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1Introduction to the New World [PLOT] Empty Introduction to the New World [PLOT] on Wed Jun 29, 2016 8:24 am


"Shall we begin?"

Standing in the front of all the Gorosei members and the shortest of the lot was a female with fox-like ears and a total of 6 tails. With the exception of her head, her entire body was covered by what would seem to be a winter coat. Instead, this was a Kimono made from marten fur, bleached and recolored to fit her specific taste. Behind this female were 4 people, each unique in their own way but all sharing pretty much the same views, hence why together they are the Gorosei. It was about Nine O'Clock in the morning, breakfast snacks were available to anybody who'd been standing in this building- the very first Marine Headquarters. The Gorosei members weren't alone in this prodigious construct. About twenty feet in front and about five feet below them stood fourteen people in all. In the front of them was the strongest, or at least the most Valuable of them all; Spard. Everyone here today was here because they have proved to be not only valuable to the Gorosei and the rest of the world government, but the world itself. These people had qualities and traits that were rare. Their power exceeded most people and because of that they would become greater than ever before. It didn't take a genius to realize that this world wasn't getting any better, new laws needed to be put in place and a new Justice system needed to be constructed. The Gorosei was filled to the top with elderly people but each one being wise and powerful in their own way. For example, the fox-female herself was one of the best doctors in this world if not the best.

"Yes, let us begin."

A deeper voice spoke up from behind the female but she remained facing forward. Even he was ready to begin and out of all the Gorosei, he spoke the least. To hear him even say anything was not an everyday opportunity which is exactly why the fox-lady knew it was time to start. With a nod the short female smirked, her hands still hidden in the sleeves of her furry Kimono. In her current position she probably looked like she led the group of senior citizens, but in actuality she wasn't the leader. In fact, there wasn't a leader in the Gorosei at all but before this meeting had actually began she'd taken the initiative to start. "Good morning, ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the first ever Marine Headquarters. As you can see, we've all invested quite a lot of time and money into this building, but all for the greater good of the world." The lady paused, waiting to see if anybody had anything to say before she continued. She spoke similarly to how a queen would speak, showing that she held herself in the highest regard. Only a moment after seeing that nobody had anything to comment on she continued with her introduction. "Five years ago we have succeeded in executing the infamous Gol D. Roger. Seen as the Pirate King by many, his death has been a blessing and a curse. Ever since his execution, there has only been a rise in the number of pirates all throughout the world. As one would imagine, this could result in an uproar of crimes which would essentially result in more money being used.This all must stop because if this continues on, we could be looking at the downfall of this government in due time."

Her face no longer held the smirk that she started her speech with. The only emotion that seemed existent on her face was that of anger, as if she had a bad history with pirates. "To put a stop to all of this chaos, the five of us have invited only the most skilled people to help us lead and maintain the Marine corporation. The 14 of you should be lucky because if you are standing here today, not only do we see your strength, we see your potential to be a leader." She looked out onto the small crowd of people before her, wondering how many of them actually joined to serve and not just to attain a position of power. For now though, none of them seemed to have any dark intentions, but you couldn't be too sure nowadays.

"Congratulations and welcome to the family."

From behind the classy woman came the man who briefly answered her question on whether or not they should begin. As the man came forward, the female Gorosei member stepped back, going to where her personal panel would be and giving him the space to say what he needed to say. This man was a pretty decent sized man with white long hair on both his face and head. In his arm he carried a folder, filled with about thirty sheets of paper. From the position in which the chosen people below stood, they wouldn't be able to see what exactly he was holding, but they would all see soon enough. Reaching the place where his colleague was once standing, the old man cleared his throat and remained calm. His face gripped a nonchalant expression as he scanned the area. Truthfully, he was tired though only he could blame himself for staying up so late reading a book that was just so hard for him to put down.

"Greetings soldiers."

2Introduction to the New World [PLOT] Empty Re: Introduction to the New World [PLOT] on Fri Jul 01, 2016 7:34 am


Pappa Smexy
Pappa Smexy

Introduction to the New World [PLOT] 275041


Derous didn't say anything, just sat there in silence. It wasn't that he was still absorbing the reality of things. He had proven his standing within this World a long time ago; and still have a lot to still show. So, him being here. Around all these Marines considered Elites wasn't a surprise at all to him. It should've come sooner. Derous would try to stay humble though, as he didn't get to this place alone. His Faith in the Lord on high played a great deal in this.

Derous stood behind the others. Or if they were just all standing in the line at the end. As he didn't want to draw away from those Five. His blessed angelic wings were something that would catch anyone's eye, but he didn't want to be the main focus today. As even though he valued himself above most, if not all, people here in attendance he didn't want to be a distraction.

3Introduction to the New World [PLOT] Empty Re: Introduction to the New World [PLOT] on Tue Jul 05, 2016 10:27 pm

Asher Kringle


Asher Kringle
It seems the powers that be were interested in the skill that Asher had possessed and boy were they showing it. Asher wasn't really overwhelmed with all these marines here since he himself could probably give any of them their worst defeat on their best of days. There was one who intrigued the white haired messiah, that was the woman Aoi Yoshida, Asher had heard of her feats across the board and knew of her as basically being the mother of the admirals, in a metaphorical sense at least.

The only person Asher was actually on speaking terms with from a personal basis was Derous and just as Asher they stood among their peers and received their honors for being warriors of the sea. This didn't do much to effect Asher given he was probably going to kill someone in this room one day, most of these people in here were expendable to the overall cause Asher was trying to achieve. As for now he played his role and received his honors.

4Introduction to the New World [PLOT] Empty Re: Introduction to the New World [PLOT] on Thu Jul 07, 2016 9:07 am


From behind the elder man the other four Gorosei stood, as well as the fleet Admiral who had been waiting patiently to speak. The white haired man cleared his throat before opening the folder. "This folder contains maps of the entire world." He looked around before spotting two people that the Gorosei had just finish speaking about before this meeting. A man named Derous, and another named Asher.Although both were pretty low ranking in terms of admirals, they stood out amongst all of the soldiers here. "Each of you will be receiving these maps and after this meeting you all will be receiving your log pose'." The historian with his strange powers manipulated the papers without the use of hands, before giving all 14 of the people below a map. "Read it, study it, love it." With those simply yet meaningful words of advice, the man moved backwards back onto his panel before the fleet Admiral moved forward. This man, Joseph Spard was probably one of the strongest people in the world. The only reason he wasn't apart of the Gorosei was because he didn't have the necessary experience, other than that he could have easily been the sixth member.

Joseph rubbed his chin with a devilish smirk as he took a few steps forward. He simply scanned the room before chuckling out loud. "Whoo! Congratulations men and women! You are now some of the most valuable people in the world! How can you all be so dull?!" Quickly he eyed Derous, a man who he was quite interested in due to his powers with poisons. Spard then glanced over at the man known as Asher Kringle. He struck him as odd, but nonetheless he was most likely the smartest of all the admirals here, besides Spard himself of course. "I'm happy to be working with all of you and hope none of you have plans of leaving me...because you can't leave. You're stuck with me forever, huehuehue!" Joseph wanted to lighten the mood a little so he added a joke. "I am Joseph Spard, and I will be the fleet admiral of the Marines. Any problems concerning the marine corporation? Speak to me. I will be in charge of ranks, marine funds, and things of that nature." The mans tone grew serious.

"Before we move on, are there Any questions?"

5Introduction to the New World [PLOT] Empty Re: Introduction to the New World [PLOT] on Thu Jul 07, 2016 10:41 am


Pappa Smexy
Pappa Smexy

Introduction to the New World [PLOT] 275041

Derous would be given his papers, along with everyone else, but he wouldn't look at them. Right now whatever they entailed didn't really concern him,  as he wanted to take this chance to speak.

"I don't have a question, but rather a few request." Derous would say loud enough so that all those in attendance could hear him.

"I will like to request thirty million beli, for personal use. As well as an immediate promotion to Fleet Admiral. Why I ask of this is because I believe that I am beyond the others within this room, even you Sir. I say all of this with all due respect though, and apologize in advance if any of you take offense to the truth. And finally I wish to be granted Impel Down. I am not asking to be the Warden, not at all, unless you want that. What I want is to own the Prison just as a ruler would own his Island."

Derous would just keep his gaze on Joseph, as he didn't need to look at anyone else at this moment. Why Derous gave this response was because he felt entitled to it. That being a man of God meant he shouldn't stay within this low of a position for too long, and need to advance quickly. His Devil Fruit, which was a gift from God, is something that allows him to absorb the toxicity of the world and give it back as divine retribution.

6Introduction to the New World [PLOT] Empty Re: Introduction to the New World [PLOT] on Sun Jul 17, 2016 11:39 am


Joseph would howl in laughter at what the man Derous would say. Standing, he would wipe his eyes with his furry hands. Getting the tears of laughter out of them as he eyed the Rear Admiral. "Young man, you are probably the best thing that has happened here today. You know how to joke around. We are going to get along great!" screamed Joseph in laughter as he continued to wipe his eyes.

After Joseph's howls of laughter. The Gorosei would only stare at him. Some with annoyance and others smirking due to his personality. Though, the She-fox herself would come to bring the attention back to her. "Now, I am sure you all know Wallace D. Rose himself has been captured." She would let time takeover, allowing everyone in the room to take in what she had said. "Though, we have reason to believe that his cousin Oscar D. Rose is attempting to break him out of the Great Jail. Due to this, we are ordering the Rear Admirals to go and preserve of the waters of the Redline and Reverse Mountain. You all will be located to waters I am sure you have heard of in the history books." once again she would allow them to take in the information as she would look at the other Gorosei members. They would nod to her, telling her to continue.

"The Las Camp as you all know has been the site of many Naval Battles and due to its proximity with the Redline and Reverse Mountain...we have decided that it is the best place for the patrol, but be warned. This will not be an easy task. Many attempt to cross the grandline everyday. Some of them are easily destroyed, while others....Others like the Pirate King himself cross it."

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