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1The Slumber Empty The Slumber on Tue Jul 05, 2016 7:50 pm

Go D. Naraku


Go D. Naraku
The paled skinned man lay near the edge of the top of the volcano as he slumbered. Truth be told this was a first for him. Well, he had slept on a volcano before, but not an active one. Ever since he had eaten that blood red fruit he had obtained supernatural powers that gave him the abilities to control lava, or what is magma? He didn’t really know seeing as they were basically one in the same. One being underground and the other being on the surface. Being a eater of a Devil Fruit, he didn’t know if he was immune to his element. He had heard of other devil fruit users being immune to their element, but he didn’t know if the same could be said for him.

“Please! Don’t hurt us!” said the screams of a random person, most likely a woman. This would catch the attention of Raizuko as he stood up steadily out of his sleep and observed where the scream had come from. Who in their right mind would dare awake him while he slept. A groan would appear as he decided to go see where the scream had come from. He was not a heavy sleeper and he hated it, but of course he dealt with it.  

The sleep now out of his he would jump from the edge of the volcano, as his wings would flap. Sending him 1 meter into the air due to the sheer power of them. As he flapped his wings a couple of more times, he would begin to soar down towards the land, where he had assumed the voice had come from. As he flew down to the base of the mountain, he would see a medium sized group of people surrounding 4 or 5 other people.

The people who were surrounding the others were wearing bandanas and such, some with tattoos on them. A Jolly Roger? Pirates? His face would come to a smile as he stared down at the group. He had encountered many pirates upon coming to the South Blue, but none so vast in numbers. A conflict would begin in his head as he chose to save the people or destroy the pirates. Seeing as the people probably wouldn’t put up much of a fight, he would go for the pirates.

“Aye, Look out from above islanders!” screamed Raizuko towards the people who he would assume to be the inhabitants of the island. They would look up as Raizuko gave a wink to the people in the middle. As soon as the wink was sent they would begin to scatter as Raizuko would open his mouth wide. Being roughly 15 meters in the air, he was sure his attack would hit. Releasing a roar of molten rock from his mouth, it would surge forward towards the ground as it would hit it. Sending the magma flying everywhere as some of it would hit the pirates head on. Luckily, some of the villagers had moved out of the way of harm, so that was a plus he guessed.

Hearing the screams of the men and women as his magma melted through their skin and the ground below them, putting them in a pool of magma he would begin to smile.” Tsk Tsk Tsk, Pirates. That will teach you for messing with things that belong to me.” said Raizuko as he flew down slowly to the ground, standing 5 meters away from his pool of magma that continued to melt into the ground. “It can’t be. The God of Volcanoes, Lord Vulcan...He has come to save us!” screamed the voice of a man which kind of set Raizuko off. God? What the hell was this guy rambling on about.

As he stared at the guy he would hear a grunt from behind him. Causing him to turn around just in time to see a man with glowing white hair and eyes punching towards his stomach. Not being fazed by what the man was doing at all, Raizuko would turn the part of his body the man was aiming for into pure magma, which happened to be his chest of course. Due to the man punching into the magma his hand would begin to melt quickly, causing him to scream. Raizuko would smirk as he quickly pull the man’s melted arm out of his chest as he would grab the man’s left shoulder with his right hand. “Tsk tsk tsk, don’t try that anymore.” said Raizuko as he used his left hand and aimed it at the man’s forehead as if it was a gun and shot 5 bullets so powerful they could easily destroy wood. The force of the attack alone would knock the man onto his back as lava would begin to burn through his head.

Looking around, Raizuko would see that it was a job well done. Smiling at what he accomplished he would flop his wings as he would begin to rise in the air above the islanders in front of the sun as his body appeared to be shadowed if anyone tried to look at him. Deciding to put up the “God” act he would say “My sons and daughters, you are safe!” Now, he knew that this wasn’t the whole crew so he must find the others. Maybe at the main village?

WC: 945 with Req of 750

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