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1The Awakening  Empty The Awakening on Wed Jul 06, 2016 6:13 am

Go D. Naraku


Go D. Naraku
The supposed “god” flew around the area, in hopes to see the main village. He had been dumb and didn’t even ask the people where it was. Oh well, looked like he had to do it himself. As he flew around his ears would come to hear a “smack!” sound. “What was that?” Raizuko asked himself out loud as he stared at the ground, but couldn’t find where the sound had originated. Sometimes he felt like the world was playing games with him. Seeing things that weren’t there. Hearing things that weren’t there. Was he delusional or what? Well, that was a question he couldn’t answer himself. He needed the personal help from a doctor. Laughing slightly as he thought about his time in Skypiea. His eyes would come to land a village, circled by what looked to be a stone wall.

Hmm? Why so overprotective? Did pirates come to the island often? Seeing as himself couldn’t answer the questions he would decide to fly down to the ground where the pirates were. Then he heard it again and seen it! One of the pirates would hit a man, making that distinct smack sound.”I am not delusional!” screamed Raizuko as his feet would come to touch the ground, scaring both groups.”Oops! Did I say that outloud” he said as he would laugh, blushing as he put his hand up to his face. As he walked slowly forward behind the group of pirates, all of them would turn around. One of them would say “Who the hell are you!” Raizuko was about to reply, but he would catch sight of his blonde hair.

The winged teenager would frown as he held his head down. Yellow was not one of his liked colors, it was pretty bright. Deciding to put on theatrics he would hold his head up, as his wings would spread out making him look beautiful. His arms and hands would turn into magma, as it would begin to leak on the ground. Smiling, he would say “I am Vulcan, and you are messing with my children!” Smiling, he would see the looks on the pirates face. He knew they had heard of the God of this island seeing as the villagers prayed to him when they were in trouble. But, that will get him to thinks. Gods weren’t real, it was people that portrayed themselves as gods. So, was one of the people on the island once an eater of the magu magu no mi or what?

As he thought of this he would hear loud rambling from the villagers. Words like Save, God, Lava, etc would come to his ears. Laughing a little he would face the blonde one, deciding he would be his first target. “So, tell me. Why have you come to this island.” said Raizuko as his wings would come to fold back behind his back. The blonde guy would appear frightened as he looked at Raizuko’s magma arms. “I-i-i d-don’t know. My leader just said we will be coming here and we could do what we wanted. She is over at the star island.” said the man as he stuttered and pointed at the star island. Good, looks like he won’t be his first target.

Raizuko would clap slowly as he would say “Looks like you won’t be the first to die. Villagers, run back!” screamed the teen as his body quickly would turn into magma, as it would flow, melting the ground beneath him. Now, he could continue to melt the ground and just swim in the magma since it wouldn’t be a problem, but who wanted to do that? He would move as fast as he could towards the group of pirates, in hopes to hit their feet and melt them. Luckily, he was able to do this as he hit the feet of all the pirates except the blonde, deciding to leave him for last. Appearing behind the group of pirates he would come to see a magma pit in front of them. They were screaming in pain which would cause the teen to laugh.”Tsk, tsk, tsk, I told you not to mess with my people.” said Raizuko as he stayed where he was as he didn’t feel like swimming yet. His fingers of his left hand would form into a gun as he began to shoot, aiming at 5 different people. The magma upon impact would hit their heads and due to the sheer force of it alone they would fall to the ground, skull fractured and bone melting as the magma was sitting on their head.

Looking back he would make sure the villagers were far away as he crouched to the ground. Thrusting his hands to the ground he would scream “Volcanic Fruit Mountain!” magma would spew from his hands and the area around them, 15 meters out as it would cover the distance, melting people as it touched them. Raizuko seeing this as victory would flap his wings and go into the air, hearing the screams of the pirates as they died slowy. Some of them catching fire now and then due to the spontaneous combustion of their clothing. He was about to fly to the star shaped island, but he remembered the other guy. The Blonde. Deciding to go finish him off he would look at him from his position in the sky.

The blonde would pull out a single sword, looked like it was made of iron. Maybe steel. Raizuko seeing this as a challenge would nod as he stared at the man. The man would most likely try to cut him, so he could use his intangibility. It would melt the sword if it touched his magma. Deciding that was the way to go. Raizuko would fly down at full speed towards the man. Getting a feet away, the man would thrust his sword upward, causing Raizuko to turn his torso into magma. The sword would go in it and begin to melt slowly as Raizuko’s own body would hit the man in a tackle, his face going into Raizuko’s magma torso. Raizuko would snicker as he pulled the man’s shoulder, throwing him out of his chest with the but of his sword in his mouth. Such a disgrace.

He would look around at all the magma in the area.”Oops, didn’t mean to do that.” said Raizuko as he turned back towards the village, seeing the villagers erupt from their houses. They would come to stare at the teen hard, Raizuko would think he did too much, but they would begin to clap thus causing him to smirk. Nodding towards them, he would turn around and fly towards the island. He had business to take care of with this supposed female leader. Hopefully she was pretty. He liked pretty girls. Not many were pirates though, and that was ashame. He had tried a relationship with a marine, but it had ended with her being melted and him gaining a even higher bounty than he already had. He would cringe at the picture they had on his poster. How did they even get such a close up shot on him. Stalker Alert! He had to find out how the marines got pictures like that. Maybe they had a devil fruit user whose power was taking pictures from afar but they were detailed really good.

WC: 1255

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