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It was a cold night. Spook was reading a newspaper, reading it page by page. He was sitting on the hull of the ship, on a chair. There didn't really seem to be anything interesting written down in it. Just as he was closing the pages he seemed to notice something interesting written down. His crew member was standing a few meters across him. He told him page 5 was interesting. Thus he opened the page 5 and looked down on it, it had an article describing the capture of a high bounty crew that had been passing through Enies. They came from the same place that Spook came from, that's what a crew member told him. Who called it coincidence. Spook shrugged, but secretly was reading the article in fine detail. Between the lines and everything. What was important was that he wasn't mentioned, or that someone else wasn't mentioned that was said to be missing. This was good, it meant that he got scot-off free. He was a free man, in the marine. The ensign in front of him continued his pat roll, Spook passed his newspaper to the ensign, so he won’t have a boring evening. Spook took good care of the marines around him, why not treat them properly. He wanted to be great, to be liked by his peers and others. This is the type of person he is, as if he’s suffering from a disorder in his mind – first being so sporadic, quick to cause pain and relentless. He was weird, he is weird. His motives unclear and the source of his will unknown. He is Spartan in mind and in combat. When Spook got out of the chair he saw a thin film of mist on top of the sea. He had noticed this mist before, it happened a few nights ago. During that night an ensign was found to be dead in the hull of the ship. Eerie, Spook thought. The thin film of mist was one strong thing he could remember from that night. Why was that? He wasn’t sure exactly, Spook was following the ensign that was on patrol. Maybe about ten to twenty meters away from him, minding his own business. A few nights ago he had taken out his pecker and peed, with the line of piss being aimed at the sea and away from the boat.

A large splash had hit the hull of the ship and the captain took notice. Gave Spook a good beating, issue was, and still is – he needed to pee again. Was he up to hit the loo 2 decks lower? Was he that patient? Unfortunately, he wasn’t. Well, not so much infortune for him but more so for the hull. Good thing it was night. The night was young, the stars had been shining as had the moon. Spook gave it a good long thought, but decided to piss on the sea again. The captain wasn’t mad that he relieved himself on the ship, but that he disrespected the sea. Spook couldn’t really care about the sea more than living in the pain that is a full bladder. And off went the cork on top of the bottle. Like a water hose going mad. Ahu, that felt pleasant. Spook felt like the king of the world, disrespecting and disobeying his superiors while at the same time relieving himself. Putting the hose back into his pants he buckled up. Just about when he was to do that he heard a splash from the opposite side of the deck. Did a barrel get dropped into the water? He turned around and began walking towards the point of where he heard the barrel drop, he couldn’t see anything. Given that it was night, the reflection of the full blue moon on the sea gave him more visibility than usual. He couldn’t see it; barrels usually stay afloat after being dropped in the sea. They’re not completely filled, they’re pretty airtight – so they get toppled, the side with more air rolls on top and makes the barrel float. Sometimes for a month, sometimes for years depending on the quality of the barrel. The ship he was on had some high quality barrels for specific trade items, like silk. Unfortunately, Spook couldn’t see the barrel that was lost – nor was he interested in calling the captain in for this. He thought he should report it in the morning, but that was only one thing. The other thing which was more important was… how did it get overboard? Spook decided to look for clues, around the place that the barrel should have been stored at. There wasn’t anything that felt out of the obvious. Though, at that moment he saw a blood splatter on the ground. The splatter was about an inch long.

He crouched down near it, looking around him cautiously he wouldn’t want to be caught by surprise. From what he could see, it seemed like a wound caused by someone being slashed at with a short sharp object, like a dagger or the knife of a musket. Judging from the position of the blood splatter he was trying to find where it originally was placed. It was hard to say, that part of the upper deck had cover from some thin walls – it was a shame he couldn’t see. As the marine patrol ensign he met earlier was passing by him Spook told him what he had discovered, the marine quickly went to the captain to report it. Spook was still investigating, he wasn’t a crime expert by any sorts, the only crime expertise he had was concealing his own tracks. This person hadn’t hidden their tracks. Were they arrogant? Or did an unfortunate accident occur here. He couldn’t say, that was, until he found a bayonet behind one of the wooden crates. It was bloodied, and it had been tossed there in what seemed in a hurry. Perhaps the culprit heard Spook pacing when the body was dropped into the sea. Heck, it might have been a fish that someone caught – this was all unknown to Spook. The tint of the blood made him think it was a human though. An ensign who came in Spooks assistance remarked something peculiar, mentioning having seen a situation akin to this one a few days ago. About four or five days ago, he reckoned. Spook couldn’t really do anything with that information other than depict some kind of pattern, had the two cases been similar enough to draw a pattern. He wasn’t sure what he was getting his hands into. The ensign also remarked some other ensigns being missing as of late.  They thought that those ensigns just fled the ship, claiming that they didn’t want to be there anymore. Ensigns going AWOL wasn’t really exactly the rarest thing in the world. Spook collected all this information and decided to report it to his superiors. Whom decided that Spook gets assigned the case, they suspected a serial killer might be behind this as they’ve had similar reports from another crew a while ago and they found it was a revolutionary on the ship who was murdering navy ensigns for no good reason other than to cause chaos and make people suspect each other – this type of tactic seemed to be very successful for revolutionaries as a marine crew was doomed at one point because of this, the entire crew pretty much killed each other. It’s also a very risky operation by the revolutionaries considering that the percentage of those sabotages end up dead is very high – meaning that the revolutionary on board is desperate.


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