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1May the Tides Turn [Marine-Event] Empty May the Tides Turn [Marine-Event] on Wed Aug 31, 2016 5:48 am




Marine Escort Services

The Marine Escort Services are available to those with World Positions that include it as a Perk. They can transport a Marine from any island, to Enies Lobby, Marineford, Impel Down, or any Island in the Four Blues. It is a service ran by the Marines and is heavily guarded. The ship itself is Tier 5 On Water and is guarded by 1 Tier 5 NPC, 3 Tier 4 NPCs, 5 Tier 3 NPCs, then 30 Grunts.

For this topic only, this Escort Service is open to all Marines who participated in Phase 1. Travel timer is lifted, but still post your travels from Marineford to where you are going. Phase 2 won't be rolling for a while.
May the Tides Turn [Marine-Event] 2f9c131c9b90cf5b6d8fb5ef999fcdd1
Howard D. Saint:

May the Tides Turn [Marine-Event] XgIXIVj

Name: Howard D. Saint
Alias/Epithet: Dog of the Sea
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 52

Affiliation: Marine
Devil Fruit: Oto Oto no Mi
Tier: 5
World Position: Admiral
2x T5 Seastone Edged Cutlass
Haki Aura: Conqueror's Haki

General Appearance:
Overall Build - Howard's age shows in his face, yet somehow his body seems to have forgotten about the passage of time. This mountain of a man stands 9'3" tall with broad shoulders and limbs built like tree trunks. A powerful weave of muscles cover the man's large skeleton like countless fibers of diamond string. Strong and flexible, Howard's muscle mass appear rather tame when relaxed until their strength is needed. When fully flexed and dyed black with haki, these muscles burst into shape with enough force to blow away Howard's shirt into tiny shreds. Howard's skin is rough and tanned from a life of sailing the seas under a blazing sun. He is caucasian complexion and is covered in scars from innumerable battles.

Head - The Pirate King's expression is a very masculine visage. Straight lines, a block jaw, and pronounced cheek bones, his face is the archetype of manliness upon which heroes stories are built. One might think the wrinkles from old age his face sports would come off as a sign of weakness and frailty, yet this is not the case. Age marks add definition to his brow and eyes giving Howard a well earned look of wisdom and experience. Howard's eyes are a rich blue-green like the seas he sails and possess an abyss-like depth when his conqueror's haki is in effect. It has been said that Howard's gaze is like the ocean itself and has been known to "drown" weaker men with its pressure. That being said, the man is not all frowns and danger. He is capable of a wide range of emotional expressions and performs them all to an extreme no other can match. Howard's usual expression is a stoic glare with his second most frequent expression being a toothy grin. As for Howard's hair, it is raven blank and short, kept combed back at all times in a gentlemanly contrast to the roughness of his attire.

Clothing & Accessories - Known to change his wardrobe frequently, Howard sports many different outfits throughout his adventures. However there are two things in common among each of the fashions he takes on. Firstly, they are all riding the line between noble and unkempt. One example of this might be an elegant black coat with golden trappings and brass buttons fit for a king. Or at least it would be were the coat not frayed and tattered at all of its ends with dried blood caked into the fabric. Howard never quite looks the part of a proper nobleman but also skims close to it. The second thing that is always alike no matter what the Pirate King wears is his eye patch. Having lost his eye in battle decades ago, Howard has donned a simple black eye patch to cover his unsightly wound(no pun intended.)
Height: 9'3"
Weight: 386 lbs.
General Overview - Those close to Howard have always struggled to describe him. He's a complex man that is hard to read while simultaneously being easy to predict. One never knows what the king has his eyes on next. What big goal or great dream he has in store for the world. But no matter what he does, you can always be sure that it is going to be on a grand scale. Fame, wealth, power, these things mean nothing to the Admiral but he claims them all in spades anyways by merit of simply being himself. It matters not who you are, there is always something you can relate to in Howard giving him the uncanny ability to befriend or at least earn the respect of everyone he comes across. Few find themselves immune to his gravitational pull and even fewer fail to envy him. Howard laughs louder than any other man with enough cheer for a city's worth of people. His anger burns brighter than the stars themselves with a rage that knows no limits. No sorrowful waterfall can match Howard's pain when he weeps. Every expression of emotion Howard makes is to the extreme degree.

Melee Weaponry: 6
Martial Arts: 0
Devil Fruit: 5

Haki: A

May the Tides Turn [Marine-Event] Tumblr_nkawl5Vpib1uoaenvo1_1280

Name: Codename: Baku [Real Name-Caligula ]
Alias/Epithet: Black Guillotine
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 54

Occupation: Weapon Specialist ll Historian
Affiliation: Marine
Devil Fruit: Yami Yami no Mi
Tier: 6
World Position: Admiral 
Equipment: T5 Sea stone edged blade

Haki Aura: King's Ambition
General Appearance:
May the Tides Turn [Marine-Event] Tumblr_ner1cxgZfJ1sylocko1_1280

Baku is an Goliath of a man with a long face, broad chin, and pronounced cheekbones. He has long black hair, which reaches all the way down to his lower back, and reddish-brown eyes with thin eyebrows. He has beautifully well-kept mutton chops and a connected mustache, but is otherwise clean-shaven. His usual attire consists of a white, double-breasted trench coat, which has the words 'Marine' in small print on the right sleeve, with large buttoned cuffs and lapels, white trousers, and trench boots. The buttons and lapels being made out of pure gold. Over this, he wears a tattered, ankle-length black cloak, which has a red ribbon near the neck and is fastened to the left with a single large button. And finally he would wear the "Justice" coat which  tends to be worn like a cape, draped over his shoulders with the arms not in the sleeves. It should be noted that the sleeves of these coats are often much longer than the his arms. Along with that he carries and large sword at his side and a ,usually large, book in his other hand. That though is only his attire when he is on duty, handling business, attending an meeting, and things like that. When he is just out and about he can be seen just wearing black pants and a grey deep V-neck shirt. When wearing this many things are also visible that being an large scar going down his right arm. He gained this after he had lost an battle long ago too some pirate and the tied him down and cut his arm so that he would bleed out, and watch as those with him were tortured to death. Though, that angered him and he was able to break free and kill them instead. His wound wasn't stitched up properly nor treated properly and that is why he has this scar.On his left arm there are six bullet whole wounds that have scarred up, he didn't get this from a life or death battle but more from training. It got hectic and he needed taking the shots and they scarred up. Around his ankles he has scars from when he was forced to wear shackles. He got this on his own as he chained himself up on a ship and set himself out to sea, someone close to him helping him chain himself all the way up. This was training to test if he could break free. He did though it took an long time.
Height: 8'1
Weight: 297lb
Crew Tattoo Placement: None


  • Baku is the true Bane of all pirates and those who go not just against the Marines but the World Government as a whole; those people being, but not only, Revolutionaries. He holds and takes nothing but merciless approach to those who want to take on the role as a Pirate; no matter who they are, their age, or status in the world. He will not take a second thought about beheading an pirate where they stand. Or even worse make their time left in the world an complete hell. Baku can appear to be one that could be extremely rash and brute, but he isn't really. Baku is actually a calm, and stoic individual in or out of battle. Having great confidence in the physically abilities of himself, the vast amount of knowledge he has, and also the seer might of the Marines. For the countless battles he has undergone and studying how battles played out in the past he has made himself to be a very disciplined in a fight, never allowing his failed plans or attacks to upset him and never letting superior numbers or power intimidate him. and always willing to do whatever must be done to gain victory. Though he has over the years developed a flaw where he sometimes will imposed limitations on himself he is absolutely sure he would win, and that is almost every battle. Never setting up limitations when fighting someone on the level of another Admiral, Yonko, or more powerful. Conversely, if he was proven wrong or somebody posed a legitimate challenge to him, he would admit it, apologize for previous remarks if necessary, and if he gained the upper hand, he would not drag out his opponent's suffering.

  • Though he may look to be an scary many he really isn't he is actually a very kind man, even though he has had a rough past. He treats all civilians and other Marines with respect and only not if they don't show it back. As he believes, for certain people, that you should treat others as you want to be treated. He also loves to talk and boast, and not always about himself but others also. He is prone to give long and and truly lengthy speeches to other Marines, that sometimes could be about nothing. For Marines he will truly test to see if you should belong. Meaning if he even thinks you don't truly have what it takes to be or stay an Marine he will tell you. He also is prone try his best to to kick individuals out of the Marines if they show their corruption to him. As Baku believes in Justice. And that can only be given if you are an good person but also cold to enemies of the right. 

Hand to Hand: 6
Melee Weaponry:
Devil Fruit: 6
Haki: S

Face Claim: (Bleach|Yhwach)
Lora Bargello:

Name: Lora A. Bargello
Alias/Epithet: Infinite Scream
Race: Kuja
Gender: Female
Age: 43

Occupation: Admiral//
Affiliation: Marine
Devil Fruit: Fuwa Fuwa no Mi
Tier: 6
World Position: Admiral
Equipment: 16x Lightning rod
Haki Aura: Eagle Eye

General Appearance: Standing at seven-foot tall, with a white cape flapping in the air Lora is a woman of mature age. She wears green lipstick and has hair as dark as the night. Her long hair remains luscious even through the most extreme weather circumstances.

Height: 7'2"
Weight: 240lbs
Personality: While timid and intimidating, Lora looks down on her foes and allies. Except for those who are respected, and above a certain rank within the government of course. Her patience is short and her senses seem keen and sharp. Her greatest weakness is that she underestimates anyone below her respective rank.

Hand to Hand: 3
Melee Weaponry:
Devil Fruit: 6
Marksmanship: 4

Haki: S

It was a grueling defeat; that's something that none of those in attendance could deny. While they may have survived the battle, in the eyes of some World Government politicians, the lives of hundreds Marines didn't equate to the loss of such a key battle. Luckily such people weren't physically present in the Coliseum today and those who stood before the three Admirals of the Navy would only be spoken to by their higher ups.

They, the survivors would be seated in the Coliseum's battleground. Rows upon rows of chairs for them to sit in, but they would be seated by rank, the surviving Rear Admirals in the front most seats, that included, Rear Admiral Asher Kringle, Rear Admiral Mar S. Lilica, and Rear Admiral Derous. Being Rear Admirals their seats weren't like the seats of the rest, your average plastic chair. Not only were their seats labeled, but they also had a bit of cushion. Rear Admiral Lica being the second in command of the operation, her seat was labeled for her to sit in the center between the two other Rear Admirals, however there would be a seat in between her and the others on both sides. One was for Rear Admiral Seishiro and the other for Rear Admiral Sanson, both of which had their uniforms folded in the seats with their hats on top, Sanson's axe propped against his chair while Seishiro had his Brass Knuckles laying in his.  

Seated in the stands of the Coliseum directly adjacent to the survivors would be other Marines from various stations in the Grandline who hadn't partook in the battle that just unfolded. Dead Center to those Rear Admirals who escaped with their lives were their superiors, Admiral Baku Admiral Howard D. Saint, and Admiral Lora Bargello. Baku being center with them and being today's speaker.

Clearing his throat before speaking he stood up, his voice amplified over the speakers of the Coliseum via a Den Den Mushi in his hand. "Good Morning, you should already know why we are here today. While it is true these souls in front of us are coming back after a tough defeat, we're not here to bash them and be insensitive like the Politicians in Marie Jois. However, we also are not here to coddle them and allow their failure to go unaddressed. As an Admiral of the Navy I understand the hardships of battle and the pressures added onto a person, especially after losing your head of command and another fellow Rear Admiral. You, along with the two beside you were chosen to be as Rear Admirals because we expected you three to be able to handle such things. Ordering a retreat did save countless lives, but it also resulted in the loss of a battle that sets the stage for the entire Campaign. When the words, "failure is not an option." were spoken to you and our deceased Rear Admirals, it was not to be taken lightly." We'd much rather be countin-" Howard held up his hand and shook his head at what Baku was about to say, stopping the man in his tracks. Covering the Den Den Mushi he'd say a few words, his sonic based Devil Fruit allowing only Baku and Lora hear him. Even his lips wouldn't be readable given how far they were from the Coliseum stage. Baku would shake his head, then sit while Howard stood and spoke without the aid of a Den Den Mushi and simply amplified his voice.

"Excuse us, we'd much rather have Baku speak to the leaders of the operation while I handle the general run down." He'd look over to the two fellow Admirals, Baku eyeing the Rear Admirals before him while Lora was rather comfortable in the cushion of their even grander seats, one leg crossed on top of the other. "It's true that the battle was lost, but unless it is to learn to better ourselves for the future, there is no point in looking back in the past no matter how soon ago it was. Our next major operation concerning this Campaign will be in two months worth of time. Those who still are interested in standing against Piracy and now the renegade acts of the Revolutionaries will be contacted. Those amongst you who wish to resign their direct inclusion in this Campaign can do so within that timeframe. For now, we, the Three Admirals ourselves thank you for what you've done and reminisce on the days we toiled and the battles we fought many years before we are who we are today. The path is not easy and it comes with many stresses and sacrifices, but know that you are appreciated and valued. Thank you, all in attendance are dismissed."

As Howard would sit, he'd look to Baku allowing him to take the stage once more. "I'd like to request the presence of the three Rear Admirals who were present during the battle in the war room."

For the ones who fought in the battle, multiple ships would be ready to leave Marineford going to various Islands all over the Grandline and even a few going back tot he Four Blues.

Howard and Baku would depart to the aforementioned room to wait for the arrival of the three Rear Admirals, Lilica, Kringle, and Derous. Lora however watched over the Marines as they exited. A few in their ranks stuck out to her and she wanted to do well to remember their faces.

Lilica would heed the command of Admiral Baku and stand from her seat before proceeding forward towards the coliseum tunnel. The rest of the people who weren't requested would be directed by a few Navy personnel to exit the way they came which was opposite the direction the three Rear Admirals were to go. The moment Baku requested the presence of the three Rear Admirals, Lilica seemed to become a shell of her usually composed self. Her usual unruffled attitude seemed to crumble and only a ghost of a woman walked forward through the tunnel of the Coliseum. A few Navy personnel were stationed up ahead as well to direct the Rear Admirals tot he war room. To Asher nor Derous, Lilica wouldn't speak. She was aware of the atrocities they had committed as was the rest of the unit, but she insisted on not acting on her own accord and letting the higher-ups administer the Justice they thought worthy for the treason they committed. Asher killing a few Ensigns was bad, but shadowed in comparison to Derous who murdered Rear Admiral Sanson while being unprovoked. While she feared for her own safety, she craved to see the other Rear Admirals get more than they deserved for their dastardly acts.

Marine Rewards:

There is a base participation reward of course, but rewards were also given based on what you did in the topic and what you offered to the topic. So if you didn't do much, you won't get much even though we are being more generous since the topic took literally forever.

With the Experience reward, if the Experience places you over the Experience Cap for your Tier, you can apply to Tier Up and should you have the Character Development necessary, the Experience will be allowed to roll over into your next Tier.

  • Ba`al - 17 Exp|3.5M Beli|27,000,000 Reputation
  • Clarissa - MVP Reward (Cursed Wheel Ticket)|25 Exp|7.5M Beli|40,000,000 Reputation
  • Chasity - 15 Exp|2.5M Beli|10,000,000 Reputation
  • Comatose - 12 Exp|1.5M Beli|2,500,000 Reputation
  • Frosty - 10Exp|1M Beli|1,000,000 Reputation
  • Asher - 17 Exp|3.5M Beli|TBA
  • Father/Derous - 22Exp|5M Beli|TBA

2May the Tides Turn [Marine-Event] Empty Re: May the Tides Turn [Marine-Event] on Wed Aug 31, 2016 7:23 am

Nenrei D. Donquixote


Nenrei D. Donquixote
All awards given besides Clarisaa, Derous, and Asher due to not being able to edit admin accounts

[Edit: Rewards to Deorous Asher and Clarissa given [By Clarissa]

3May the Tides Turn [Marine-Event] Empty Re: May the Tides Turn [Marine-Event] on Wed Aug 31, 2016 11:26 pm

Asher Kringle


Asher Kringle
The defeat on the battlefield had stung in a way Asher had never been stung before. Sure it wasn't a battle he particularly killed for but nonetheless his name will forever be synonymous for what happened on those ships, or what didn't happen for that matter. Asher ended up killing members of the navy on the battlefield due to his highly volatile skills that to be quite honest shouldn't be used in close quarters such as the rookie ship. Derous on the other hand had slayed a comrade in the form of Sanson, sure that was one of Derou's goals long term as a means to ascending higher in the food chain but the way he went about it left too much room for error thus everyone blatantly saw what he did to Sanson. It was quite a shame really because of the Rear Admirals at the battle Sanson was quite honestly the cream of the crop in terms of grooming and talent as a marine. Shame he had to be killed in such an unpleasant way. Now, Derous and Asher were separated by 3 seats between them, two belonging to their deceased comrades and the last belonging to the female Rear Admiral that Asher had thought he killed on the battlefield.

This place was littered with marines but the only ones who mattered to Asher were the three in front of him. Admiral Howard D. Saint, the man who took down Wallace's crew along with Sanson, "Black Guillotine" Admiral Baku, and lastly the ever so gorgeous yet deadly Admiral Lora A. Bargello. Asher would hear the words of Baku and be displeased with his performance along with his team because of their actions the battle was lost. Even if Asher didn't care about being a Marine or anything they stood for he was always hurt in defeat. It pained him to know this was primarily his fault. Baku's words were cut off by Admiral Howard who didn't say anything, unless he did. The full capabilities of his devil fruit were unknown to the likes of Asher but he probably could have said something, Asher couldn't really tell. It was then he began to project himself and speak and it was clear he was on the same page as Baku. He spoke of another battle forthcoming in two months and that the marines should prepare. Asher assumed if he wasn't jailed he wouldn't be allowed near that situation but he could hope. It was then Baku spoke once more saying the three Rear Admirals would be going to a private meeting in the War Room to which Asher narrowed down his eyesight to the three marines. Something about this wasn't feeling right. Unless they were leading the assault from here on out to make amends for their problems something was off. Getting up Asher would follow the escorts showing Derous, Lilica and Asher himself to where they needed to be. Passing by the admirals Asher felt a certain level of chills passing Admiral Bargello. He knew she was a monster but hopefully not right now. Asher was a brave warrior but not even he could brave that storm yet.

4May the Tides Turn [Marine-Event] Empty Re: May the Tides Turn [Marine-Event] on Thu Sep 01, 2016 2:07 pm


Pappa Smexy
Pappa Smexy


He should've just left the battlefield and went into hiding, that would've been the best options. Derous was able to do only do two notable feats during the battle. Those being calling the retreat, though not really a big deal, and the other was kill Sanson. It would've gone unnoticed if a disgusting Fish hadn't butted. The disgusting creature was even able to alter Sanson to the attack, and Sanson was able to strike out at Derous in a response. There isn't a need to go into detail about it other than Sanson was able to get an attack out that would severely wounded Derous' face, while Derous was able to get one of his attacks through to kill Sanson. Those wounds being one on his chest, going up his neck, and another going down the right side of his face.

Derous wouldn't really focus on what the Admirals were saying, until they called for him and the others. Those others being fellow Rear Admiral Asher Kringle & Rear Admiral Mar S. Lilica. Two people he should've taken care of. Though Asher conspired with Derous the man didn't live up to his words; not killing anyone of significance such as Lilica. If things had gone how they spoke it all could've went more smoothly.

Derous would slowly rise from his seat but before he would proceed with the others toward the coliseum tunnel he would look around, at all the other Marines in attendance. Then he would begin to walk, being the last to enter the tunnel and toward the War Room. The thought of why he even came still on his mind. As there was a great chance what he did was seen. So, maybe it was the slim chance he was going to be scott free that he came.

5May the Tides Turn [Marine-Event] Empty Re: May the Tides Turn [Marine-Event] on Fri Sep 02, 2016 3:41 am



May the Tides Turn [Marine-Event] Maxresdefault

The Admirals having a shorter route to the War Room than those summoned, they'd have arrived first and situate themselves in a similar fashion to how they were seated before. Baku in the center Wallace to his right, Lora to his right. The entrance the Rear Admiral's were being lead to was straight in front of them and two spear totting guards stood at the entrance, lances crossed in an "x" shape in front of them. When the Rear Admirals would approach, the crossed blades would part allowing safe entry. Three seats were present and open to whoever wanted to sit where, but Lilica would take a seat on the end. This table was circular in shape and put 7.5m of space between the two parties, the Admiral's eyes would be trained on each of their three inferior officers as they entered. Howard a light smile, but one that would put one at ease as if he was holding back a smoldering anger and ready to snap at a moment's notice. Lora seemed to have a rather flirtatious expression oddly enough. Her eyes were low as they always were in a seductive gaze and her lips were pulled lightly to the side in a smirk that projected that idea that she was gazing upon insects who had unfortunately flew into her web. Baku. It went without saying that his profile was like stone. One could never gauge how truly pissed he was or even if he was pissed. His eyes were always so rough and his mouth never curled up nor down to shown contentment, sorrow, or anger.

When the Rear Admirals would sit, Baku would waste no time beginning. "First and foremost, I'm disgusted that you three came back to Marineford in one piece and not a body bag. When we said failure is not an option, we meant failure is not an option." The cadence he spoke with hinted at a swelling anger beneath the man's surface, but he kept the levels at a plateau and only licks of it were evident in his tone. Lora simply chuckled, stood up, then began walking around the table towards the Rear Admirals. As the man went on and cracked down on the young birds and Howard scrunched his mouth to the side and sighed while shaking his head in a light manner. "Let those words be your mantra as long as you continue on as a Marine . . ."

"Lilica you're free to go. Take care." Lora would chuckle lightly as she'd end up behind the Rear Admirals, her profile and eyes were directed towards Lilica, though the other two were in her peripherals. "You two are in for a few surprises however." She'd have walked a bit to the side to be in between both Derous and Asher and rested her hands on the top of the back's of their chairs. Her light smile and tone with Lilica had faded and morphed into a scornful glare.

"For killing your own allies on the battlefield . . . I should erase you here and now, but due to Howard's persuasion you will both be punished by the system. " Baku's fist clenched and this action caught Howard's eye. He sighed as he was ashamed to see such a promising careers erased so quickly and easily. "Asher, you will be stripped of your rank and also sent to Impel Down to serve a year long sentence. This will be seen as a probation period where you'll only be granted freedom to go on field missions with certain Navy personnel on occasion." Howard's natural enthusiasm was replaced with seriousness and dagger like eyes at those before the Admirals.

"Derous you will also be sent to Impel Down, your sentence being indefinite. Asher will be sent straight to Level 3 while Derous will be sent to Level 4. You'll be escorted by Vice Admiral Oga who is stationed at our docks here." Lora had moved on from behind them to near the entrance where the guards were. First Baku, then Howard would stand, each with the same expression yet different emotions behind their eyes. "If there are no questions you will be escorted to jailor vessel."

Bounty/Reputation Changes:

Father/Derous Reputation turned to Bounty +28,000,000 Bounty
Asher -3,500,000 Reputation

6May the Tides Turn [Marine-Event] Empty Re: May the Tides Turn [Marine-Event] on Fri Sep 02, 2016 3:41 pm

Asher Kringle


Asher Kringle
Asher wasn't a fool, he felt the tides changing and knew what was about to happen. Both Derous and Asher would be punished for their "crimes" against the marines. Asher was probably being punished more because of his ties to this overall situation as his crime wasn't as bad as the one committed by Derous in the form of killing Sanson. The three were being lead off to the War Room and once they finally reached the entrance an x was formed with two laces which was appealing to Asher. He was infatuated with death and in this particular situation his own death. Asher wasn't quite sure what the three admirals were planning for him and Derous and only those two because Asher knew Lilica was safe since she fought bravely albeit to a lost but she fought. Once the lances were raised Asher would take a seat between Lilica and Derous as he assumed the tension between the two was far greater than Lilica's towards Asher. The phrase sizing up wouldn't be used here but Asher definitely took in a moment to notice all three people opposite him and couldn't help but stare at Lora far longer than his slight glance towards Howard and Baku. Her gaze was that men would die for and Asher could see why.

The thoughts he had of her violent death and sodomizing actually made him internally happy. He wasn't a normal man by any means but Asher was pleased by the simple things such as his thoughts. On the outside Asher was blank faced but his internally mind was in bliss with his aforementioned thoughts. Baku's words were angry but yet validated given the circumstances. Not only did the war that has been waged on the marines caused several casualties, they have already lost several men and haven't won the introduction into the war. His words stung but Asher ate them as he wasn't mad about who died but for the simple fact his name was associated with this lost. His father old school and raised his children with the belief of their brand and their name. With Asher having been apart of the fleet of dead admirals he was now tarnished in both regards.

A chuckle from Lora and a sigh from Howard drew Asher's attention as he looked at both Admirals but Lora getting up is the move that surprised him. He would watch her make her way over to the Rear Admiral side of the table where Asher wasn't quite sure of her next move. Howard's notion to hear the mantra stated by Baku was taken notice of and imbued in the mind of Asher. There would be a day he used that very line against them whether it be on the battlefield or on their death beds. Lora would free Lilica from this tense situation before she turned her ire to that of Asher and Derous planting herself firmly behind both chairs, placed between the two. It was clear what was going to happen. Jail or execution were the only two options that made sense right now. Asher wasn't prepared to do either so he was going to do what he could to make sure that didn't happen. All the while his previous thoughts from Lora still lingered in Asher's blissful mind.

Baku spoke of his ill will towards the duo but Asher honestly wasn't phased because the feeling was mutual. He would take pride in killing each and every person in this room. Even Derous for doing something as dumb as killing Sanson in front of so many witnesses. Sure the duo had previously discussed eliminating their competition but Asher was more covert when he was taking out people that mattered. Ensigns usually die and no one bats an eye, but when Rear Admirals die everyone loses it. Asher's punishment was spoken and the only response Asher had was to raise his right eyebrow and release a slight chuckle. He was trying to understand why he was being penalized so hard for the deaths of those who would have met their grim fate anyway. When Derous's punishment was spoken Asher wasn't as surprised but yet still held some form of objection with their punishments. Derous was in a tougher situation than Asher so Asher wouldn't waste his breathe trying to plead his cohort. When asked if there was no further question Asher took this as his chance. "With my forthcoming words, I mean no disrespect to none of you or those lost in combat at the Redline." spoke Asher before clearing his throat

"Granted the deaths of those Ensigns were on my hand yes I take complete responsibility for that. But I will say on the battlefield judgement calls are made and just as those who came before me, whether it was my father or grandfather who served within the Navy or any of you. I know you would have done what I did if it meant getting to someone worth not letting go in the form of Jester. Yes someone in the company of me and Derous ultimately took Jester out my attack was executed as a means of making sure Jester had never made it further. If that's what needed to be done to arrest people such as Rosa Stockhelm I'll do it, Oceanus? I'll do it, and lastly Sakuma Aquaflore? I'd gladly do it. I let the revelation of Sakuma being on the battle floor jade my emotions in combat and for that I apologize. But if you ask me to go out there and repeat the scenario, If my only chance of hitting them is to take my life or someone on my side with them? I will gladly do it. They signed up to protect and serve, if they can give their life to remove someone like those people from the world they can understand my actions. Prison isn't the right idea for me, I know I am low on the totem pole compared to you three infamous warriors in terms of strength and prestige but I am on the rise, a year away from the field placed in Impel Down  will only do long term damage to my development as a Marine and someone who can grow within the ranks. Sure demote me, ship to me to file papers, but at least if the need arises, I'll be on the battlefield, prepared to help my comrades"

Did Asher mean anything of what he said? No, but the joyful thoughts of the aforementioned sodomizing lingered in his mind and those happy thoughts gave him the energy to say those "strong" words as he sat blankly staring directly across the table from him at Baku and Howard.

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Pappa Smexy
Pappa Smexy


Derous would absorb everything that he was told, and he took it as anyone i his position would. He didn't want to go to Impel Down, as he has worked there and knows the harshness of that place. But he wouldn't try to get out of his sentence with words, there wouldn't be a point of trying. Just looking at the faces of the Admirals or just hearing them speak was enough for him to know he wouldn't be able to persuade them out of the decision. And Derous would lose respect for Asher from the things he tried to say; but he wouldn't try to say anything to ruin the man's attempt. Thoug he would speak, but only after they would respond to Asher.

"I will not ask to have a lesser sentence or anything like that. But, I would like to request to be executed." Derous would stand to his feet, he spoke calmly and without hesitation. There wasn't any hostility coming from him right now, as he didn't really have any for anyone within this room at the moment.

"Now, now. When I ask that I don't mean right now. Though you all probably want to." Derous would turn his attention to Howard. "I wish to be sent Level Six of Impel down. Though, my crimes may not seem to be that grave that I go to the lowest level. I believe that would be the best place to await my execution or just rot away there, assuming you agree to my only request. As, I will never be able to resume my career, for what i've done. And I know that. So, I ask you three of this only request. "

Derous knew that he was in no position to ask any request, but he had to try. Besides it wasn't like he was asking for a lesser sentence, but a more harsh one.

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Lora would laugh while Asher spoke, specifically at the point when he said he knew the Admirals would do the same. She'd let him finish of course, but her amusement was something she couldn't mask, nor was her eagerness for as soon as he was finished speaking, she'd reply. "As I heard it, you didn't even manage to fell the Jester, yet someone harboring a rank lower than you did. Maybe those Ensign lives you wasted could have had even better luck than you. Or maybe you are just so weak that you can't manage to control your abilities and utilize them in a way that is entirely beneficial to the cause. As I see it, you're just a brat that was handed a rank you were no where near ready for and this poor display of your abilities, goes to show that you were wearing pants far too big for you." She'd be directly behind Asher at this point, but embrace the chair in a way that her arms wrapped around it and her hands rested on Asher's chest, her head close to the chair, but close to his left ear. "Even with me this close to an enemy, both these Admirals would have no issue erasing you and only you. Don't make excuses, it's not attractive at all Mr. Kringle." She'd revert to her standing position and pace to a spot behind Derous, but wouldn't do the same to him. "I told you he wasn't cut out to b-" "That's enough Lora, this is exceeding professional criticism and becoming something personal which I won't stand for."

Howard would look over to Baku and see that he was growing more irritated with passing time and Asher's little rant only worked to piss him off more. "Everyone has the capacity to succeed as a Marine. It simply takes, time, determination, and sacrifice. I'm sure both of these men are aware of that, but that's not what this is about. Now, do you have anything to say Derous?" Assuming the former Rear Admiral would still speak Baku's fist would clench in swelling anger as darkness would bleed from his hand and envelope a portion of the table. It'd harm no one but show he was no longer tolerating this blasphemy. "You will be executed, but your executioner will not be man." At this time Baku would stand, much to Howard's distaste. The spectral dark flames that had poured from his hand and encompassed the table would have retreated back into his person at this time. "The one to take your life will be time, if you wish to not experience the pain of rot, you are more than welcome to take your own life, but filth like you isn't worthy of an execution." Just as Baku finished speaking Vice Admiral Oga would enter the room, the two guards moving their blades allowing him to walk inside. A few of his men were with him and in their hands they had two pairs of Seastone handcuffs. "Thank goodness." Howard expressed as he stood and walked over to meet the Vice Admiral. "Got a bit worried when I saw we were running behind schedule, everything ok." "Yes, I'm sure we are done here." Oga would nod to Howard and give acknowledging nods to the other Admirals as well. "Lets not be late with this drop off then, cuff 'em up." His two men with the Seastone handcuffs would attempt to apply the binds to both Derous and Asher, Baku's eyes trained greedily upon them obviously hoping they resisted. Should they, he'd waste no time with his rebuttal, the same went for Howard, Lora, and even Oga. Each were well ripened Marines, but sometimes people were just reckless and didn't care about their lives. Judging from the way the two spoke to the three Admirals, it could easily be assumed as much. They clearly didn't have any respect for them and while Howard would be ok with leaving it in the hands of the system and Lora was indifferent on the matter, Baku couldn't stand the thought of the system he served to uphold is the very thing that prevented him from killing both these traitors who were before him.

Should the Rear Admirals be cuffed without any problems, they'd be escorted by Oga and his men onto his ship where they'd be chained below the deck in the prisoner holding cells. Their Seastone cuffs wouldn't be taken off them, they'd simply have an additional pair of steel cuffs around their wrist next to the seastone cuffs, keeping them bolted against a wall. Their arms would be suspended above their heads as a result and steel cuffs would also be placed around their ankles, the chain links also steel gave them a bit of slack to move their legs, but not enough to gain enough momentum to perform a leg movement with notable force. They were each in separate cells as well.

Bounty Changes:

Asher, reduction already processed and discussed.
Father/Derous/Sabo Reputation turned into Bounty +45,000,000

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Pappa Smexy
Pappa Smexy


Derous wouldn't speak again. There wasn't anything he could do. So he would let them take him without any problems, and when he would be chained up in the bottom of the prison ship he would think. Think about of what he should've done and shouldn't have done. This was going to be the end of Derous as he would never return to the World Government as a Marine. Not only because of what he has done but what his new goal is.

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Asher Kringle


Asher Kringle
The destruction on the face of Asher was priceless. The only moment you'd ever see true emotion in his face was now as he stared directly across the table at those who prosecuted him. Asher had thought of everything harmful he could do to these men and woman and it brought him solace but right now. When the cuffs locked around his wrist the reality had set in to Asher of where he was going and all he could think about was what was going to happen when he touched Impel Down and who he was going to kill. A grimace sparked on his face as it was clear what damage Asher planned for when he gets and for his time in jail.

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