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1To West (Travel) Empty To West (Travel) on Tue Jun 28, 2016 12:23 pm



Tee would stretch as he steered Deathbringer to god knows where because he was god knows where. Tee literally had no clue where he was, it was the dead of night so quite literally nothing could be seen past a strong fifty meters away. Tee didn't have any lights on or torches lit on his ships which made it all the more dark. But also helped him stay undetected if need be, after all he was a pirate with a bounty although a low bounty a bounty was still a bounty. So Tee traversed the seas ever so carefully taking his sweet as time. he should probably have been asleep docked randomly in the middle of the ocean but he would much rather be on an island or something where he could get into some mischief as opposed to simply being in the middle of the ocean where he was now currently.

The fact that he was hungry as hell didn't in the slightest help his situation, he was pretty low on food so conserving it was also an issue. But as the ship moved steadily through the ocean Tee would simply look up as if the stars would somehow guide him on his path and tell him where he needed to go and how to get there.

So onward Tee went to somewhere that held a high potential of jump starting Tee's pirate career.

(waiting the time)

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