Illusia. Just a thought, but that was the plan.

Word Count: 500/500

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