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1Onto Newer Blues [Travel] Empty Onto Newer Blues [Travel] on Fri Jul 29, 2016 4:44 pm



So...let me get this straight, you want them to, The freckled youth looked back behind his shoulder at the ferry currently being boarded by various paying customers and then back to Cyrus who stood before the boy's podium with what could be described as nothing less than a pleasant smile. to basically tow your rinkadink little row boat behind the ferry? All the way to West Blue? The boy rolled the moist toothpick that had been resting on his bottom lip for the majority of the conversation around in his mouth. Cyrus simply widened his smile and replied, Yup, that's about the just of it. The boy brought his fingers to the toothpick, clearly rolling it over as he rolled over the decision in his mind. Yeah, alright, I'll see what they can do. Cyrus beamed, Ah splendid my friend, simply splendid. He tipped his hat to the boy before depositing the ferry fee on the boy's desk in a simple cloth sack. With that, the young revolutionary strode down the dock, his cane tapping upon each board. It was a beautiful day really, they couldn't have asked for much better. Several fluffy white clouds floated high above, looking more like a painting than an actual sky really. A stiff breeze blew off the sea, swaying the ferry but cutting the heat beating down from the sun. Cyrus touched the brim of his hat, nodding to the young lady standing by the plank as customers walked on.

It had been an hour or so since Cyrus had boarded the ferry. The ferry certainly hadn't been sold out, but enough people boarded to make the trip interesting. Cyrus leaned over the guard rail on the top deck of the ferry, looking down the ship at a family several yards down. They looked rather poor, scruffy. The man was nearly as skinny as his two young children and, what Cyrus could only assume to be his wife, had a baby in her arms. From his guess they had spent every last penny they had on tickets for this ship. Perhaps they were hoping to start a new life out in a new sea. Surely if you were this desperate, anything was better than where they were coming from. As he watched the family, memories began to come back of what he used to have, so long ago. It felt like reliving another life and before he could dwell on it much longer, the revolutionary moved farther down the ferry, turning his back to the family. Cyrus made his way down to the stern of the ship where a large rope was attached to the ferry. If one followed the rope down its length they would be able to see his, as the young man at the ferry dock described it, "rinkadink" little row boat being trailed along behind the ferry. The row boat was doing a fairly good job at holding its own in the berth of the larger ship, like a naval David and Goliath. Cyrus smiled faintly before turning back to the front of the ship, looking forward rather than back.

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