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1Foh Boi Empty Foh Boi on Thu Jul 07, 2016 3:22 pm


Free Agents
Free Agents

Xerel was finally beginning to get sick and tired of being in this punk ass blue. He decided to just take the ferry to somewhere more exciting, maybe somewhere like south blue. Yeah, South Blue is my next destination. He started off towards the ferry, and when he got aboard, he began to fantasize about the types of adventures he would have while in South Blue. Maybe he could find a crew or some friends. After some deep thought and evaluation, he realized that friends was a little too farfetched a term to use. What he should hope for would be some people to hang with that didn’t make him want to rip his hair out or kill them all the time. That would be the ideal type of environment for Xerel to live in. Of course, he wouldn’t get his hopes up too high, there is always a cost of being too optimistic in his many experiences. Xerel wasn’t really willing to entertain the thought too much and risk even more disappointment later on. ’Hmmm, maybe I need to change my thinking’ Xerel was getting sick and tired of always punishing himself with so much negativity. ’Its time for me to make a change in my way of thinking’ That was the moment when Xerel decided to change his way of thinking, and also when he made it his personal goal to find himself a crew once he reached South Blue. With that thought in his mind, he snapped out of the deep thought he had gotten into. He stood up from the chair he had been sitting in, he began to walk toward the rail of the ferry. He walked over to see that there were people all over the rails. He walked to where there were two people standing side by side looking over out to the ocean. He walked over to them and leaned down towards the two young men and whispered so that only they could hear his words “Yo, move trash” the two jumped slightly before turning around. “Who the fuck do you think you’re talking to bitch” the two men became angry and began to shout at Xerel. While they were talking he look away from them and stared down at his sword on his right side and began to play with the hilt. Finally the two men noticed that they were being ignored and got even angrier. “Aye punk we were talking to you, pay attention” Xerel looked up at them with a bored expression on his face “Hmm? You talkin’ to me?”
“Obviously dumb ass” the one who originally spoke decided to talk again. “Oh, well I wasn’t listening” He pushed past them and leaned over the rail looking over at the water. The two men took threatening steps toward him but almost jumped off of the boat when he unsheathed his swords and begin sharpening them on each other, creating sparks. The men’s mouths began to open and close, as they began making threatening movements towards him, though never actually getting close to him. They sat down, and were quiet for the rest of the ferry ride. When the ride was over, Xerel payed for the trip, and stepped of on his 1st island in South Blue.

2Foh Boi Empty Re: Foh Boi on Thu Jul 07, 2016 4:01 pm



Travel approved

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